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  1. It shows a graph of the height of the mountains in the state of Washington as a function of time over the last 100 years. The only mountain to change its height significantly over this time period is Mount St. Helens, which the comic is named after. It is also the only black line as all other (30?) lines are gray.
  2. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more `polygon edge not found` with the `xkcd` packag
  3. g competitions, not general program
  4. Her data pipeline might have had a unit conversion error, or perhaps she mistyped the baseline productivity value that she was comparing her algae to, or perhaps her calculations used assumed or estimated values related to phenomena that were poorly understood at the time but have since been resolved in an unfavorable direction
  5. g comics and here are the top 10 XKCD comics for you
  6. r/xkcd/r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other fans.132kMembers


xkcd Hitler So he's saying that God thought Hitler's art was so bad that the Holocaust was an acceptable alternative. It's no secret that the hat guy is closely based on Aram, from Men in Hats Yeah this is one that's gonna be relevant a whole lot in the future. I forsee lots of "relevant xkcd" linking back to this one.

Has he ever even made that claim in the first place? That's a weird assumption to make about a random person Introduction. Apparently, this question has been asked here and it unfortunately closed. I thought it was a good idea to try again with it, but done right. XKCD looks at the how we are trained to use hard to remember passwords, thinking it's secure, but instead, would take a computer 3 days to crack. On the flip side, remembering 4-5 words brings Kuan's Password Intropy up, and is easy to.

When I tried to go here originally, it was unreachable. 03:54, 11 September 2019 (UTC) . Yes that was really a funny coincidence, although it lasted a bit too long.Kynd Either the 2060s or the 2130s. There are not a lot of dead people on Facebook. The main reasons for this is that Facebook—and its users—are young. The average Facebook user has gotten older over the last few years, but the site is still used at a much higher rate by the young than by the old.[1.

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Track tasks and feature requests. Join 40 million developers who use GitHub issues to help identify, assign, and keep track of the features and bug fixes your projects need Background. The Bonferroni correction is named after Italian mathematician Carlo Emilio Bonferroni for its use of Bonferroni inequalities. Its development is often credited to Olive Jean Dunn, who described the procedure's application to confidence intervals.. Statistical hypothesis testing is based on rejecting the null hypothesis if the likelihood of the observed data under the null. Explore the Gigapixel xkcd 1110 Webcomic in a Google Maps like interface. You might also like my other projects: info-beamer, a Raspberry PI signage player or Miners Movies A zoomable visualization of xkcd - Click and Drag Currently, the 5 highest mountain peaks in Washington State are Mount Rainier (at 14,411 ft or 4,392 m), Mount Adams, Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, and Bonanza Peak. As shown in the comic, Mount St. Helens was the 5th highest, but now has fallen to #52 (using a topographic prominence cut-off of 300 m (984 feet)). Only mountains above 8,000 feet (2,438 m) are included, with the graph topping at 15,000 feet (4,572 m), 600 feet (182 m) above the highest mountain. There are 92 peaks above 8000 feet in the state, so not all are included and the lines are not really distinct below 9000 feet. Seems like there are less than 30 lines drawn. Of course it says Mountains not Mountain peaks, but there are only four mountain ranges in Washington with peaks above 8000, so he must mean peaks!

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The underlying random number generator's behavior may not match the behavior of the Random button on xkcd.com. [begin, end) specify the range that the randomly chosen comic number can be in. If begin equals -1, begin defaults to the number of the first comic Frozen Rivers. What would happen if all of the rivers in the US were instantly frozen in the middle of the summer? Zoe Cutler. This is another question that turns out even worse than I expected. For starters, pretty much every animal in the water would die where mfc, mec, ms and mew are aliases for the longer property names, markerfacecolor, markeredgecolor, markersize and markeredgewidth.. Valid kwargs for the marker properties are Lines2D properties Explanation []. Complex computer programs often incorporate a numbering system for errors that are anticipated might occur. This way, the code can be referenced to tech support so that there is some feedback from the program as to what is wrong (akin to a car dashboard with multiple lights telling you if you have a battery problem or an engine problem or a cooling problem, etc. Thanks for contributing an answer to Code Review Stack Exchange! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! But avoid Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Use MathJax to format equations

According to the report The State of the Global Coatings Industry, the world produced 34 billion liters of paints and coatings in 2012. There's a neat trick that can help us here. If some quantity—say, the world economy—has been growing for a while at an annual rate of n —say, 3% (0.03)—then the most recent year's share of the whole. Get the latest xkcd webcomic on your Windows Phone! Features: * Retrieve latest xkcd webcomic on startup * Browse through xkcd with previous/next buttons * Fetch random webcomic * Go to specific webcomic by number * Share webcomic via email, sms and twitter * Double tap on the webcomic to zoom in/out * Pinch to zoom Try before you buy This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details. [script] xkcd Extractor - posted in Scripts and Functions: Hey all,After a long time of doing next to nothing with AHK, Ive used a little downtime this morning to finally bring my xkcd Extractor into a (semi-)presentable shape.The purpose of this script is to create a single HTML file containing all xkcd comics.(Warning: Image files will still be loaded from xkcd.com, so please dont abuse.

Découvrez le profil de Alberto Lumbreras sur LinkedIn, la plus grande communauté professionnelle au monde. Alberto indique 5 postes sur son profil. Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn et découvrez les relations de Alberto, ainsi que des emplois dans des entreprises similaires I just had an issue the other day with copying disk images to a network drive using smbclient on Linux Mint. The transfer would only run at 1 to 2 MB/s. Then I discovered that if I opened the mounted drive in the GUI file explorer and refreshed the directory where I was copying the image to, it would consistently cause the copy operation to jump to 40 to 60 MB/s and stay there for the rest of. The Sun is about 5,000°C, so our rule says you can't focus sunlight with lenses and mirrors to get something any hotter than 5,000°C. The Moon's sunlit surface is a little over 100°C, so you can't focus moonlight to make something hotter than about 100°C. That's too cold to set most things on fire. But wait, you might say. The Moon's. The bulk of the script seems to be an implementation of EventSource - which, while important, is not terribly interesting for our purposes, so I've omitted it here

Unreachable State (alt-text) ERROR: We've reached an unreachable state. Anything is possible. The limits were in our heads all along An API wrapper to fetch xkcd comics. Contribute to sidhantpanda/xkcd-api development by creating an account on GitHub I am a fan, and so is a member of the ST, but I do recall a link to xkcd in a post once being removed by the ST member with this message I like xkcd too, but it gets too inappropriate so i'm going to report it to be closed and will NOT be adding it. you can press random a few times and most of the time you'll end up with language The xkcd module, as of version 2.4.0, also supports getting information on What If articles from whatif.xkcd.com. This information is generated by scraping the What If archive page with a HTML parser. class xkcd.Comic (number) ¶ Class representing a single xkcd comic

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LiveJournal.com makes no claim to the content supplied through this journal account. Articles are retrieved via a public feed supplied by the site for this purpose The xkcd post—thanks to the many readers who emailed about it—A Timeline Of Earth's Average Temperature makes a slew of fun errors, but, and I want to emphasize this, it isn't xkcd's fault. The picture he shows is the result of the way temperature and proxy data are handled by most of the climatological community Each of these is going to (attempt to) install something ($1) using various different installation tools for various different operating systems and subsystems (or software ecosystems). * pip and easy_install are for Python packages * brew is a. The following are code examples for showing how to use seaborn.xkcd_rgb().They are from open source Python projects. You can vote up the examples you like or vote down the ones you don't like The xkcd Velociraptor Problem #1 In Substitute , we learn of a substitute teacher's real-life math problems, which include the following: Ha, ha, funny commentary on a frustrated old substitute math teacher

I'm unable to build and without build instructions I'm just taking stabs with gradlew. The gradlew in the repo came down for me as non-executable, so I'm doing a chmod +x gradlew first, but afterwards ./gradlew assembleDebug is failing w.. ObsessiveMathsFreak writes Today's xkcd comic introduced an unusual word — malamanteau — by giving its supposed definition on Wikipedia. The only trouble is that the word (as well as its supposed wiki page) did not in fact exist. Naturally, much ado ensued at the supposed wiki page, which was swiftly created in response to the comic.This article has more on how the comic and the confusion.

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  1. ‪Active voice: I love online learning‬ ‪Passive voice: Online learning is loved‬ ‪Passive-aggressive voice: I love how surviving emergency remote teaching is equated with online learning expertise
  2. The goal is simply to provide a relatively Pythonic wrapper around the xkcd API for any Python program or library that wants to access information about xkcd comics, for one reason or another. The xkcd module, as of version 2.4.0, also supports getting information on What If articles from whatif.xkcd.com
  3. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid . Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers
  4. Describe the bug I was tinkering around this library and started the example from the README.md for Line chart and found that , its not plotting the graph without presence of the options config. Its plots the x and y axes but no lines inside those graph, look for screenshot 1 for more details. But If i do provide the options, even with empty object, it plots lines accordingl
  5. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Welcome to the explain xkcd wiki! We have an explanation for all 2273 xkcd comics , and only 30 (1%) are incomplete. Help us finish them! Go to this comic explanation. Comic #2272 (February 24, 2020) Ringtone Timeline. Title text: No one likes my novelty ringtone, an audio recording of a phone on vibrate.
  6. Debugging (alt-text) When you Google an error message and it gets no results, you can be pretty sure you've found a clue to the location of Martin's sword

Stop hammering XKCD server. You basically wrote a denial-of-service attack, since you try to connect as fast and as often as possible to the server.. By sharing this code on CodeReview, it becomes a distributed denial-of-service.. Just in case it wasn't clear : don't do that The original XKCD survey makes for a highly entertaining read, and this submission (an import of the survey results into MATLAB) is a great addition by Chad Greene to the MATLAB color handling functions code from matplotlib import pyplot as plt import numpy as np plt.xkcd() fig = plt.figure() ax = fig.add_subplot(1, 1, 1) ax.spines['right'].set_color('none') ax. Randall Munroe, a former NASA roboticist, is the creator of the webcomic xkcd and the author of xkcd: volume 0. The International Astronomical Union recently named an asteroid after him; asteroid 4942 Munroe is big enough to cause a mass extinction if it ever hits a planet like Earth Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together

Package 'xkcd' July 11, 2018 Type Package Title Plotting ggplot2 Graphics in an XKCD Style Version 0.0.6 Date 2018-07-10 Author Emilio Torres-Manzaner In the tech support world, there's an old joke about PEBCAK, or Problem Exists Between the Chair and Keyboard.Cybersecurity really is all about people and incentives. There are plenty of important technical fixes and new tools to adopt, but if organizations and individuals aren't willing to invest in securing themselves, then they will remain insecure $\begingroup$ I've reformatted your question, but note that I don't get nearly the amount assumes that you calculate less entropy rather than more entropy. Please fix that if that isn't the case and your entropy calculation seems to overshoot. (2) Please try and format any followup question to the best of your abilities and include enough info so that it doesn't rely on external resources. I would say type 5. The error is the human tendency to skim and not read what's actually been written

I ask because if it's four that's actually how the Romans used it. IV was a later invention that applied the rules for larger numbers to numbers below IX.Mount St. Helens is a volcano that famously and explosively erupted in 1980. Millions of tons of earth were blasted from one face of the mountain all over the surrounding countryside. After it was over, the peak of Mount St. Helens was no longer the 5th highest in the state of Washington, having lost approximately 1,300 feet (400 m) in height (from 9,677 ft (2,950 m) pre-explosion to 8,363 ft (2,549 m) post-explosion). Error Types https://xkcd.com/2303/ https://m.xkcd.com/2303/ v/@xkcd Type VII error : haha We're quickly getting onto Type X error Read this article to answer all questions on different problems or errors or issues one encounters during the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 Standalone/Demo Installation. Published under the license

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  1. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number
  2. Although Table 13.1 provides only a rough guideline, it shows very clearly that weak relationships based on medium or small samples are never statistically significant and that strong relationships based on medium or larger samples are always statistically significant
  3. Thinking along the same line as some of the other answers, I've un-ggplotted the chart and also added on the flexibility of the x-axis label locations (which seems to be common in xkcd) and an arbitrary label on the chart
  4. Code for displaying and generating images freely available in not one, but two GitHub repos: xkcd-excuse-front and xkcd-excuse-generator
  5. New breach: XKCD had 562k accounts breached last month. The phpBB forum exposed email and IP addresses, usernames and passwords stored in MD5 phpBB3 format. 58% of addresses were already in.
  6. © Infosnack: updates in photography, medicine, & technology. 2007-2020. Tip-Top Tumblr Theme by Precrafte

The xkcd comic assumes in both examples that all the details of the generation are known. The Math. The mathematics in the xkcd comic is correct, and it's not going to change. For passwords I need to type and remember I use a python script that generates xkcd style passwords that are truly random. I have a dictionary of 2^11 (2048) common, easy. Technically, the other mountains may be fluctuating in height as well, due to erosion or the movement of Earth's tectonic plates, but this phenomenon should not be visible on the time-scale and vertical resolution that Randall has plotted. Precision GPS measurements of various peaks in Washington have only been available since 2010, and it's likely that the primarily volcanic mountains of Washington experience significant but comparatively slight variations throughout the year due to snowfall, melt, or the pressure of swelling magma inside volcanic cores. These changes go largely unmeasured, while the mountains continue to appear equally physically unchanging and imposing both in person and from a distance. Source: Seattle Times. So while the comic does appear to show some slight fluctuations in height for mountains, that is more likely a side-effect of the comic's free-hand drawing style than an accurate reflection of any real fluctuations. Friday's XKCD comic was about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover: I just want to pick on the optics part. Mind you, I think the humor is great! So what's wrong? It looks like the lens would gather the light back together again, then allowing the prism to put the colors together I love Randall Munroe's XKCD, but going to his site every day is potentially problematic because it's so easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of clicking random over and over and over.. At the same time, he's been writing comics for years and I haven't kept up. I wondered if there wasn't some way that I could pull five, just five images into my site every day for a digest of. Please only submit material directly related to (and helping everyone better understand) xkcd... and of course only submit material that can legally be posted (and freely edited). Off-topic or other inappropriate content is subject to removal or modification at admin discretion, and users who repeatedly post such content will be blocked.

Welcome to the xkcd Time Wiki Edit Hello! Edit. This is a wiki for the xkcd comic 1190: Time , and specifically the community which sprang up in the comic's discussion thread on the xkcd forums. This wiki is primarily maintained by those who read and post in the #1190 thread, but anyone who is a fan of Time is free to join in on the conversation and work on articles xkcd is licensed by Randall Munroe under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, please give credit where it is due (because he's a cool guy as far as I can tell from being a regular reader of his comic). The code for this site is licensed under a license I just made up that lets you do whatever you want GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets In terms of Hypertext Transfer Protocol errors, '404' is the numeric status code returned to the client when the server is unable to find what was requested. It is accompanied by the textual reason phrase 'File Not Found'

Epsilon and Zeta (alt-text) The average error in the NHC forecasted position of a hurricane three days in the future has shrunk to a third of what it was in 1990--a. Unfortunately, it looks like xkcd hasn't been updated in 5 years, so it won't work with ggplot2 out of the box. You can try getting some of the parts out of the package manually, of course This comic is another comic in a series of comics related to the 2020 pandemic of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.. The comic is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, as there is a lot of medical testing for the disease being done, including detection of the virus itself, usually by qPCR, or of antibodies present in people who have had the disease (sometimes unknowingly) You can read a brief introduction about this wiki at explain xkcd. Feel free to sign up for an account and contribute to the wiki! We need explanations for comics, characters, themes and everything in between. If it is referenced in an xkcd web comic, it should be here. level 123 points · 13 days agoWhat abbout errors in spelling that still lead you to the correct understanding?

Is that four or five I's in the alt text? I can't quite make it out there. Yours is four, I think. Posted 9/9/19 12:07 PM, 25 message With both types of error, then, your GPS may say you are in exactly the right place, but you may actually be a small distance away. A simple rule of thumb is to add together the possible errors in precision and accuracy, and halve the total. This will give you the radius of a circle, centred on you, within which your destination lies

There's also an e-mail being sent to (I presume) all xkcd fora members: A security researcher has alerted us to what appears to be a leak of part of the user table from the xkcd forums. The file includes usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, and in some cases an IP address from the time of registration The evolution of the story is the Holy Shit! Quotient of Awesome in itself: what started with very little words as a simple construction of a sandcastle on a beach, proceeded to go increasingly elaborate, to the point of including a trebuchet. It took a month worth of updates for the couple to finish the castle and embark on a quest to find. In Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, things are explained in the style of Up Goer Five, using only drawings and a vocabulary of the 1,000 (or ten hundred) most common words.Explore computer buildings (datacenters), the flat rocks we live on (tectonic plates), the things you use to steer a plane (airliner cockpit controls), and the little bags of wate Survivorship bias (or survivor bias) is a statistical artifact in applications outside finance, where studies on the remaining population are fallaciously compared with the historic average despite the survivors having unusual properties. Mostly, the unusual property in question is a track record of success (like the successful funds) A forwards and backwards compatible xkcd downloader written in Python. - xkcd_download.p

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  1. The forums of the XKCD webcomic created by Randall Munroe in 2005 are currently offline after being impacted by a data breach which exposed the information of 561,991 users on July 1
  2. Inspired by XKCD and Password Hay Stacks | Powered by XKPasswd.pm This service is provided entirely for free and without ads, but the server is not free to run. Please consider making a small contribution towards those costs
  3. Welcome to the explain xkcd wiki! We have an explanation for all 2309 xkcd comics, and only 18 (1%) are incomplete. Help us finish them!
  4. xkcd is a Stick-Figure Comic by Randall Munroe. It is a gag-a-day comic and generally does not have a continuing plot line or continuity (though there are occasional short story arcs). Many of the jokes are based on math, physics, science, UNIX or Internet memes, as well as romance and sex. It utilizes Alt Text for each and every comic, which.

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I don't understand your sentence. "abbout" is a Lebanese film production company, but even if you use one which is more in context for this comic "What Disney errors in spelling that still lead you to the correct understanding" wouldn't be much more understandable. I'd say this is in fact a "errors in spelling that will lead to discussions about taking spelling errors too literally" error. Xkcd's free speech cartoon is widely cited in defence of various forms of popular censorship.However, I think it contains significant errors and weaknesses, which I will discuss in 3. Sorin Mustaca's IT Security news and articles about information security, vulnerabilities, exploits, patches, releases, software, features, hacks, laws, spam, viruses.

so even if we throw the entire Earth at Jupiter, it would still only reduce Jupiter's speed by a fraction of a percent—on the order of a few dozen miles per hour. The situation is similar to the one in the tennis ball analogy from earlier: If you want to stop a truck with tennis balls, the tennis balls need more momentum than the truck, which. The title text is a play on the term “peak” meaning both the highest point of a mountain and also the optimal, most famous or most impressive stage of a trend; for instance: "The band Rolling Stones really peaked in the 80s."

As a current student on this bumpy collegiate pathway, I stumbled upon Course Hero, where I can find study resources for nearly all my courses, get online help from tutors 24/7, and even share my old projects, papers, and lecture notes with other students Here's what worked for me. I noticed that the fonts were being searched for in the wrong directory. In my case, there was the message, Scanning ttf files in C:\Windows\Fonts. r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other level 26 points · 12 days agoIt is the first one I simply skipped. Can't believe they managed to mangle the franchise that badly.

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What's wrong with XKCD's Frequentists vs. Bayesians comic? Ask Question Asked 7 years, This xkcd comic (Frequentists vs. Bayesians) makes fun of a frequentist statistician who derives an obviously wrong result. (publishing the original paper was a pure type I error) and somewhere around 30-40% in some medical fields.. Making Progress (alt-text) I started off with countless problems. But now I know, thanks to COUNT(), that I have #REF Chart.xkcd is an open source tool with 6.2K GitHub stars and 146 GitHub forks. Here's a link to Chart.xkcd's open source repository on GitHu Provides some additional features to the XKCD forums. When quoting a post, that quote will now have a link back to the original post. Links to post on the current page will no longer cause the browser to refresh, and will instead just jump to that post

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  1. ded me of the Flashback Virus that happened on Macs --Toddr 21:41, 9 August 2012‎ (UTC) . WooWoo Science from La-La Land. I love this paragraph: Proponents of the singularity typically state that an intelligence explosion,where superintelligences design successive generations of increasingly powerful
  2. Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)
  3. 1024: Error Code - explain xkcd
  4. 2259: Networking Problems - explain xkcd
  5. xkcd 2110:Error Bars - link - xkcd - Reddi

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  1. Stop Jupiter - xkcd
  2. The Definitive Collection of XKCD Programmers Comic
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xkcd: Making ProgressWhat's in a computer name? A router by any other name103: Moral Relativity - explain xkcdNot awful and boring ideas for teaching statistics: IfThe Definitive Collection of XKCD Programmers ComicsSQL Jokes!
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