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The built-in GPS system sets time and location for you, but this can be set manually too should the GPS fail for any reason.  The supplied illuminated polar scope offers a increased level of accuracy over other polar scopes that I have used and the hand controller gives a graphical display of the position of Polaris relative to the Northern Celestial Pole for your location and time. I had always had an issue with my polemaster software not creating a round Polaris and this was finally replaced by FLO and I'm happy to report that I have seen a significant difference in my polar alignment error.

Unfortunately clear nights have been a rarity over the last 3 months, but I did get to use it a number of times up until October, and my opinion and knowledge of it becomes better and better each time I use it. To assist with cable management, the CEM 60 has a range of extended ports mounted on the rear of the dec. axis head. There are four USB 2.0 sockets, two 12V power sockets and an ST-4 autoguiding port. Connections to a computer and 12V supply are on the panel surrounding the polarscope.

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  1. I have just posted a reply to the fitment of my 10" RC Truss to the Mount, which might be useful on here as well as to how it handled it: -
  2. This is a very capable mount at this price point and comes laden with features that, whether for visual or photographic use, will make your life easier.  I am impressed with the mount and doubly-so by iOptron who have a mould breaking attitude to customer service and quality control as far as mass produced telescope mounts go.
  3. Once I start to do some serious imaging then I'll post up the results to show how good it can perform
  4. Wasn't the intention.. like I said..still good guiding ..on a mount im intersted in so that's the reason Iooked..great kit you have there..good luck with it..
  5. Thankfully the iOptron CEM60 does not disappoint in this department. The 114mm saddle mount allows you to confidently secure a large telescope and use the twin spring-loaded hand bolts to tighten it just right.

It appears that many owners of CEM60-EC mounts are now reporting problems, in particular difficulty guiding the mount satisfactorily.  I’ve also been having problems with RA guiding on my previously reliable mount after upgrading the firmware.  Most of my clear sky time has been spent getting to grips with a new CEM40 that I bought earlier this year so I haven’t yet been able to definitively diagnose the problem with my mount. Montatura equatoriale Skywatcher EQ5 con movimenti micrometrici in entrambi gli assi - motorizzabile- ideale sia per astrofotografia che uso visuale- motorizzabile con motori passo passo oppure con il goto Synscan- dotata di robusto treppiede in acciai All in all, the new mount is amazing.  Lightweight, quiet, accurate, intuitive software, great looks, and stable.  What more could I ask for?  I couldn't be happier with my choice.  I am sure if I purchased the G11 (which I almost did) I would have loved that mount too ... But, I have no regrets. https://www.startech.com/uk/Cards-Adapters/Serial-Cards-Adapters/USB-to-RS232-Serial-Adapter-Cable~ICUSB232V2 AstroBin is an image hosting website specifically targeted to astrophotographers: it's the first and the last place where you need to upload your astrophotography images. Made by an astrophotographer, for the astrophotographers

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I’ll leave my original review here for those that are interested but suffice to say I remain delighted with my CEM60-EC and I highly recommend it as a fantastic mount for its price range. Born out of the popular iOptron Cube TM and iEQ TM mounts, the SmartEQ TM Pro mount is the ultimate Grab N' Go German equatorial GOTO mount fitting into almost everyone's budget. It is ideal for visual observation and wide field astrophotography. The compact design and light weight make travelling with the mount easy I am seriously thinking about upgrading to this mount.  My payload is around 20 lb at the moment on a mount rated for 30 lb, but I'd like a lot more stability now and to gain some headroom for a future SCT (e.g., C11) that weighs close to 30 lb and more with camera equipment.  This would put the weight at something like 50% of the CEM60 nominal spec.  This should be OK going by the oft-quoted weight rule.  How does this mount actually do for precision astrophotography in the 50% of max weight range?I'm going to keep the CEM25 (for travel and star parties)  but I'm considering upgrading to the CEM60 for my Astrophotography.  I have some experience with both of these mounts as well as several others. I spent a few years runing the loaner scope program for my club, which has a pretty good ineventory of telescopes and mounts. I als0 have helped others with telescopes and..

Since this night, I have used the mount 3 additional times for a total of about 9 to 10 hours.  Here is what I can tell you about the entire set up ... First, the Tri Pier is light, collapsible, and has a small footprint.  I purchased it with the case which is surprisingly small and light.  I will tell you that set up and tear down of the Tri Pier takes a bit of time.  It takes me a good 5 to 7 minutes to set up the Tri Pier alone.  However, it is STABLE and SOLID!  Well built and well thought out.  iOptron really did a great job on the Tri Pier.  One downside is that you will scratch up the center post on day one due to the legs sliding.  There is no getting around this. Polar Scope Align works on iOS 7 and up (iOS 9 for the Watch Version) and I do try to test with many iOS versions, so iOS version should not matter much. As for the actual device, the non-Pro version of Polar Scope Align that does not have a zoom screen is much easier to use on an iPad Last year was a matter of spend spend spend, I changed to this mount, changed cameras, FW, OAG and finally to 3nm Chroma filters, so have not had the opportunity to finish any image captures with a complete set of each band and I have only just sorted out my focus points and G2V calculations for these new filters and imaging train.

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  1. The CEM60 is now pretty well established and there are plenty of astronomers across the globe using the mount very successfully for both observational astronomy and astrophotography.  I got several images published in Sky and Night Magazine and Astronomy Now using the mount.  I still get pretty regular contact from prospective buyers (which I always welcome) asking if my views on the mount have changed.  Well they have a bit…  I’m even more impressed with it!  The performance of my mount got better and better with each firmware release and the performance of the encoder is very impressive - to be honest it was only when I started using SharpCap to achieve a more accurate polar alignment that I really realised how impressive.
  2. Ian has been perfect with my dealings with him, so I just have to be patient now until the Chinese are fully back to work.
  3. iOptron continue to work on refining the firmware for the mount circuit boards and the hand controller. Upgrading the firmware is done using software available from the iOptron website and is relatively straightforward so long as the instructions are followed closely.  The hand controller firmware is updated by connecting the handset to a computer using the supplied serial cable but you will need an RS232 serial to USB adapter if your computer doesn’t have an RS232 port.  The mount firmware (separate updates for the main, RA, and DEC boards) requires you to plug the serial cable directly into the mount.
  4. 1 iOptron Corp. | 6E Gill Street | Woburn, MA 01801 USA | (781) 569-0200 | www.iOptron.com Quick Start Guide CEM60™ Center‐Balanced GoTo Equatorial Moun
  5. Have a look at the RMS Error section of the graph in PHD2 guiding. The Total category shows: Tot 0.40 (0.73″).  Whether this statistic could be improved, or whether I would notice a difference in my images is (justifiably) debatable. Have a look at the following thread on cloudynights.com discussing RMS error.

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I have a variety of scopes including a C11 Edge HD 2800mm and a Sky-Watcher MN190 Mak Newt at 1000mm. Will the little CEM60 do the job? As for guiding, I am just astounded with the latest session working at an average of 0.13rms error, which gobsmacked me, I knew it was good, but wasn't prepared for that good, especially as the seeing wasn't as good as I would have liked. It is very quiet compared to what I have used before.  Even with the mount on the Tri-Pier it is not that heavy.  I use a trolley and just lift the mount and tri-pier off of it when I get to my observing spot.Hello,,,,,if money is not the issue I would def buy the CEM60.  the ieq45 pro is excellent but the 60 offers more usable features.  to balance my 9.25 on 45 I had to use an extension bar and it did not like this at all it would actually stall.  I had to buy more weights and get it balanced as close to add on extension piece as possible for it to work,,for visual this would be ok but for imaging it was a no go for me, others may have better luck.  The 60 is 2lbs heavier and carries 15lbs more, cable management is great for imaging,  handles my 9.25 with acc with ease.  I use pole master and do 1 star alignment then generally sync to star and usually is good go to for imaging.  if I rush things u can notice it but that was same on both scopes. Both are excellent mounts but if I had a choice between the 2 now it would be hands down the 60,  I also think unguided imaging is longer with the 60....

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  1. With the cloudy nights we're having here, I can't help but look at future upgrades. I'm presently using an EQ6 Pro (not the EQ6R) which appears to have..
  2. Forget that silly Urban myth and Thumb rule about putting 50% of the payload for Astrophotography ... I thought it does not exist anymore but I see I was wrong   
  3. I want to save money but maybe I need to go to a high end mount like a AP Mach1 , 10 Micron or Paramount MyT. Your experience will truly help me decide.

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This case is such an excellent fit that it ensures the safe delivery and later transport of the mount.I’ve been given an opportunity to review the iOptron CEM60, and hope to share my experiences in astrophotography along the way. This a step up from the capabilities and performance of my previous astrophotography mount, the Sky-Watcher HEQ-5 Pro.

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Unusually, the mount head sits in a pair of crescent-shaped cups on the top of the base section and is retained in position by a pair of small locking capstans. iOptron iOptron CEM120 GoTo equatorial mount . iOptron CEM120 GoTo equatorial mount for advanced astrophotography and astronomical observatory. Payload of 52 kg, weight 26 kg, precision stepper motor, 0.07 arcsec accuracy, polar alignment routine, Go2Nova 8407 V2 controller, low PE (<=3.5 arcsec), 32-channel GPS, built-in WiFi and LAN, ST-4 port. 10 Kg Counterweight included The CEM60 is an innovative mount design.  An evolution of the English Cross Axis, it places the payload closer to the centre of gravity thus giving a better mount to payload capacity than, for example, the more common German Equatorial.  iOptron claim a payload capacity of 60lbs (27kg) for visual use.  My heaviest imaging rig, a Celestron EdgeHD 1100 with focal reducer, OAG and imaging gear, weights in at around 38lbs (17kg) and it handles this easily. The Leica Notivid - A Field Test Opticron Natura ED - a fall migration experience & review Home Altair Pier Adapter (Most Orion, SW EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, Ioptron iEQ30/45 and CEM60 I would support John's findings.  I ordered my CEM60-EC from a visit to IAS last October.  I also ordered a polemaster and the starfi at the same time.  Again, after a delivery hitch, everything was sorted out OK and now I am really pleased with the purchase.  Ian at Altair Astro was very helpful.   The mounting operates superbly and feels rock solid.  I like the built-in electrics and the quality of the alt-az clamps are really good.  Well engineered.  I'll be using mine as a semi-portable rig, so I am taking it on & off my tri-pier from time to time.   If I do move it, polar alignment afterwards is straightforward, I do a single star alignment, and after that everything is centre field of view.  I haven't yet operated with guiding, Im currently having lots of fun with unguided visual work.  Imaging with multiple subs and perhaps autoguiding will follow once the clouds go away...

JTW still have not to this day replied to my emails, which to my mind just demonstrates the likely expected customer service. Lars, I'm sure you are going to love it, the build quality is brilliant and it is just so smooth when slewing, I had to look twice at how good the tracking was.

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To minimise any backlash in the worm gear drive system, the CEM 60 uses a magnetically loaded gear system to maintain a constant mesh. An unusual clutch mechanism comprised of a small adjustment knob allows for free rotation of each axis for balancing purposes, but a solid engagement when locked.There has been much discussion on astronomy fora regarding the efficacy of the high resolution encoders on the EC version of the mount.  It is suggested that the iOptron implementation suffers from sub-divisional error (SDE; a type of interpolation error) that limits the practical use of the encoder.  To be honest, all I am interested in is getting nice round stars in my astro-photos and so far I’ve had to autoguide in order to achieve that (though not necessarily because of the encoder).  This does mean that my imaging runs have effectively disabled the high resolution encoder (a hand controller setting allows you to enable RA guiding which disables the encoder for approximately three seconds after each guide command) so at present I don’t have much to add to the debate.

share   tweet  plus shipping costs too expensive? iOptron CEM120 Equatorial Mount iOptron developed the CEM120 after identifying a growing demand for accurate and stable equatorial mounts that are versatile enough to carry heavier loads are more intricate imaging arrays. The CEM120 has all the advant I tried for the first time the other night sharpcap for my polar alignment and initial views are that it is far superior than the Polemaster software, I can't remember what the error that was reported but it was certainly better than I had had previously. Hi Anne, the clutch wasn't releasing fully and causing a screeching noise, so Ian took it back and thought he had fixed it, but it didn't fix it, so he tried again and still no joy, it had also gained a problem with the encoders, which would seem to be related. From what I could research this was a rare one off problem and I would have been just as happy with a new CEM60EC but took advantage to upgrade as I am truly amazed with how good the iOptrons are, it's crippling my piggy bank though.

Just a small update, although I was exceptionally pleased with the CEM60EC it developed the same fault for the second time and as agreed with Ian @ Altair if this happened then he would replace it for me, so I have taken advantage of this and will be upgrading to the 120EC, as my reasoning was that as I leave my mount out all year round having proved that it has no harming effect providing I ensure that it is covered properly (I use a Telegizmo 365 and a breathable cover from ENS), so I don't have an issue any more with lifting. Anne, just a thought, but dual rigs are very cable intensive and it can be difficult to keep the drag low and, above all, consistent around the sky. If the mount is very sensitive to balance this might be an issue. Would you be using one of these scope-top computers to reduce the number of mount-to-PC cables? Scott CEM60 Mount, EQ5 Synscan, ES 102ED Triplet with SV .80 FF/FR & Motorized MoonLite Focuser, Mallincam VRC-8 Ritchey-Chrétien with CCDT67, Orion ED80 with .85 FF/FR, Atik 383L+ Mono with EFW2 Filter Wheel, Baader 36 mm NB and LRGB Filters, ZWO ASI120MC, Canon Rebel T3, Canon 450D, Orion SSAG, SkyMaster 15X70 Binos, RV-6 Dynascope, a very understanding and loving wife, and a Roll Off Roof. I’m really curious to see whether you ultimately notice a meaningful difference in the guided tracking performance over the HEQ-5. I’m looking for a mount for an ES 102 (or similar) and the 60lb capacity of the CEM60 seems overkill for an OTA of that weight and focal length. More generally: is guiding the great equalizer when considering a mount? Cheers!I have two Celestron mounts: a CGEM-DX and an AVX that are tuned as far as possible. The DEC guiding backlash is bad, such that guiding in PHD needs to set in one direction or off only (and PA accurate). There is also quite a bit of oscillation in RA I can’t tame down. I absolutely hate backlash and wonder if the non-EC CEM60 has precision ring and ring gears and close tolerances in the motor gear reduction. Even if the worm is precision the reduction gearing can cause a bunch of reverse-direction delay while DEC guiding…

I have had my CEM60 for approx. 1 month, I also have the IEQ45 pro.  I am imaging with a edge 9.25 and the cem60 handles it very well.  The mount once you have is very easy to setup and use.  The ss lever is very helpful in doing the balance of OTA.  I just disengage ra/dec and put ss lever in storage slot and load everything.  I only did a balance really once as I marked were the ota needs to be in the dovetail so very simple.  Very quiet and getting the cables out of the way by plugging into mount is nice.  Overall I am really enjoying this mount.  The ieq45 pro is also very good but it did not like slewing the edge 9.25 around but is still a great mount. Ioptron SmartStar iEQ45 Instruction Manual . Accessories iOptron CEM60 Quick Start Manual. Center-balanced goto equatorial mount (6 pages) Press the ENTER key to test it again, until the < Balance OK!> indicator is displayed. Press BACK button and select DEC Balance Test. Page 33: Maintenance And Servicing. I too will struggle lifting the mount onto my pier, but I will get my son to help, once it is up there then I shoudln't need to do anything more with it.

The offset Z shape of the CEM 60 looks very different to other equatorial mounts and at first glance it is not immediately obvious how it works.As the counterbalance shaft is offset and bolted onto the RA housing rather than inserted through it, the polarscope sighting tube is never obstructed thus allowing unrestricted access to the polarscope.

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It is interesting that when people have to wait 6 months for a so called  " Made in USA " they are proud of it and when we have to wait 2 months for a so called " Made in China " mount it annoys us I am considering buying one. But most places are out of stock with a 2 month back order. Does anyone know if this delay is perhaps due to a design change or something like that? I would have thought iOptron would have kept importing them into the US as to not interrupt the supply.I am also told that iOptron have upgraded the finish on the mount and there have been a couple of other upgrades too and yet since I first posted this review in 2014 the price in the UK has come down from £2,299 to £1,599 for the standard version and from £3,599 to £2,599 for the EC version - a whole grand cheaper than 5 years ago.  I have to say at that price I think both versions of the mount are absolutely outstanding value.The tri-pier has an impressive overall load capacity of 220 lbs. It locks into place securely using the clamps on the side of the center column, for an ultra-stable imaging platform. 

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I think that the "50% rule" is a bit of an anachronism. It stems from the days when most mounts were designed primarily for visual use and the rated capacity was intended to be suitable for that purpose. Astrophotography is far more demanding of a mount than visual and many mounts did not perform well at the rated capacity for imaging. This is no doubt still true of some entry-level mounts and those whose design hasn't changed in a couple of decades. However, since the advent of the rule, there has been something of an imaging revolution and a whole slew of mounts designed with imaging in mind. So even though it is probably true that some mounts should probably be derated for imaging, most mounts of modern design can perform well for imaging close to their rated capacity provided that the gear does not have huge moment arms, proper balance is obtained, etc. People still cite the "rule" even for mounts for which there is absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever that they should be derated. I suggest taking that advice with a grain of salt.The iOptron CEM40 is another choice to consider for those looking for the features of an iOptron equatorial mount, that do not need as much carrying capacity. The CEM40 can handle up to 40-pounds of astrophotography gear.

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Go to and tracking for the next 3 hours was spot on!  Simply dead center on each object!  Even after a meridian flip, it was perfect!  Stability with a 4 inch was spectacular.  That would be tested again a few days later ... As for guiding, I am just astounded with the latest session working at an average of 0.13rms error, which gobsmacked me, I knew it was good, but wasn't prepared for that good, especially as the seeing wasn't as good as I would have liked. Review of My New iOptron CEM60 - posted in Mounts: Hello Friends, I thought that I would provide a review on my new iOptron CEM60 Mount. First and foremost, a special shout out to Darren at Woodland Hills Telescope. His knowledge and assistance helped me out tremendously in mount selection and how to use it. Before I begin, let me give you a little bit of background. Those looking to mount heavier telescopes such as large refractors, SCT’s and Newtonians will have plenty of extra payload capacity space for all of your camera gear, guide scopes, and additional accessories. Even at a conservative total payload weight of 50 pounds, you can really load the CEM60 up. There is a 4-port hub that isn't powered, which would have been nice if it had been, but it is no big deal as I use my own USB3.0 hub anyway.

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The latest firmware had been installed and the ASCOM drivers were easily setup, I use SGP and APT and the mount worked perfectly in each. Their commander software was a cinch to use as well. Looking at the numbers alone one can see why I had such a delima for justifying the upgrade project. I believe a lot of people in my same (shoes) situation would have sold their G11 and added some funds to purchase another mount, such as a iOPTRON CEM60 with high end encoders, for $3,800.00 or some other shiny new mount.. One thing to consider is you don't have to do your upgrade all at once.

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Discuss iOptron mounts. TheSkySearchers.com Come join the newest and most engaging and inclusive astronomy forum geared for beginners and advanced telescope users, astrophotography devotees, plus check out our Astro goods vendors The CEM25 mount equipped with an iOptron's AccuAlignTM polar scope. You can do a fast and accurate polar axis alignment with iOptron's Quick Polar Alignment procedure. The CEM25P is equipped with the latest advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO technology, making it one of the most powerful and accurate GOTO mounts available I recently got a CEM60 for my observatory in Brazil, my guiding results are very nice for a C8 with imaging gear on it, except for some 15 to 20 degrees around the zenith. I don’t have the privilege to use the mount daily, but I’d be thrilled to exchange some notes with you as I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on an RC10 for it, but payload is still a concern to me, not 100% it will track well at 60lbs Load… The supplied Go2Nova 8407 hand controller has a full feature set and a database of over 358,000 objects.The CEM 60 mount should be on any intermediate user’s shortlist and we would particularly recommend it for astrophotography, a situation where payload capacity and stability are so important.

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Closer inspection reveals that this novel design results in the RA axis being substantially supported in main bearings at two locations. iOptron Center Balance Equatorial Mount CEM25, White (7100E-HC) Applying lessons learned from our revolutionary ZEQ25 and CEM60 mounts. The center balance approach is utilized shifting the payloads center of gravity directly over the tripod. and test and rework to make sure it all went back together without problems. I just read. I think that the "50% rule" is a bit of an anachronism. It stems from the days when most mounts were designed primarily for visual use and the rated capacity was intended to be suitable for that purpose. Astrophotography is far more demanding of a mount than visual and many mounts did not perform well at the rated capacity for imaging. This is no doubt still true of some entry-level mounts and those whose design hasn't changed in a couple of decades. However, since the advent of the rule, there has been something of an imaging revolution and a whole slew of mounts designed with imaging in mind. So even though it is probably true that some mounts should probably be derated for imaging, most mounts of modern design can perform well for imaging close to their rated capacity provided that the gear does not have huge moment arms, proper balance is obtained, etc. People still cite the "rule" even for mounts for which there is absolutely no empirical evidence whatsoever that they should be derated. I suggest taking that advice with a grain of salt. Tim

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No probs, as I have said to many, if you are ever up my way then you are welcome to have a play and see for your self Before I begin, let me give you a little bit of background ... I recently sold my Celestron CPC1100 due to the weight of the OTA, Fork and Case (Collectively 108lbs).  While I had not injured myself lifting this in and out of the car, I knew that it would probably be just a matter of time.  So, I sold my beloved CPC1100 and decided to move to a Mewlon 250 to accompany my 4 inch refractor.  I wanted a mount that could be used for both and not be too heavy.  Also, initially I was determined to stay 'Alt/Az' because I am visual only.  Focal length is as important, or more so, than weight.  Tracking demands increase with focal length, and it's not linear.  Twice the focal length is significantly more demanding than a factor of 2.

The image to the right shows a crop of the star field around M101 captured with an EdgeHD 11” with 0.7 focal reducer (focal length 1960 mm) and an Atik 460ex mono camera binned 2x2 yielding a resolution of 0.96” per pixel.  The field of view for the image is 3 x 2.9 arcminutes and there has been no deconvolution or star shaping.  The processed image of M101 in its entirety, more or less, is at the bottom of this page. From the lightweight & portable CEM25P, CEM25EC, and iEQ30 Pro mounts, to the iOptron CEM60 (60 lb weight capacity) and CEM120 (115 lb wieght capacity) astrophotography mounts, you'll find the mount that fits your astronomy needs. A number of iOptron tripods are available, including the popular Tri-Pier I have only used it with my Esprit 80 and my 8" RC, preferring to master each scope on the pier with regards to marking up balance points as I have found balance to be supercritical and needs to be neutral in both axis and not weighted on one. It isn't always needed, unless you plan for bigger telescopes. There's more choice in the middle now. I've added the new Celestron CGX, CGX-L, Skywatcher EQ8, and the iOptron CEM60/EC, as they are newer intermediate class of mount, and all £1800+. The Celestron CG-X looks better value than the revised and price hiked EQ8-Pro.

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My backyard is a latitude of 43° N, which means that a Polar Alignment at the angle below is needed for astrophotography.I also, sadly, have to report that my most recent experience of dealing with iOptron support (due a problem with the first CEM40 that was shipped to me) was nowhere near as positive as my interactions with them when I first purchased my CEM60.  The retailer ended up replacing the mount in the end but iOptron were slow to respond and not that helpful when they did so on that back of that I be giving them 3 out of 10 stars today which is a real shame… As a final test I ran 3 min UNGUIDED exposures to see how well the encoders work. The mages below compare two image taken just 4 min apart. ∞ Mounts: iOptron CEM60, Celestron AVX, SLT & GT (Alt-Az), Meade DS2000 ∞ Cameras: Canon T3i (x2), ZWO ASI294MC Pro & 120MC, Orion SSAG CEM40 EC Review Part 2 We look at and review the iOptron CEM60 mount! For more information on iOptron, visit them at; https://www.ioptron.com I hope that you have found this review useful.  If you have any questions or comments then please drop me a line.

The mount is manufactured in China and it is reported that quality control has been much higher than is typical for mass-produced telescope mounts.  It’s packed with features.  The dual saddle plate accepts either Losmandy or Vixen style dovetail bars, an illuminated polar scope is included as standard as is a GPS module which achieves satellite lock remarkably quickly (often in around a minute for me, but it can be up to several minutes) and the mount will also perform an automatic meridian flip.Coming from a Celestron and a Meade Alt/Az mounts, this is a big change for me.  But I like it, once I got over my set up issues.  Have made myself a start up check list till I get the hang of it.

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iOptron iEQ30 Pro GoTo equatorial mount features 14 Kg load capability, 6.8 Kg weight, AC adapter, tripod, illuminated reticle polar scope, 4.5 Kg counterweight, GoTo system. Features Specialized astrophotography mount ideal for entry-level and intermediate astrophotographer However, I would strongly advise checking out Cloudy Nights and other astronomy fora before committing to a purchase of the EC version of the mount just now.

Ioptron have introduced several game changing mounts over the years, I have one myself, some have survived to Mk2 versions some have disappeared, the main problem over the years has ben quality control, so one owner says it's a fantastic mount and others haven't got a good word to say about it Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover (Patented) & Soft carry bag included!! Simply put: a joy to use. You will be blown away by the small details you can observe through this APO 132mm; fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually or during a

iOptron 2 stainless steel tripod for iEQ45 and CEM60 mounts. Height 52 (1320 mm), weight 17.1 lb (7.8) Kg i had issues with my IEQ30PRO Dec area some years ago. After it went wrong three times, I asked Ian if I could upgrade to the IEQ30pro. I've hd no issues with that mount. A good polar alignment is a prerequisite for accurate slewing and the Go2Nova has two methods to help you achieve this.This is not 100% true, you still have to manually set the UTC offset, and the correct date and time.  My HC beeped and read GPS ok, but date and time were way off.

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You have now enough time to read the manual a hundred times. Plan how to install it, etc. etc.etc. When you would get it in one week you would get into stress because you want to use immediately and have no time for planning. Take it from the positive side. While I was waiting I was planning everything so when I had them I was ready to install or test them in the living room more or less. The first one was installed in the Observatory last weekend and the second one will follow later on.Tracking with this scope for visual has been amazing!  Just great.  One thing that I would really like to point out though, I have not missed alt az.  While I move a bit more with the EQ mount, I have not had to view in an uncomfortable position with either of my scopes.  At most, I had to move the diagonal perhaps once or twice.  But, with my adjustable chair, I was fine and without issue.

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iOptron's CEM60 mount tested FROM THE February 2015 ISSUE Accurate tracking, lack of backlash, and the ability to handle large loads make the CEM60 mount a serious contender to carry your scope In my view the only real competition at this price point is the Avalon LineAR fast reverse mount.  The Avalon has greater Periodic Error but its belt drive system means the PE is smooth and slow and thus easily guided out.  (EDIT: Note that the Avalon LineAR is entirely belt driven where as the iOptron mounts have belt driven worm gear).  Other mounts to consider at similar price points are the Skywatcher EQ8 Pro and (at a stretch as it is almost twice the price) the Mesu-Mount 200.

Azimuth adjustments are made by two adjuster bolts that work against the two studs that secure the mount head to the tripod / pier.  It’s incredibly easy to make precise adjustments.  Adjustment in altitude is via a worm gear which again works very well, though the pitch of the gear is quite course making it more difficult - but not impossible - to make fine adjustments.  Both sets of adjusters can then be locked down using special cap nuts and this too works very well, though I do find it useful to make the final adjustment with the bolts almost tight.Now, on to the mount.  First and foremost, the mount is LIGHT.  Perhaps due to my old dobs and my CPC1100, the 25lbs of mount feels like a feather.  In comparing the heft to Darren's G11, the size and weight is substantially less.  Balance and polar alignment is a breeze to perform.  The polar scope is amazing and even a klutz like me can accurately polar align in minutes.  The aligning the scope takes just a couple of minutes.  Really kind of scary just how easy it is.  And the sound ... WHAT SOUND!?  The mount is very quiet, especially compared to the G11 (this is GREAT mount too!). iOptron introduced a new design concept - the center-balanced equatorial mount (or CEM) called the ZEQ25. Now, they are proud to introduce the CEM60-EC with high precision encoder and sub-arcsecond PE and with an increased payload of 60 lbs! The CEM60-EC puts the weight of the payload at the center of gravity allowing for greater natural stability I am glad this mount was suggested to me.  Being new to all of this, you get many ideas tossed at you.  Over and over the  CEM60 kept coming up in the conversations.

I did have a small issue with the RA not releasing properly but this was collected and fixed by Ian at Altair in a couple of days and fortunately there were no clear nights during it's fix. Fans of the electronic polarscopes such as the QHY Polemaster may want to add an iOptron iPolar device to their CEM60. Once you get over the initial headaches of installing the software on your computer, you should find the iPolar to be a useful tool to polar align the iOptron CEM60 without having to get down on the ground and look through the illuminated reticle in the polar axis of the mount.  Equatorial Mounts & Wedges iOptron GEM45 Equatorial Mount Head W/ 1.75 LiteRoc Tripod - iPolar - Case - 7603A-HC iOptron SKU IOP-7603A-HC $3,107.00 more detail iOptron CEM 60 equatorial mount Achieving an accurate balance in both the RA and dec. axes is easy, because once the clutch mechanism is disengaged both axes rotate fluidly. Unusually, the mount head sits in a pair of crescent-shaped cups on the top of the base section and is retained in position by a pair of small locking capstans The iOptron CEM60 is a center-balanced equatorial telescope mount that provides an excellent platform for visual astronomy and astrophotography. 

Compared to the Sky-Watcher SynScan hand controller I was used to, I found the iOptron Go2Nova system to be a big improvement.  My first night out, I was able to successfully complete the star alignment procedure, and slew to my object of choice.If the cost of buying an iOptron CEM60 brand new is too high, you could always buy a used model. There are a number of reputable astronomy classified sites where you may be able to find a used CEM60. 

Placing the mount load between two bearings in this manner should produce a better mechanical solution than the usual mounting method that has the bearing to one side of the payload.Note that like many intermediate and high-end mounts the CEM60 does not ship with a tripod.  Suitable tripods, portable piers, and pier adapters are available but I chose to have an adapter made (image to the right) so that I could install the mount on a Celestron CGE Pro / CGEM DX tripod that I already had.  The mount requires a platform at least 150mm in diameter with two M8 threaded holes each 65mm from the centre of the platform (i.e. the M8 threads are 130mm centre-to-centre).  A 12mm diameter centre stud provides a pivot point when making Az adjustments (my setup uses the tripod’s threaded centre support rod for this purpose). Wasn't the intention.. like I said..still good guiding ..on a mount im intersted in so that's the reason Iooked..great kit you have there..good luck with it.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Prolific-PL-2303-HXD-USB-to-RS-232-Serial-Adaptor-Compatible-Windows-10-Ten/123196888849 If you need even more carrying capacity, the CEM120 is always an option. For my needs, the big CEM60 was more than enough. 


The firmware has a similar feature set to Celestron’s NexStar including a polar alignment routine that allows for accurate polar alignment using bright stars other than Polaris, single and muti-star calibration for GoTo alignment and a database of ‘about’ 358,000 celestial objects.  Having such an extensive catalogue of objects is probably more of a marketing poly than anything else, but the ease of menu navigation and the ability to find objects using different catalogues (including, for example, Caldwell, Abell, and Herschel) makes selecting a target really easy.Computer control is straightforward using the supplied serial cable (again a serial to USB converter will be required if you computer does not have an RS232 interface).  The serial cable plugs directly into the mount and uses the iOptron ASCOM driver (at the time of writing the current version is iOptron Telescope .NET ASCOM Driver 2.6, using the ASCOM 6.1 environment).  Once this was installed I was immediately able to control the mount using Stellarium and Cartes du Ciel. View and Download Ioptron SmartStarMiniTower instruction manual online. SmartStarMiniTower Accessories pdf manual download. Accessories iOptron CEM60 Quick Start Manual. Center-balanced goto equatorial mount (6 pages) Page 26: Test Anti-backlash 5.6.5. Test Anti-backlash Not supported for Alt/Azi mode.. 5.6.6 The iOptron CEM60 is an updated version of the highly popular ZEQ25 center-balanced equatorial mount. This iOptron equatorial mount can handle up to 60 lb. by distributing the weight of the payload at the center of gravity. This makes the iOptron CEM60 mount extremely light compared to its payload--a nice benefit when setting up at a remote site An important design element of this mount is that it keeps the centre of gravity directly over the centre of the tripod and as low as possible, giving natural balance and increased stability.

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Joe – You nailed it buddy, that’s exactly what I hope to uncover myself, and anyone in our situation. With lots of real experience using the HEQ5 – I should be able to point out any noticeable improvements in tracking performance with the ED102 and CEM60. WIll do my best for a head to head comparison. And yes – great guiding can bring the best out of any mount! My first mount was a SW HEQ5Pro with a Rowan belt mod, that was fine but I was pushing the weight limits when I started to load it up. The center balanced design of this astrophotography mount is hard to overlook. This is a new design concept from iOptron, that promises to deliver better balance. With an even distribution of weight being so crucial for a successful deep-sky imaging session, this is a welcome feature for backyard astrophotographers. I really notice the difference in weight between the CEM60 and my CGEM DX (which is 41lbs / 19kg) and the iOptron is more compact too. Set-up is straightforward if you are familiar with a GoTo German Equatorial Mount as the principles are the same: roughly level and align the mount north, set location, date and time, accurately polar align, and.

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iOptron Tri-pier portable pier with case on wheels: € 790.00* iOptron MiniPier: € 149.00* Mountings & accessories > Other : iOptron iStarFi Wi-Fi: € 119.00* iOptron Counterweight CEM60/iEQ45 2.5kg: € 48.90* iOptron 5kg counterweight: € 69.00* iOptron Electronic polar finder iPolar for the CEM60: € 289.00 PE                           < 0.5 arcsec rms for 5 min (< 0.3 arcsec for 2nd GEN) If folded up, takes longer to set up and level the Tri-pier than it does to set the mount.  I was worried that it only had two attachment points not three, but it is not going to go anywhere if you are even marginally balanced.The patent-pending non-contact magnetically loaded gear system is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. With gear switches on both the R.A. and DEC axes, balancing your astrophotography equipment on the iOptron CEM60 is smooth and secure. When you’ve disengaged the gear switch, you’ll know it.

The first produces a graphical display showing the position of Polaris in relation to the north celestial pole.A major downside for me at present is that there is no firmware option to operate the mount with the saddle rotated by 90 degrees to use two telescopes in a side-by-side configuration.  iOptron’s suggestion is to remove the saddle and rotate it physically by 90 degrees.  This is achieved easily enough  by removing four hex bolts, but I switch configurations often enough to prefer an option to do this automatically in software. ioptron Cem60 with meade 12 lx850 Es 80mm. Description. New toy arrived. I can't wait to use it! Comments. Author. Nikolaos Karamitsos 373 1 50. Like Histogram. About. AstroBin is an image hosting website specifically targeted to astrophotographers: it's the first and the last place where you need to upload your astrophotography images.. The center balanced design of the iOptron CEM60 makes the mount lighter. You will be hard-pressed to find an equatorial mount with this payload rating that weighs less than the CEM60 (27 lbs). Also, the polar axis of the mount is always open and accessible, without being obstructed by the declination shaft.

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