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Emmys: Alec Baldwin Zings Trump, Kate McKinnon Thanks Hillary Clinton in Acceptance Speech 5:35 PM PDT 9/17/2017 by Michael O'Connell , Kate Stanhope , Arlene Washington FACEBOO “He ended up going to George Washington University for two years, ran for student-body president, then came back home to New York where he followed a then-classic path, from politics into soap operas,” Clinton said. “And now we know it works the other way around. You need to think about running again. You’ll probably win the next time.” Note that he posted them via the Twitter page for his Alec Baldwin Foundation (and yes, he has his own foundation just like Hillary Clinton).Note also that the picture of him with Melania was.

“Also speaking of black men, you know who else should be in jail?” he asked. “Hillary Clinton. She’s committed so many crimes, she’s basically black.”Gould hosted the show five times in the '70s, but his sixth appearance was his last after being blindsided by the sudden departure of Lorne Michaels from the show in 1980. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton were back on Saturday Night Live to take questions from undecided voters in a sketch mocking the second presidential debate.

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  1. g for us! Beyoncé is white!”
  2. This week opened with a spoof of Trump’s rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico—”by far my favorite Mexico”—which over the weekend joined a growing list of cities to send the president’s campaign a bill for unpaid costs incurred during his visit, which took place last month. 
  3. Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump, Kate McKinnon returned as Hillary Clinton and Michael Che played Lester Holt, who moderated the debate; Margot Robbie hosted the episode, with The Weeknd serving.
  4. “I wouldn’t know an alternative fact if it hit me in the face,” said Clinton, his first of two zingers aimed at Trump. “But I do know this: I first met Alec Baldwin more than 20 years ago. Even before that, I was a huge fan of his work in the movies.”

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From the Magazine Cover Story: Alec Baldwin Sounds OffIn an adaptation from his new memoir, the actor looks back on his Saturday Night Live baptism, his 30 Rock years, and the night of November 8. Alec Baldwin opened Saturday Night Live with a strong President Trump skit riffing off his recent rally and spoofing Bill Clinton and impeachment

Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) face off in the first presidential debate, moderated by Lester Holt (Michael Che).2. Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump. This gets one of. Baldwin’s Trump attempted to address his sexual assault allegations by pointing fingers at Bill Clinton’s accusers and saying, “They need their voices heard.” As Hollywood continues to try to outdo one another in a contest to see who can be the most crass when it comes to insulting the President and his supporters, Alec Baldwin may have just taken down the win. Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal [government] unrivaled by other Presidents, Baldwin said

The cold open sketch riffed on several notable moments of the debate, including Trump’s hovering over Clinton and a surprise Ken Bone appearance.Trump, who hosted SNL in November, slammed the sketch on Sunday morning, tweeting that Baldwin’s portrayal “stinks.” A nationwide poll conducted by NBC today seemed to confirm that actor Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton as preferred President. This follows increasing popularity of the performance over the past few weeks, with polls in recent days showing that Secretary Clinton was having difficulty competing with such.

Toward the end of the sketch, McKinnon’s Clinton listed everything she believes Trump’s campaign has ruined. Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend to roast President Trump, mocking the administration on a score of issues ranging from the impeachment inquiry launched by House.

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Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Gets Visited by Billy Bush & Hillary Clinton in 'SNL' Take on 'A Christmas Carol' By Zach Seemayer‍ 11:46 PM PST, December 2, 2017 NB 1 / 6ChevronChevronPhotograph by Mark Seliger.HIGH JINKSAlec Baldwin, photographed in downtown Manhattan.HWD DailyFrom the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter.Enter your e-mail addressSign UpWill be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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  1. Saturday Night Live returns for its 42nd season with Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump against Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton
  2. So it was no surprise Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon suited up again as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the US comedy institution. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump lurks behind Kate McKinnon as.
  3. The man "SNL" once mocked for his film "Gigli" joined the Five-Timers club in 2013, shortly after winning the Best Picture Oscar for "Argo."
  4. ee then promised that she was "working on it." As for the next debate? "Cartwheels," Clinton joked.
  5. The pop star's fifth appearance in 2013 saw "SNL" bring back the "Five-Timers" sketch, as Timberlake's induction was celebrated with a brawl between cast members Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam.
  6. NEW YORK, Nov. 6 (UPI) --Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon reprised their roles of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the final episode of Saturday Night Live before Tuesday's presidential election.

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  1. Even if Hillary Clinton gets elected, Baldwin's popular character will surely be back.) At first glance, the sketch was a typically snarky look at both candidates—with a harsher view of Trump
  2. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump couldn't enjoy his big legislative win Friday with the passing of the Republican tax bill thanks to the news that Gen. Michael Flynn is cooperating with Special.
  3. hillary-clinton-snl.JPG. On the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon returns in her role as Hillary Clinton, and Alec Baldwin will portray Donald Trump
  4. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond reprised his role as former President Clinton as he joined Alec Baldwin's President Trump at a rally in the SNL cold open. Why it matters: Hammond played Trump on the NBC show until he was replaced by Baldwin during the 2016 presidential campaign

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“Donald Trump and I disagree on almost everything,” she said. “But I do like how generous he is. Just last Friday, he handed me this election.” Baldwin will play Donald Trump alongside Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on the new season of Saturday Night Live. Transcript for Alec Baldwin is the New 'Trump' on /WNN/video/alec. Saturday Night Live opened this week's episode with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as President Trump. The NBC variety show had Baldwin's commander in chief holding one of his rallies Technically, Simon only hosted four times, but he's been included in "Five-Timers Club" sketches since he was the musical guest on a fifth show. He also owns arguably the most emotional moment in the history of "SNL": his performance of "The Boxer" in the cold open of the first post-9/11 episode. Entertainment Alec Baldwin outrageously shames Americans: 'If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill' His hatred of Trump has consumed him to the point where he feels it's acceptable.

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  1. Watch How Saturday Night Live Transforms Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton See the hours of work and decades of experience that go into SNL 's election season skits
  2. As had Actual Trump at the debate days earlier, Baldwin/Trump announced somewhat crazily during the debate that Clinton has a temperament problem and his is the better temperament of the two.
  3. WATCH: Alec Baldwin's perfect Donald Trump in SNL presidential debate cold open Alec Baldwin faced off against Kate McKinnon's ecstatic Hillary Clinton last nigh
  4. “What is happening? Is the whole world insane? Donald Trump has ruined so much of what we, as Americans, hold dear,” she said. “Kindness, decency, Tic Tacs, Skittles, taco bowls, father-daughter dances, buses, bright red hats, the word great, the color orange … men.”

Sock SwagWhy Did Bill Clinton Give George H.W. Bush Socks?The answer has been right in front of you all along. And after stalking Clinton repeatedly during last week's town hall debate — something Trump denies he actually did — Baldwin-as-Trump is asked by a black man whether he can be a devoted. “I’m sorry, Kate,” he said, as the cameras cut to a wide shot, showing both standing close to each other. “I just hate yelling all this stuff at you like this.” Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon have capped off another controversial week in politics with their hilarious portrayals of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live Alec Baldwin was back again as President Donald Trump in the cold open ofSaturday Night Live at a wild campaign rally in Albacore -- which was themisnomer Baldwin's Trump used for Albuquerque.

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Alec Baldwin debuted on 'SNL's' season 42 premiere as Donald Trump, and absolutely channeled the Republican presidential candidate Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump stalks Hillary Clinton in take on second presidential debate. The sketch also saw the return of Kate McKinnon's magnificent Clinton impression. Alec Baldwin, the oldest and most famous of the Baldwin brothers, hasn't clearly endorsed the Democratic candidate for president but has said on Twitter that he's not comfortable with Trump in the.

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Bill Clinton Cracks Up Alec Baldwin with Not One, but Two Trump Jabs Spike's tribute to the Saturday Night Live impressionist also featured Ireland Baldwin getting revenge on her father for a. Alec Baldwin debuted his Donald Trump impression opposite Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on 'Saturday Night Live' in a hilarious sketch on Saturday, October 1, about the first presidential debate.

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The final guest was Fred Armisen surprising as Turkey’s President Erdogan, who reassured Trump that “we’re treating the Kurds really well.” When Trump informs him that some generals—“or vagernals, as I call them, are mad that we pulled out of Syria”—Erdogan quips, “Usually people are mad when you don’t pull out!” Baldwin received a Critics' Choice Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of Trump. Before election. Baldwin's Trump debuted in the October 1, 2016 episode, opposite Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Michael Che as debate moderator Lester Holt. The sketch was based on the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump Watch Alec Baldwin's Perfect Donald Trump Impression in 'SNL' Debate Sketch We should be talking about the important issues like Rosie O'Donnell and how she's a fat loser, Trump. After that massive comedy fail a few days ago by the real-life Donald and Hillary, Saturday Night Live's serial political smackdown with Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon could have recycled an old.

It wasn't just McKinnon's portrayal that garnered Clinton's praise; she called Baldwin's take on Trump "perfect." She said it looked as if Baldwin had been "shadowing Trump," complimenting his "scowling" and "muttering." She continued: "I'm not sure who's going to show up at my next debate Sunday night." Saturday Night Live came out swinging last night as it launched its 42nd season premiere, kicking off with a scathing cold open satirizing Monday night's presidential debate between Donald Trump. “I just feel gross all the time,” he continued, before turning to the audience. “I mean, don’t you guys feel gross all the time about this?” The audience cheered.Clinton also took time to comment on the recent Kim Kardashian robbery that occurred in Paris on Sunday. "I felt really bad for her," Clinton said. "It's horrible. I'm just glad no one was hurt." — -- Alec Baldwin made his debut impersonating Donald Trump-- orange spray-tan, wispy blonde hair, pouty lips and all -- during the 42nd season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night

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Alec Baldwin debuted his Trump impression on Saturday's season premiere, in a debate that also starred castmember Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. Lorne Michaels Talks 'SNL' Cast Changes and Alec. Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump and used the opportunity to talk about Bill Clinton's mistresses while he told his accusers to shut the hell up. Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton responded to how Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live Thought of Alec Baldwin's Trump Impression a satirical Trump performance. Regardless, Clinton told. Though we haven't seen her in a Five-Timers' robe, her portrait is in the club's luxurious quarters. She holds the record for youngest host ever, having appeared on the show at age 7 following the release of "E.T." in 1982. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton make up on SNL WITH just days to go until the US election, it seems even Saturday Night Live thought a moment of levity might be.

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Alec Baldwin on the 'Tragedy' of the 2016 Presidential Race: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton 'Are All War-Mongering' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Trump revives Clinton playbook to battle Biden. While everything was pre-taped, that didn't stop Alec Baldwin from taking an opportunity to skewer President Donald Trump Alec Baldwin's Trump was pleased that his supporters are still buying it and Kate McKinnon's Clinton said her favorite part of this final week was when I lost that big huge lead I had Later in the sketch, Trump, answering a question about his devotion to all people from audience member James Carter, played by Michael Che, pivoted immediately into commenting on the “mess” of inner cities and attacking Clinton.Robert De Niro joined Clinton in scoffing at Trump. The iconic actor praised Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live impression of the president and encouraged him to mock Trump as long as possible.

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In the world of sketch comedy, there is no fraternity more prestigious than the "Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club." Those who have proven their worthiness by hosting "SNL" five times are invited into an elite circle, where they don luxurious satin robes, smoke expensive cigars and, for their entertainment, watch current cast members fight to the death. Saturday Night Live this evening brought together Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, possibly for the last time. The comedy all stars faced off in SNL

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After a week off, Saturday Night Live came in hot with Alec Baldwin returning as Donald Trump for a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or as he put it, the albacore tuna capital of the United States On Wednesday, SNL previewed its mock debate between Baldwin-as-Trump and Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary Clinton. (McKinnon won an Emmy this month for her role on SNL and, in her acceptance speech.

Throughout the evening, an onslaught of Baldwin’s friends and co-stars such as Julianne Moore, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer paid tribute—and ribbed—the award-winning actor. His brothers Daniel and William shared childhood stories, while Baldwin’s 21-year-old daughter, Ireland, recalled the infamous 2007 voicemail message that he left her in which he called her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” Hillary Clinton Thought Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Was Perfect on S.N.L. His look, his scowling, his staring down and then muttering his responses. . . it was perfect. By Laura Bradle Alec Baldwin prompted laughter from the audience at the Emmys when he mocked Donald Trump as he received his reward for his impression of the President.. The actor said: At long last, Mr. Asked about the women accusing him of sexual assault, Baldwin’s Trump said “[t]hey need to shut the hell up.”The next presidential debate will take place this Sunday and will be co-moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Martha Raddatz. 

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McKinnon’s Clinton cinched it at the end after being asked what she and Trump liked about each other.The highlight for the studio audience, gauging by the applause of the crowd, was Darrell Hammond’s return as Bill Clinton, itself a needed master class in how to keep a presidential impression fresh after many years, given who he was standing next to.  Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. PHOTOGRAPH BY WILL HEATH / NBC / NBCU PHOTO BANK / GETT Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, a now-infrequent presence on Saturday Night Live's Season 45, returned for the show's Chance the Rapper-led episode, which began with a cold open at a Trump. Baldwin went in on Trump’s worst comments about women and not meeting with the Mexican President. He continued going after Trump’s countless sniffles, and his confusion over foreign policy, going on a tangent about Iraq and Iran. “Iran should write us a letter of thank you because Iran is taking Iraq and we’re going to Mosul and Iran’s going to write us a letter of, listen. Aleppo is a disaster and Iran is Iraq — sniff –and ISIS –“

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With no presidential debate to mock SNL created its own political scenario featuring Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the latest episode UPDATE with video In the final and strangely powerful Saturday Night Live opening sketch before the presidential election, Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon broke character, doffed their Trump and. Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon broke character on last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open sketch in an appeal to voters.Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham was there, as was Alex Moffat’s Mark Zuckerberg. “He got his ass owned by AOC, which means he’s one of us now,” Baldwin’s Trump says, telling Zuck, “I want to thank Facebook for running our Russian campaign for us.”

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Alec Baldwin has recently said he doesn't want to play Donald Trump anymore, but that didn't stop him from returning to the Studio 8H stage for Saturday Night Live's Oct. 26 episode Saturday Night Live once again brought Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton together for a final face-off in its last show before Election Day.. In a mock segment of CNN. Donald Trump Sketches. Impeachment Fantasy Cold Open. PBS Democratic Debate Cold Open. 12/21/2019 9:38. American Households Cold Open. 12/14/2019 6:01. NATO Cafeteria Cold Open. 12/07/2019 8:21. Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump didn't earn a laugh from Stephen.(NBC) Stephen Baldwin never replied to his brother's string of tweets, and a rep for the actor did not immediately respond.

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Sign InSubscribeSearchSearchHIVEBusinessTechnologyPoliticsThe PlayersHWDMoviesTelevisionAwardsReviewsVANITIESCelebrityFashionBeautyRoyalsCOMPLETE ARCHIVEHail to the ChiefBill Clinton Cracks Up Alec Baldwin with Not One, but Two Trump JabsSpike’s tribute to the Saturday Night Live impressionist also featured Ireland Baldwin getting revenge on her father for a certain infamous voicemail.By Paul Chi Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election! he tweeted on October 16, 2016, three weeks before winning the election. By early 2018, safely ensconced in the White House, Trump was. "When McKinnon came out with the walker, I thought I was going to fall off my chair," Clinton told A.J. Calloway of Extra.

Arguably the most famous "SNL" cast member among millennials, Tina Fey joined the Club in 2015 after a hosting career that included (and still includes) her famous Sarah Palin impression. Alec Baldwin Returns To 'SNL' For Trump Rally With Misfits, An ISIS Escapee And 'Clinton' NEWS CORONAVIRUS POLITICS 2020 ELECTIONS ENTERTAINMENT LIFE PERSONAL VIDEO SHOPPING U.S Pete Davidson showed up as what seemed to be a young Trump supporter, later revealed to be a freed member of ISIS. “I want to thank you for bringing jobs back... to ISIS,” he says to Trump. “I promise to make ISIS great again.” Following this past week's final Presidential debate, Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live for one last parody debate with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton.

One of the most successful "SNL" alums of the '90s, Ferrell joined the club on Nov. 23, 2019. Among his most famous "SNL" bits were his George W. Bush impression and his recurring role as Alex Trebek on "Celebrity Jeopardy."“Hello and welcome to the second and worst-ever presidential debate,” Cecily Strong as debate moderator Martha Raddatz opened. “Now let’s get this nightmare started.” Alec Baldwin debuted his Donald Trump in the first 2016 presidential debate. Pages Media TV & Movies TV Show Saturday Night Live Videos Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open.

Alec Baldwin looked genuinely surprised when former President Bill Clinton took the stage at the Apollo Theater this past weekend to join in on the fun at Spike TV's latest One Night Only roast. When asked if she would consider coming back to SNL, as she did in a skit from last season's premiere in which McKinnon, playing Clinton, was surprised by the secretary of state pouring her shots behind a bar, Clinton said, "I'd have to think about it. There's a lot of ground to cover in the next 35 days, but I'm always up for standing around at a bar." That was huge. Saturday Night Live began its 42nd season with a new Donald Trump: Alec Baldwin, 16-time host of SNL, was tapped to play the Republican candidate for president (as recommended by. Alexander Rae Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, and political activist. A member of the Baldwin family, he is the eldest of the four Baldwin brothers, all actors.Baldwin first gained recognition appearing on seasons 6 and 7 of the CBS television drama Knots Landing, in the role of Joshua Rush & narrated the American version of the fifth and. The actress made her fifth appearance in 2016, and kicked off her monologue by putting on a Five-Timers jacket handed to her by Kenan Thompson. (She hosted again with then-fiancé Colin Jost in December 2019.)

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CrosswordNewslettersCoronavirusCheat SheetPoliticsEntertainmentWorld NewsHalf FullCultureU.S. NewsScoutedTravelSNL: Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton and Alec Baldwin’s Trump Bond Over Impeachment‘You Dirty Dog’The Trump rally cold open sketch also featured Pete Davidson as a member of ISIS and Fred Armisen’s debut as the Turkish president, and digs at Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Coming out with a political bang, the cold open debuted the hotly anticipated first meeting between Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, in which the two. “You know what I think would help us?” McKinnon said, grabbing Baldwin’s hand. “Let’s get out of here.”

It's the last episode of Saturday Night Live before the election, and Alec Baldwin is tired of playing Donald Trump. The actor and SNL cas When Baldwin’s Trump tells Hammond’s Clinton that he’s getting impeached, Clinton’s eyes deviously narrow. “You dirty dog…” he teases, before Trump interrupts: “It’s not for that. They don’t mind when I do that. Trust me.” Not counting his many guest appearances to play guys like Donald Trump, Baldwin has hosted 16 times, passing Steve Martin's record in 2011. Martin was there that night to demand a surprise drug test. Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond, who was the gold standard for impersonating Donald Trump, didn't take it well when Alec Baldwin took over

Following this past week’s final Presidential debate, Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” for one last parody debate with Kate McKinnon‘s Hillary Clinton. Baldwin’s performance sent Trump into a raging tweet storm about his depiction on “SNL” earlier this week, so the duo’s final “debate” had quite a lot to live up to. Trump responded with his usual insults directed at Clinton before Baldwin dropped the entire act. I'm sorry, Kate, he said, as the cameras cut to a wide shot, showing both standing close. Chris Wallace (Tom Hanks) moderates the final debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon). Tags: SNL, Saturday Night Live, Season 42, Episode 1708, Tom Hanks. “I’m here to roast this big old ham I call my father. Speaking of pigs, some of you may remember me as that thoughtless little pig that you read about,” said Ireland. “That was a decade a go, but my dad and I are in a much better place now. He would never say something like that because I’m 6’2” and I would kick his ass. The truth is, that whole awful period nearly killed him emotionally until I showed him my first tattoo. O.K., my second tattoo. I couldn’t show him where I got the first one. My father has always been my biggest champion . . . I really am so proud to be your daughter and I’m proud to be here tonight. I absolutely love you and adore you.”

With 2016's wild campaign season heading into its final stretch, Hillary Clinton still managed to fit in an appointment with her television to check out the premiere of SNL's 42nd season on Saturday. The episode opened with Kate McKinnon reprising her role as the Democratic nominee as she squared off against Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump in a spoof of the first presidential debate, which occurred the previous Monday. So until that glorious moment comes (and it will be glorious), let's look back on all the best Alec Baldwin Trump SNL moments: 1. The Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debate Hanks’ Wallace interjected, stopping Baldwin’s Trump, who said: “I don’t know if you can tell, but I was really spinning out of control.” NEW YORK — Alec Baldwin got a surprise salute from none other than Bill Clinton Sunday night. The former president took the stage at the Apollo Theater for Spike TV's star-studded tribute One.

As always, McKinnon's Clinton was overly prepared and not taking any chances while Baldwin's Trump was grotesquely unhinged. When the 2005 tape came up, Trump said, Listen, what I said is. ALEC Baldwin has made a mockery of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live when he parodied the brash billionaire's debate with Hillary Clinton. AFP News Corp Australia Network October 3, 2016 8:17a Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton were back on Saturday Night Live to take questions from undecided voters in a sketch mocking the second presidential debate.But Seriously, FolksAlec Baldwin Dances on Bill O’Reilly’s GraveAnd more of the best tidbits from his conversation with Janet Maslin at New York City’s 92nd Street Y.

SNL has Alec Baldwin's Trump meets his supporters, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Clinton at one of his rallies Frank Pallotta, CNN Business October 27, 2019, 12:52 A “It’s great to see all of you. It couldn’t have been easy to get here coming all the way from obscurity,” he quipped. “This is for Bob [De Niro], whatever legacy-killing rom-com you are working on right now . . . Julianne Moore, you look lovely. In Still Alice, I played your husband as you struggled with Alzheimer’s. I was surprised that you thanked me in your acceptance speech, because I thought you actually had Alzheimer’s . . . Lorne Michaels couldn’t be here, fortunately. He was trapped under a pile of money he made off of all of our acts.” Alec Baldwin Mocks Donald Trump's Apology for Lewd Comments in 'SNL' Cold Open! Alec Baldwin appears as Donald Trump in this topical cold open sketch from this weekend's Saturday Night Live Donald Trump has posted a furious, rambling and misspelt tweet about Alec Baldwin, the actor famous for impersonating him on Saturday Night Live. In an early morning post that rambled on multiple. Alec Baldwin recreated Donald Trump's debate night shocker, when he arranged to have women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault in the crowd McKinnon's Clinton mocked Donald Trump's.

Watch the SSNL recreated A Christmas Carol with a twist as AlecSNL's Trump Team Sings 'Hallelujah' for Season Finale ColdAlec Baldwin Makes Trump Pee Jokes In 'SNL' Cold OpenSNL's Town Hall Presidential Debate Sketch - Alec Baldwin

Every 'SNL' Alec Baldwin Donald Trump Sketch Ranked, From Least to Most Retweetable (Photos) We're in for at least (probably) two more years of Donald Trump as President of the United States After mocking Trump’s statement last week in which he bragged about building a wall in Colorado to protect the state from immigrants—even though Colorado doesn’t share a border with Mexico—he led supporters in a chant. “There was no collusion!” they cheered, before being corrected by Baldwin’s Trump: Not that one, the new one. “No quid pro quo!” they obliged.  Hillary Clinton Calls Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' Trump Perfect 11:53 AM PDT 10/6/2016 by Patrick Hillary Clinton still managed to fit in an appointment with her television to check out the. At the end of the show, Baldwin took to the stage and retaliated by making harsh zingers to his colleagues and family rather than thanking them. Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin analyze their Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump impersonations on Sundays with Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Heidi Gutman/ABC Shortly after playing The Penguin in "Batman Returns," DeVito joined the club with an "SNL" appearance in January 1993.

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