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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is secretly about Santa. The Great Pumpkin saga was adapted from Schulz's newspaper strip, where he had conceived it as a metaphor for some of the hope (and. funny humor music video. Its a great day for me to whip somebody's ass my website= http://www.sharonb.net

Great Britain is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of continental Europe.With an area of 209,331 km 2 (80,823 sq mi), it is the largest of the British Isles, the largest European island, and the ninth-largest island in the world. In 2011, Great Britain had a population of about 61 million people, making it the world's third-most populous island after Java in. The film begins with a succession of real-life film directors – including Michael Curtiz, King Vidor, Raoul Walsh, and David Butler – refusing to helm a new Warner's flick, Mademoiselle Fifi, because Jack Carson has been signed to star in it. Frustrated, fictional studio head Arthur Trent (Bill Goodwin) finally decides to let Carson direct it. Seeking the perfect co-star for himself and fellow lead Dennis Morgan, Carson finds her in the person of studio commissary waitress Judy Adams (Doris Day). Judy has been in Hollywood for three months without even one audition, and sneaks her way into Carson's office, where she forces him to give her a chance. A self-proclaimed liar, Carson advises her to pose as his secret bride to Morgan. Fooled at first, Morgan eventually catches on to the ruse. Following an angry outburst, Judy leaves the studio, feeling used by the two actors for their entertainment.

During the Song Dynasty, the Chinese were forced to withdraw under threat from the Liao and Jin peoples to the north, who took over many areas on both sides of the Great Wall. The powerful Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty (1206-1368), established by Genghis Khan, eventually controlled all of China, parts of Asia and sections of Europe. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Sunday urged Americans to stop panicking as more cases of the novel coronavirus are reported in the country and called it a great time for those who are. PBS Announces Its 'Great American Read' Program's 100 Titles In News by Porter Anderson April 23, 2018 Quite different in its approach to a national reading-advocacy event from 'Canada Reads,' PBS' 'Great American Read' project has named its 100 contenders for 'best-loved novel. It's a Great Feeling is a 1949 American Technicolor musical comedy film starring Doris Day, Jack Carson, and Dennis Morgan in a parody of what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood movie making. The screenplay by Jack Rose and Mel Shavelson was based upon a story by I. A. L. Diamond. The film was directed by David Butler, produced by Alex Gottlieb and distributed by Warner Bros.

It's Great Design is an online design magazine that publishes articles about design, arts and architecture The Great Wall of China, originally built in the seventh century B.C, worked as a defence for the feudal states of the Zhou Dynasty (1046-771ad) to the north. During the Warring States Period more walls were put up to defend the borders of the different kingdoms. Qin Shi Huang united the different parts into one empire and had all the walls. 爱词霸权威在线词典,为您提供great的中文意思,great的用法讲解,great的读音,great的同义词,great的反义词,great的例句等英语服务。 首页 背单 In Cheddar Gorge, near Bristol, the remains of animal species native to mainland Europe such as antelopes, brown bears, and wild horses have been found alongside a human skeleton, 'Cheddar Man', dated to about 7150 BC.[46] Great Britain became an island at the end of the last glacial period when sea levels rose due to the combination of melting glaciers and the subsequent isostatic rebound of the crust. Great Britain's Iron Age inhabitants are known as Britons; they spoke Celtic languages. Why It's Great to Have a Stubborn Child. By Donna Gorman December 1, 2015 11:23 AM EST Y ears ago, in preschool, a teacher sent my youngest child, Ainsley, to sit by herself until she was ready to.

19 Reasons Why It's Great To Be A Florida Gator. In all kinds of weather, we'll all stick together! by Sami Main. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. You can totally say you went to same college as one of the best. Travis Tritt - It's a Great Day to be Alive Tuning: Drop-D [Verse 1] G C G D I got rice cooking in the microwave, got a three day beard I don't Em C G D Em C D C plan to shave and its a goofy thing but I just gotta say hey Im doing G G C G D alright All the modern Brythonic languages (Breton, Cornish, Welsh) are generally considered to derive from a common ancestral language termed Brittonic, British, Common Brythonic, Old Brythonic or Proto-Brythonic, which is thought to have developed from Proto-Celtic or early Insular Celtic by the 6th century AD.[86] Brythonic languages were probably spoken before the Roman invasion at least in the majority of Great Britain south of the rivers Forth and Clyde, though the Isle of Man later had a Goidelic language, Manx. Northern Scotland mainly spoke Pritennic, which became Pictish, which may have been a Brythonic language. During the period of the Roman occupation of Southern Britain (AD 43 to c. 410), Common Brythonic borrowed a large stock of Latin words. Approximately 800 of these Latin loan-words have survived in the three modern Brythonic languages. Romano-British is the name for the Latinised form of the language used by Roman authors. Sun TzuSun Tzu is the reputed author of The Art of War (<Ping-fa), which some consider to be the best single book ever written on the subject. Of Sun Wu himself (Tzu is an honorific particle, meaning "master"), little is known beyond his birth in the state of Ch'i and service to King ...read more Set in 1922, four years after the end of the Great War, as it was then known, Fitzgerald's novel reflects the ways in which that conflict had transformed American society. The war left Europe.

Good Morning, It is a Great Day, Sydney, Australia. 190K likes. •~☺~ Uplifting/Spiritual/Thriving. Great start to the day. Positive Spiritual Affirmations, Sorry no taggin The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, it winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching approximately 21,196 kilometers from east to west of China 100 Reasons It's Great to be a Guy . Personally, I'm thrilled spitless that about 85% of these reasons (obviously written by a woman) are true! And to any women folk who might have accidentally wandered in - you need to 'fess up, as well

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The oldest rocks in Great Britain are the Lewisian gneisses, metamorphic rocks found in the far north west of the island and in the Hebrides (with a few small outcrops elsewhere), which date from at least 2,700 Ma (Ma = million years ago). South of the gneisses are a complex mixture of rocks forming the North West Highlands and Grampian Highlands in Scotland. These are essentially the remains of folded sedimentary rocks that were deposited between 1,000 Ma and 670 Ma over the gneiss on what was then the floor of the Iapetus Ocean. Did you know? When Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered construction of the Great Wall around 221 B.C., the labor force that built the wall was made up largely of soldiers and convicts. It is said that as many as 400,000 people died during the wall's construction; many of these workers were buried within the wall itself. Australia's Great Barrier Reef is currently experiencing its third mass bleaching in just five years — and it is the most widespread bleaching event ever recorded

Its Great at 8. 622 likes. Tune in at 8:00PM central each week night and hear great classics and new and upcoming gospel music artists The English Channel is thought to have been created between 450,000 and 180,000 years ago by two catastrophic glacial lake outburst floods caused by the breaching of the Weald-Artois Anticline, a ridge that held back a large proglacial lake, now submerged under the North Sea.[53] Around 10,000 years ago, during the Devensian glaciation with its lower sea level, Great Britain was not an island, but an upland region of continental northwestern Europe, lying partially underneath the Eurasian ice sheet. The sea level was about 120 metres (390 ft) lower than today, and the bed of the North Sea was dry and acted as a land bridge, now known as Doggerland, to the Continent. It is generally thought that as sea levels gradually rose after the end of the last glacial period of the current ice age, Doggerland became submerged beneath the North Sea, cutting off what was previously the British peninsula from the European mainland by around 6500 BC.[54] It's a Great Feeling was Day's third film (and her third pairing with Carson) and the first to bring her widespread notice. It's a Great Feeling is a "Who's Who?" of Hollywood in its heyday and glorified the studio system at the peak of its golden age. Welcome! Bet you thought you were the only one, right? Well, you're not. Thousands of teens just like you are making the smart choice - sexual abstinence until marriage - and coming to this site every day and look: Bad Credit Payday Loans Online from IPCLoans. If you have the story you want to tell others you can write and share it with others Numerous other religions are practised.[104] Jews have inhabited Britain since 1070. Jews were expelled from England in 1290 but permitted to return in 1656.[105] There were also Jewish migrations from Lithuania.[106] The 2001 census recorded that Islam had around 1.5 million adherents.[107] More than 1 million people practise either Hinduism, Sikhism, or Buddhism–religions introduced from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.[108]

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Tang DynastyThe Tang Dynasty is considered a golden age of Chinese arts and culture. In power from 618 to 906 A.D., Tang China attracted an international reputation that spilled out of its cities and, through the practice of Buddhism, spread its culture across much of Asia. Beginning of the ...read more Essentially any and all manufacturers who are willing to make their products to WalMart's required wholesale price point. And that goes for just about *everything* WalMart sells in their stores. What you have to ask yourself is, what corners are t.. Starting west of Juyong Pass, the Great Wall was split into south and north lines, respectively named the Inner and Outer Walls. Strategic “passes” (i.e., fortresses) and gates were placed along the wall; the Juyong, Daoma and Zijing passes, closest to Beijing, were named the Three Inner Passes, while further west were Yanmen, Ningwu and Piantou, the Three Outer Passes. As the People's Republic of China (PRC) emerged from war and revolution in 1949, it became apparent that the Chinese economy lacked the capacity to compete with the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. in the. How China Made Its Great Leap Forward Some observers praise its 'state-led capitalism.' But the truth is that leaders, starting with Deng Xiaoping, loosened Beijing's control

With the death of Qin Shi Huang and the fall of the Qin Dynasty, much of the Great Wall fell into disrepair. After the fall of the later Han Dynasty, a series of frontier tribes seized control in northern China. The most powerful of these was the Northern Wei Dynasty, which repaired and extended the existing wall to defend against attacks from other tribes. The city regularly tests for contaminants, including lead, in its water mains. But there are at least 836,000 service lines, and the city estimates that 45,000 of them are made of lead (Fretted). The term steel guitar can refer to instruments with multiple tunings, 6 to 14 strings, and even multiple fretboards. To add even more confusion, the term Hawaiian guitar refers to an instrument played flat on the lap with a steel bar outside of Hawaii, but in Hawaii, it is the early term for the slack key guitar

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The Ming wall extended from the Yalu River in Liaoning Province to the eastern bank of the Taolai River in Gansu Province, and winded its way from east to west through today’s Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Gansu. It's Great to Be Young is a 1956 musical Technicolor comedy film about a school music teacher, starring Cecil Parker and John Mills. Plot. Mr Dingle seeks to interest his pupils in music in order to. On 20 October 1604 King James, who had succeeded separately to the two thrones of England and Scotland, proclaimed himself "King of Great Brittaine, France, and Ireland".[48] When James died in 1625 and the Privy Council of England was drafting the proclamation of the new king, Charles I, a Scottish peer, Thomas Erskine, 1st Earl of Kellie, succeeded in insisting that it use the phrase "King of Great Britain", which James had preferred, rather than King of Scotland and England (or vice versa).[49] While that title was also used by some of James's successors, England and Scotland each remained legally separate countries, each with its own parliament, until 1707, when each parliament passed an Act of Union to ratify the Treaty of Union that had been agreed the previous year. This created a single kingdom with one parliament with effect from 1 May 1707. The Treaty of Union specified the name of the new all-island state as "Great Britain", while describing it as "One Kingdom" and "the United Kingdom". To most historians, therefore, the all-island state that existed between 1707 and 1800 is either "Great Britain" or the "Kingdom of Great Britain". Today, the Great Wall is generally recognized as one of the most impressive architectural feats in human history. In 1987, UNESCO designated the Great Wall a World Heritage site, and a popular claim that emerged in the 20th century holds that it is the only manmade structure that is visible from space.

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UK government-backed practical help and advice on setting up a business or accessing investment opportunities in the UK. UK Investment Prospectus Expand your business to the UK Invest capital in the UK Professional services to help you expand to the UK. Trade with the UK. Connect with some of the world's most innovative businesses FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

Though the Great Wall held little importance for the Mongols as a military fortification, soldiers were assigned to man the wall in order to protect merchants and caravans traveling along the lucrative Silk Road trade routes established during this period. The Great Wall of China is an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totaling more than 13,000 miles in length, located in northern China. Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and. The history of the Great Wall is said to have started from the Spring and Autumn Period (770 - 476 BC). Over the following 2,500 years, more than 20 states and dynasties played a part in its construction. The accumulative length of the wall exceeds 21,196.18 km (13,170.70 mi). In the turbulent Zhou Dynasty that consisted of Western Zhou Dynasty. Ming DynastyThe Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644 A.D., during which China’s population would double. Known for its trade expansion to the outside world that established cultural ties with the West, the Ming Dynasty is also remembered for its drama, literature and world-renowned ...read more

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Great Britain lies on the European continental shelf, part of the Eurasian Plate. Situated off the north-west coast of continental Europe, it is separated from the mainland by the North Sea and by the English Channel, which narrows to 34 km (18 nmi; 21 mi) at the Straits of Dover.[50] It stretches over about ten degrees of latitude on its longer, north-south axis and occupies an area of 209,331 km2 (80,823 sq mi), excluding the smaller surrounding islands.[51] The North Channel, Irish Sea, St George's Channel and Celtic Sea separate the island from the island of Ireland to its west.[52] The island is physically connected with continental Europe via the Channel Tunnel, the longest undersea rail tunnel in the world, completed in 1993. The island is marked by low, rolling countryside in the east and south, while hills and mountains predominate in the western and northern regions. It is surrounded by over 1,000 smaller islands and islets. The greatest distance between two points is 968.0 km (601 1⁄2 mi) (between Land's End, Cornwall and John o' Groats, Caithness), 838 miles (1,349 km) by road. The Church of Scotland, a form of Protestantism with a Presbyterian system of ecclesiastical polity, is the third most numerous on the island with around 2.1 million members.[95] Introduced in Scotland by clergyman John Knox, it has the status of national church in Scotland. The monarch of the United Kingdom is represented by a Lord High Commissioner. Methodism is the fourth largest and grew out of Anglicanism through John Wesley.[96] It gained popularity in the old mill towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire, also amongst tin miners in Cornwall.[97] The Presbyterian Church of Wales, which follows Calvinistic Methodism, is the largest denomination in Wales. There are other non-conformist minorities, such as Baptists, Quakers, the United Reformed Church (a union of Congregationalists and English Presbyterians), Unitarians.[98] The first patron saint of Great Britain was Saint Alban.[99] He was the first Christian martyr dating from the Romano-British period, condemned to death for his faith and sacrificed to the pagan gods.[100] In more recent times, some have suggested the adoption of St Aidan as another patron saint of Britain.[101] From Ireland, he worked at Iona amongst the Dál Riata and then Lindisfarne where he restored Christianity to Northumbria.[101] AP Apple's Employee Purchase Program gets its workers access to the company's products at a more agreeable price.. Once a year, employees can get a 25% discount on a computer

Made mostly of earth and stone, the wall stretched from the China Sea port of Shanhaiguan over 3,000 miles west into Gansu province. In some strategic areas, sections of the wall overlapped for maximum security (including the Badaling stretch, north of Beijing, that was later restored during the Ming Dynasty). The Great Wall was not just a wall. It was an integrated military defensive system with watchtowers for surveillance, fortresses for command posts and logistics, beacon towers for communications, etc.. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Great Wall was reconstructed to be stronger and more sophisticated, due to better construction techniques being developed Parents need to know that It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a Peanuts classic that appeals to all ages. It promotes many favorite American Halloween traditions like trick-or-treating and apple bobbing, not to mention the infamous Great Pumpkin (who must have missed Linus' pumpkin patch somehow) Like the Mongols, the early Ming rulers had little interest in building border fortifications, and wall building was limited before the late 15th century. In 1421, the Ming emperor Yongle proclaimed China’s new capital, Beijing, on the site of the former Mongol city of Dadu.

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  1. MERLE HAGGARD - It's Been A Great Afternoon A Last night we had a hell raisin' time D A Nippin' on tequila and suckin' on limes D7 Sunrise chased the good time away B7 E7 And good morning would have been the wrong thing to say A 'Cause the poundin' in the top of my head D A Hey didn't leave me any too soon B7 I can't say we've had a good morning D7 E7 A But babe it's been a great afternoon D A.
  2. Though the beginning of the Great Wall of China can be traced to the fifth century B.C., many of the fortifications included in the wall date from hundreds of years earlier, when China was divided into a number of individual kingdoms during the so-called Warring States Period.
  3. London is the capital of England and the whole of the United Kingdom, and is the seat of the United Kingdom's government. Edinburgh and Cardiff are the capitals of Scotland and Wales, respectively, and house their devolved governments.
  4. Similarly, Britain can refer to either all islands in Great Britain, the largest island, or the political grouping of countries.[36] There is no clear distinction, even in government documents: the UK government yearbooks have used both Britain[37] and United Kingdom.[38]
  5. GB and GBR are used instead of UK in some international codes to refer to the United Kingdom, including the Universal Postal Union, international sports teams, NATO, the International Organization for Standardization country codes ISO 3166-2 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, and international licence plate codes, whilst the aircraft registration prefix is G.
  6. Variety commented: "Joan Crawford (as herself) does a pip of a bit in a swank gown shop with the three principals, rating plenty of howls."[7] In his book on Doris Day's career, author Tom Santopietro writes that the Crawford's self-parody of her "notoriously dramatic" screen image is the funniest bit in the film.[8] Crawford supposedly overhears Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan discussing Doris Day and thinks they are taking advantage of her. She automatically launches into a clichéd, melodramatic speech typical of her screen persona (in this case, from Mildred Pierce) and furiously slaps both Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan. Carson asks "What's that for?" and Crawford smiles, shrugs and says: "I do that in all my pictures!"

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Two clips from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Charles M. Schulz, 1966 The three constituent countries of the United Kingdom have patron saints: Saint George and Saint Andrew are represented in the flags of England and Scotland respectively.[102] These two flags combined to form the basis of the Great Britain royal flag of 1604.[102] Saint David is the patron saint of Wales.[103] There are many other British saints. Some of the best known are Cuthbert, Columba, Patrick, Margaret, Edward the Confessor, Mungo, Thomas More, Petroc, Bede, and Thomas Becket.[103] The great white shark is the world's largest known predatory fish. It has 300 teeth, yet does not chew its food. Sharks rip their prey into mouth-sized pieces which are swallowed whole. The shark's heavy, torpedo-shaped body allows it to cruise efficiently for long periods of time, and then. I skimmed this book after purchasing.it's a great book. Very helpful for those shy young men who need the right info the right way. Each topic has fill in the blank and puzzles to go back over what was taught. It's a one person book so if you have multiple boys don't plan to share. I will be buying more copies Paul Thorn - It's A Great Day Transcribed by DWdrummer67. This is a great campfire tune, and as usual... Enjoy! Tuning: Standard E A E Have you ever had one of those days when nothin' goes right E B Your wife starts bitchin'-'bout whatever it was she was bitchin' about last night E A E So you escape into the bathroom, just to sit there on your thrown E B E But after you finish your.

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  1. ShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesAd ChoicesAdvertiseClosed CaptioningCopyright PolicyCorporate InformationEmployment OpportunitiesFAQ/Contact UsPrivacy NoticeTerms of UseTV Parental GuidelinesRSS FeedsAccessibility SupportPrivacy SettingsShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesShowsThis Day In HistoryScheduleTopicsStoriesUpdated:Nov 5, 2019Original:Aug 24, 2010Great Wall of ChinaAuthor:History.com EditorsContentsQin Dynasty Construction Great Wall of China Through the Centuries Wall Building During the Ming Dynasty Significance of the Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totaling more than 13,000 miles in length, located in northern China. Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and its long and vivid history, the Great Wall was originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the third century B.C. as a means of preventing incursions from barbarian nomads. The best-known and best-preserved section of the Great Wall was built in the 14th through 17th centuries A.D., during the Ming dynasty. Though the Great Wall never effectively prevented invaders from entering China, it came to function as a powerful symbol of Chinese civilization’s enduring strength.
  2. The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty. He has a white or principally white coat that may contain.
  3. It's not easy, what you must do. It's frustrating, inconvenient, complicated, and sometimes doesn't even make sense. But here's the thing. Get yourself through it and you make yourself stronger. Get yourself through it and watch your confidence skyrocket. Get yourself through it, and all sorts of new possibilities will open up to you
  4. Walmart as we know it today evolved from Sam Walton's goals for great value and great customer service. Sam, as he was known, believed in leadership through service. This belief that true leadership depends on willing service was the principle on which Walmart was built, and drove the decisions the company has made for the past 50 years
  5. The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Its Great Hawaiian Musicians Paperback - August 1, 1996 by Lorene Ruymar (Author), Joe Boyd (Foreword) 4.5 out of 5 stars 8 ratings. See all 3 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from.
  6. “He turned pale, trembled to a great degree, was much agitated, and began to cry,” she told the court.
  7. g ocean temperatures due to climate change, and marks the third mass bleaching event the Great Barrier reef has experienced in just the last five years

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  1. There is a wealth of birdlife, with 619 species recorded,[60] of which 258 breed on the island or remain during winter.[61] Because of its mild winters for its latitude, Great Britain hosts important numbers of many wintering species, particularly waders, ducks, geese and swans.[62] Other well known bird species include the golden eagle, grey heron, common kingfisher, common wood pigeon, house sparrow, European robin, grey partridge, and various species of crow, finch, gull, auk, grouse, owl and falcon.[63] There are six species of reptile on the island; three snakes and three lizards including the legless slowworm. One snake, the adder, is venomous but rarely deadly.[64] Amphibians present are frogs, toads and newts.[57] There are also several introduced species of reptile and amphibian.[65]
  2. The earliest known name for Great Britain is Albion (Greek: Ἀλβιών) or insula Albionum, from either the Latin albus meaning "white" (possibly referring to the white cliffs of Dover, the first view of Britain from the continent) or the "island of the Albiones".[17] The oldest mention of terms related to Great Britain was by Aristotle (384–322 BC), or possibly by Pseudo-Aristotle, in his text On the Universe, Vol. III. To quote his works, "There are two very large islands in it, called the British Isles, Albion and Ierne".[18]
  3. University of Colorado at Boulder. (2020, January 13). How the solar system got its 'Great Divide,' and why it matters for life on Earth. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 15, 2020 from www.sciencedaily.
  4. The real spread of the Great Pyrenees out of its mountains developed in the 19th century with the birth of Romanticism. This breed, first appreciated for its beauty and poise, and then by its innate temperamental qualities, gained fame in the rest of Europe. The Great Pyrenees were introduced in America by General Lafayette in 1824
  5. Many of the studio's most popular stars and directors make cameo appearances throughout the movie. Among them are:
  6. Popular Who Done It Books Showing 1-50 of 3,128 The Girl on the Train (Hardcover) by. Paula Hawkins (Goodreads Author) (shelved 16 times as who-done-it) avg rating 3.92 — 1,981,432 ratings — published 2015 Want to Read saving Want to Read.

The first known written use of the word Britain was an ancient Greek transliteration of the original P-Celtic term in a work on the travels and discoveries of Pytheas that has not survived. The earliest existing records of the word are quotations of the periplus by later authors, such as those within Strabo's Geographica, Pliny's Natural History and Diodorus of Sicily's Bibliotheca historica.[19] Pliny the Elder (AD 23–79) in his Natural History records of Great Britain: "Its former name was Albion; but at a later period, all the islands, of which we shall just now briefly make mention, were included under the name of 'Britanniæ.'"[20] Key Words 'It's a great time to go out': California Republican Devin Nunes talks about life amid the coronavirus pandemic Published: March 16, 2020 at 12:46 p.m. E The It's Great Out There Coalition awards grants to deserving projects that share our core objective to 'Get Europe Active Outdoors'. Any non-profit organisation can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant In our lab tests, the Huawei P40 showcases its great color accuracy and brightening even in low-light situations. Spotty color tiles such as the blue one in the bottom right are the only pieces of. Against Washington's 'Great Power' Obsession. (mostly) upholding its commitments, following global rules, defending friends and allies, finding common ground with foes, and practicing.

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  1. He helped me enormously with my technical indoctrination into movie acting. He taught me dozens of tricks about how to move to precise camera marks without actually looking for them, how to handle myself in close-ups so that my face or profile rather than the back of my head would be in a shot, how to sustain the evenness of a performed scene. ... Since we were also going together, we'd often discuss some of these things in the evening, and there's no doubt that my relationship with Jack helped me considerably in my early going.[4]
  2. America is entering another Great Depression — and it's time for a new New Deal A corporate bailout isn't nearly enough: Democrats, the moment to address economic injustice is right now
  3. Christianity has been the largest religion by number of adherents since the Early Middle Ages: it was introduced under the ancient Romans, developing as Celtic Christianity. According to tradition, Christianity arrived in the 1st or 2nd century. The most popular form is Anglicanism (known as Episcopalism in Scotland). Dating from the 16th-century Reformation, it regards itself as both Catholic and Reformed. The Head of the Church is the monarch of the United Kingdom, as the Supreme Governor. It has the status of established church in England. There are just over 26 million adherents to Anglicanism in Britain today,[91] although only around one million regularly attend services. The second largest Christian practice is the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, which traces its history to the 6th century with Augustine's mission and was the main religion for around a thousand years. There are over 5 million adherents today, 4.5 million in England and Wales[92] and 750,000 in Scotland,[93] although fewer than a million Catholics regularly attend mass.[94]
  4. Construction of the “Wan Li Chang Cheng,” or 10,000-Li-Long Wall, was one of the most ambitious building projects ever undertaken by any civilization. The famous Chinese general Meng Tian initially directed the project, and was said to have used a massive army of soldiers, convicts and commoners as workers.

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With the fall of the Sui and the rise of the Tang Dynasty, the Great Wall lost its importance as a fortification, as China had defeated the Tujue tribe to the north and expanded past the original frontier protected by the wall. According to Warner Bros records the film earned $2,059,000 domestically and $654,000 in overseas markets.[1]

The Dow is on pace for its worst month since the Great Depression, but here's why all hope isn't lost amid the coronavirus crisis Published: March 23, 2020 at 9:44 a.m. ET B It implemented its Great Workplace plan at 125 stores last year, and this year is expanding the program to all 688 of its small-format Neighborhood Market stores and about 400 of its 3,750.

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British English is spoken in the present day across the island, and developed from the Old English brought to the island by Anglo-Saxon settlers from the mid 5th century. Some 1.5 million people speak Scots—an indigenous language of Scotland.[87][88] An estimated 700,000 people speak Welsh,[89] an official language in Wales.[90] In parts of north west Scotland, Scottish Gaelic remains widely spoken. There are various regional dialects of English, and numerous languages spoken by some immigrant populations. Great definition, unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: A great fire destroyed nearly half the city. See more Great Britain has been subject to a variety of plate tectonic processes over a very extended period of time. Changing latitude and sea levels have been important factors in the nature of sedimentary sequences, whilst successive continental collisions have affected its geological structure with major faulting and folding being a legacy of each orogeny (mountain-building period), often associated with volcanic activity and the metamorphism of existing rock sequences. As a result of this eventful geological history, the island shows a rich variety of landscapes.

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Emprising™, from Great Place to Work®, is the only employee experience platform built upon 30 years of research and data to take the guesswork out of culture work. Most Robust National Recognition Program. Be considered for more than a dozen Best Workplaces lists, including the Fortune 100 Best and People Companies That Care, with one. After the Anglo-Saxon period, Britain was used as a historical term only. Geoffrey of Monmouth in his pseudohistorical Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1136) refers to the island as Britannia major ("Greater Britain"), to distinguish it from Britannia minor ("Lesser Britain"), the continental region which approximates to modern Brittany, which had been settled in the fifth and sixth centuries by migrants from Britain.[32] The term Great Britain was first used officially in 1474, in the instrument drawing up the proposal for a marriage between Cecily the daughter of Edward IV of England, and James the son of James III of Scotland, which described it as "this Nobill Isle, callit Gret Britanee". It was used again in 1604, when King James VI and I styled himself "King of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland". It would became one of the first great mysteries in the United States of America, as it was only then 23 years old. New images of Jupiter reveal that its Great Red Spot has holes. The infrared portrait of the planet also shows that lightning bolts form alongside 40-mile-high towers of turbulent clouds Germanic speakers referred to Britons as Welsh. This term came to be applied exclusively to the inhabitants of what is now Wales, but it also survives in names such as Wallace and in the second syllable of Cornwall. Cymry, a name the Britons used to describe themselves, is similarly restricted in modern Welsh to people from Wales, but also survives in English in the place name of Cumbria. The Britons living in the areas now known as Wales, Cumbria and Cornwall were not assimilated by the Germanic tribes, a fact reflected in the survival of Celtic languages in these areas into more recent times.[47] At the time of the Germanic invasion of Southern Britain, many Britons emigrated to the area now known as Brittany, where Breton, a Celtic language closely related to Welsh and Cornish and descended from the language of the emigrants, is still spoken. In the 9th century, a series of Danish assaults on northern English kingdoms led to them coming under Danish control (an area known as the Danelaw). In the 10th century, however, all the English kingdoms were unified under one ruler as the kingdom of England when the last constituent kingdom, Northumbria, submitted to Edgar in 959. In 1066, England was conquered by the Normans, who introduced a Norman-speaking administration that was eventually assimilated. Wales came under Anglo-Norman control in 1282, and was officially annexed to England in the 16th century.

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  1. Wall Street Timeline: From a Wooden Wall to a Symbol of Economic PowerWall Street runs for a short eight blocks in lower Manhattan and is headquarters of America’s financial markets. But Wall Street is far more than a location—it has been adopted as a term to describe all U.S. financial institutions and U.S. economic power. It has been portrayed ...read more
  2. Problem here too. Several tiles with an arrow pointing down that say A great app is on its way! when you mouse over it. Click it, and you get the Tips window open. This is a clean install of 1709 on a new blank hard drive. So it's not 3rd party software related. Fix it please
  3. d, though they do not know that – because of them – Judy has become disillusioned by Hollywood and is set to return to her home town, Goerke's Corners, Wisconsin.[2] Both Carson and Morgan want to be the one who has discovered Judy officially, and go their separate ways to convince Judy to return to Warner Brothers and assume the role. Arriving at the station at the same time to stop Judy from leaving, and after running into Danny Kaye, both men succeed in making Judy believe that they will help her get her big break in the movies.

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From its preliminary drawings in 1782 to today's version. The Great Seal of the United States. An Overview by John D. MacArthur On July 4, 1776, the same day America's thirteen separate states united to declare themselves an independent nation, the Continental Congress took the next step necessary to demonstrate this Independence 16,435 votes and 1,506 comments so far on Reddi

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The third-greatest is watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The Peanuts Halloween special first aired in 1966 and has been delighting audiences ever since Hadrian’s WallHadrian’s Wall is the remains of stone fortifications built by the Roman Empire following its conquest of Britain in the second century A.D. The original structure stretched more than 70 miles across the northern English countryside from the River Tyne near the city of Newcastle ...read moreIn the Late Bronze Age, Britain was part of a culture called the Atlantic Bronze Age, held together by maritime trading, which also included Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. In contrast to the generally accepted view[81] that Celtic originated in the context of the Hallstatt culture, since 2009, John T. Koch and others have proposed that the origins of the Celtic languages are to be sought in Bronze Age Western Europe, especially the Iberian Peninsula.[82][83][84][85] Koch et al.'s proposal has failed to find wide acceptance among experts on the Celtic languages.[81] Great Depression, worldwide economic downturn that began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939.It was the longest and most severe depression ever experienced by the industrialized Western world, sparking fundamental changes in economic institutions, macroeconomic policy, and economic theory. Although it originated in the United States, the Great Depression caused drastic declines in output. I hate being bipolar, its great. June 14, 2012 · people with pages of 20 000 people and over, inbox your page with the link and lets share for share. x first 30 people only

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The island is dominated by a maritime climate with narrow temperature differences between seasons. England, Scotland, and Wales are mostly on the island of Great Britain, and the term "Great Britain" is often used to include the whole of England, Scotland and Wales including their component adjoining islands.[11] Politically, Great Britain and Northern Ireland together constitute the United Kingdom.[12] No matter it's digital or printed - with our well-proven know-how about requirement and its process we offer the complete production with the media of your choice! ITS GREAT DESIGN SDN BHD. We are a multi functional agency

The Romans conquered most of the island (up to Hadrian's Wall in northern England) and this became the Ancient Roman province of Britannia. In the course of the 500 years after the Roman Empire fell, the Britons of the south and east of the island were assimilated or displaced by invading Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, often referred to collectively as Anglo-Saxons). At about the same time, Gaelic tribes from Ireland invaded the north-west, absorbing both the Picts and Britons of northern Britain, eventually forming the Kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century. The south-east of Scotland was colonised by the Angles and formed, until 1018, a part of the Kingdom of Northumbria. Ultimately, the population of south-east Britain came to be referred to as the English people, so-named after the Angles. And I know this because I tested it. A long time ago I intentionally made something shitty, and I asked for feedback. I was told it was a great start In a similar sense to fauna, and for similar reasons, the flora is impoverished compared to that of continental Europe.[66] The flora comprises 3,354 vascular plant species, of which 2,297 are native and 1,057 have been introduced.[67] The island has a wide variety of trees, including native species of birch, beech, ash, hawthorn, elm, oak, yew, pine, cherry and apple.[68] Other trees have been naturalised, introduced especially from other parts of Europe (particularly Norway) and North America. Introduced trees include several varieties of pine, chestnut, maple, spruce, sycamore and fir, as well as cherry plum and pear trees.[68] The tallest species are the Douglas firs; two specimens have been recorded measuring 65 metres or 212 feet.[69] The Fortingall Yew in Perthshire is the oldest tree in Europe.[70]

It's a great, great honour. I want to do as well as I can for this fantastic club and that's what I feel today. I feel excitement and I'll try to do a good job. on his meeting with the players yesterday and what his message was... No, I think what I say in the dressing room always stays there Search, discover and share your favorite Its Gonna Be Great GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. its gonna be great 17689 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest. 2018, red carpet, mtv movie and tv awards, mtv awards, its gonna be great # 2018 # red carpet # mtv movie and tv awards # mtv awards # its gonna be great. love, smile, excited, clap,. In the mid-17th century, the Manchus from central and southern Manchuria broke through the Great Wall and encroached on Beijing, eventually forcing the fall of the Ming Dynasty and beginning of the Qing Dynasty. At the present time the north of the island is rising as a result of the weight of Devensian ice being lifted. Southern and eastern Britain is sinking, generally estimated at 1 mm (1/25 inch) per year, with the London area sinking at double the speed partly due to the continuing compaction of the recent clay deposits. Mojzsis noted that the Great Divide, a term that he and Brasser coined, does not look like much today. It is a relatively empty stretch of space that sits near Jupiter, just beyond what astronomers call the asteroid belt. But you can still detect its presence throughout the solar system

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On the Internet, .uk is the country code top-level domain for the United Kingdom. A .gb top-level domain was used to a limited extent, but is now obsolete because the domain name registrar will not take new registrations. Politically, Great Britain refers to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales in combination,[41] but not Northern Ireland; it includes islands, such as the Isle of Wight, Anglesey, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrides and the island groups of Orkney and Shetland, that are part of England, Wales, or Scotland. It does not include the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.[41][42] cuz It's A Great Day For Me To Whup Somebody's Ass when I Finally Made It To Work i Was 15 Minutes Late i Told My Boss About The Flat Tire but He Fired Me Anyway so Here I Am Out In The Parking Lot just Waiting By His Corvet i'm Gonna Give Him A Goodbye Present That He Never Will Forget cuz It's A Great Day For Me To Whup Somebody's As Great Britain was probably first inhabited by those who crossed on the land bridge from the European mainland. Human footprints have been found from over 800,000 years ago in Norfolk[43] and traces of early humans have been found (at Boxgrove Quarry, Sussex) from some 500,000 years ago[44] and modern humans from about 30,000 years ago. Until about 14,000 years ago, it was connected to Ireland, and as recently as 8,000 years ago it retained a land connection to the continent, with an area of mostly low marshland joining it to what are now Denmark and the Netherlands.[45] Click this page. It's huge. Like Donalds hands. It's the funniest website in the world! Believe us

[The microbiota-gut-brain axis and its great projections]. [Article in Spanish; Abstract available in Spanish from the publisher] Gomez-Eguilaz M(1), Ramon-Trapero JL(2), Perez-Martinez L(1), Blanco JR(1). Author information: (1)Hospital San Pedro, Logrono, Espana. (2)Centro de Salud Siete Infantes de Lara, Logrono, Espana The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things . . . the trivial pleasure like cooking, one's home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard. ― Barbara Py The Great Migration was the relocation of more than 6 million African Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North, Midwest and West from about 1916 to 1970. Driven from their homes.

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It's great. 47K likes. wants to be second Tend to your own garden, to quote the great sage of free speech, Voltaire, and invite people to follow your example.Great Britain is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of continental Europe. With an area of 209,331 km2 (80,823 sq mi), it is the largest of the British Isles, the largest European island, and the ninth-largest island in the world.[6][note 1] In 2011, Great Britain had a population of about 61 million people, making it the world's third-most populous island after Java in Indonesia and Honshu in Japan.[8][9] The island of Ireland is situated to the west of Great Britain, and together these islands, along with over 1,000 smaller surrounding islands, form the British Isles archipelago.[10] The author of the article, who says it's a great thing and implicitly wants more of it, is on the fringe. Posted by Glenn Beaton on 2014-10-06 10:14:21 Yes, men suffer too

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50+ videos Play all Mix - well its been a great day today YouTube Instant Influencer S1 • E4 A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale - Instant Influencer - Duration: 39:47. James Charles Recommended. But great power carries with it great responsibility, and great responsibility entails a large amount of anxiety. In 1879 a report by the Trustees of the Public Library of Boston, Massachusetts included a statement from Professor Henry W. Haynes that contained a version of the saying: Great American leaders have long contributed profound thoughts of tremendous consequence to the public discourse.Carson and Morgan attempt to arrange a screen test for Judy, and continue their schemes in order to impress her. They are stopped at the studio, but Edward G. Robinson helps them sneak in. In the studio, they arrange for Judy to perform the song "That Was a Big Fat Lie" on camera directed by a reluctant Ray Heindorf. The screen test undergoes technical difficulties, which startles Trent when seeing it, and, coming on top of his "visions" of the same face everywhere (when Carson and Morgan planted Judy all around him), results in a nervous breakdown and a cancellation of production of Mademoiselle Fifi. As a final attempt, Carson and Morgan conspire to disguise Judy as a famous French film star with dark hair named Yvonne Amour – and an inaccurate accent – but Trent still manages to recognize her despite the great amount of attention that "Yvonne" is receiving, including a meeting with Eleanor Parker and Patricia Neal and a performance of the song "At the Cafe Rendezvous". Examples with It's and Its Here are example sentences with it's and its: It's been raining for a week, and now it's starting to snow. (The first it's expands to it has.The second it's expands to it is.); It's one of the hardest courses in it's history. (The first it's is correct. The second should be its.); I think the company wants to have its cake and eat it

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It's Great To Be Alive features their current lineup. Great song choices spanning their entire career. 35 songs. 3 plus hours of insanely good music. Not a klunker in the bunch. I'm not going to go through a song by song review, but do yourself a favor. This is a beautiful document of a stellar band in their prime Great Britain Learns its Virus Tests Have Been Tainted with Covid-19. Posted at 2:50 pm on April 1, 2020 by Brad Slager. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. FILE - In this file photo dated Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, a virologist works inside the Spiez Laboratory that conducts chemical weapons tests in Spiez, Switzerland. Dutch authorities. The Adventures of Augie March is the Great American Novel. Search no further. All the trails went cold forty-two years ago. The quest did what quests very rarely do: it ended. Augie March, finally, is the Great American Novel because of its fantastic inclusiveness, its pluralism, its qualmless promiscuity. In these pages the highest and. The United States contains a highly diverse population. Unlike a country such as China that largely incorporated indigenous peoples, the United States has a diversity that to a great degree has come from an immense and sustained global immigration. Probably no other country has a wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural types than does the United States

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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park covers 35 million hectares with 2,900 individual reefs of varying sizes. This means the ecosystem services it provides are worth trillions of dollars per year Thus it was that Columbia's 12th Blondie picture was shipped out as It's a Great Life. The comic confusion begins when Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake), intending to buy a house, buys a horse instead I don't own this, just wanted to share the joy and hope. I love this song! It makes me happy. It's awesome. Thank you for listening to this great song. ღ It deserves the amount of views it has.

The Great Barrier Reef is called great for good reason. The superlative refers partly to the reef's immense size: It can be seen from space, stretching over 1,600 miles (2,575 kilometers), which. Great Places in America Planning is behind the places communities value most. APA recognizes the neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces that make communities stronger and bring people together through good planning The It's Great Out There Coalition was founded in 2017 to help facilitate outdoor activity and to drive the already successful #itsgreatoutthere campaign

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The construction of the Great Wall as it is known today began around 1474. After an initial phase of territorial expansion, Ming rulers took a largely defensive stance, and their reformation and extension of the Great Wall was key to this strategy. Over the past 15 years, surfing has become a kind of obsession for me. I surf eight months a year. I travel to surf destinations for family vacations and seek (forgiving) waves in the Atlantic and. This item is printed on demand - Print on Demand Neuware - The temperance reform and its great reformers is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1878.Hans Elektronisches Buch is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and. The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in world history. Learn about the Dust Bowl, New Deal, causes of the Great Depression, a Great Depression timeline more There are at least 1,500 different species of wildflower.[71] Some 107 species are particularly rare or vulnerable and are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to uproot any wildflowers without the landowner's permission.[71][72] A vote in 2002 nominated various wildflowers to represent specific counties.[73] These include red poppies, bluebells, daisies, daffodils, rosemary, gorse, iris, ivy, mint, orchids, brambles, thistles, buttercups, primrose, thyme, tulips, violets, cowslip, heather and many more.[74][75][76][77] There are also many species of algae and mosses across the island.

Under the strong hand of the Ming rulers, Chinese culture flourished, and the period saw an immense amount of construction in addition to the Great Wall, including bridges, temples and pagodas. The manufacturing industry is one of the largest and most influential sectors of the United States economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were an estimated 12.3M people employed in the Manufacturing Industry Sub-Sector in 2016 with a 1.17% year growth. It also accounts for a similarly large piece of the American workforce — the industry employs 8.7 percent of the country. The Greco-Egyptian scientist Ptolemy referred to the larger island as great Britain (μεγάλη Βρεττανία megale Brettania) and to Ireland as little Britain (μικρὰ Βρεττανία mikra Brettania) in his work Almagest (147–148 AD).[29] In his later work, Geography (c. 150 AD), he gave the islands the names Alwion, Iwernia, and Mona (the Isle of Man),[30] suggesting these may have been the names of the individual islands not known to him at the time of writing Almagest.[31] The name Albion appears to have fallen out of use sometime after the Roman conquest of Britain, after which Britain became the more commonplace name for the island.[17] Carson and Morgan start by dressing Judy as a film star in order to impress Trent. At a fancy dress shop, Joan Crawford suspects that Judy is being taken advantage of, and condemns both men for it. Carson remembers that Trent likes to discover his own talent, so he dresses Judy in a number of different guises – such as an elevator operator, a cab driver and an oculist's assistant – in the hope Trent will see her, appreciate her potential, and insist Carson cast the unknown. Unfortunately, all Trent keeps seeing is a pretty blonde with a goofy smile and blinking eyes. Morgan, having lost all hope, discourages Judy from becoming an actress, but she is now determined to have her big break, explaining the hard work she has done to afford acting and singing lessons, as well as moving to Hollywood. By this time, both men are now not only fighting over discovering Judy, but also for her romantic attention. 7 Famous Border Walls1. The Sumerians’ Amorite Wall The world’s earliest known civilization was also one of the first to build a defensive wall. During the 21st century B.C., the ancient Sumerian rulers Shulgi and Shu-Sin constructed a massive fortified barrier to keep out the Amorites, a group of ...read more

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The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to 1941, was a severe economic downturn caused by an overly-confident, over-extended stock market and a drought that struck the South. In an attempt to end the Great Depression, the U.S. government took unprecedented direct action to help stimulate the economy. Despite this help, it was the increased. The title tune "It's a Great Feeling" (written by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn), received an Academy Award nomination for Best Song. Great Britain refers geographically to the island of Great Britain. Politically, it may refer to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales, including their smaller offshore islands.[33] It is not correct to use the term to refer to the whole of the United Kingdom which includes Northern Ireland.[34][35] This animated production features Charlie Brown and his friends. It's Halloween again, and everyone goes trick-or-treating except for Linus. He will wait for the Great Pumpkin again The Bei Qi kingdom (550–577) built or repaired more than 900 miles of wall, and the short-lived but effective Sui Dynasty (581–618) repaired and extended the Great Wall of China a number of times.

In June 1948, Day's participation in the film was confirmed. By the time, Carson and Morgan were already cast.[5] By the time, the film also went under the title Two Guys of the Nineties and, due to insistence of Carson and Morgan as Two Guys from Hollywood (though Morgan had previously stated in an interview that he would never star in another film with "Two Guys" in the title).[6] His arms were growing heavy with fatigue, his mouth was parched, and great beads of perspiration stood upon his brow. Contrary to common belief, the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space with the naked eye. It can be seen with aid. As early as the Qin Dynasty (221-207BC) when building the Great Wall, glutinous rice flour was used in making the binding material to bind the bricks. 3 .The sections of the Great Wall that we mostly associate with The Great.

Earlier this year, scientists warned that the Great Barrier Reef could be on the brink of its most widespread bleaching event ever recorded. That fear has been realized. Surveys conducted by. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam bibendum ultrices arcu ac vestibulum. Nam nec tempus quam Between the 18th and 20th centuries, the Great Wall emerged as the most common emblem of China for the Western world, and a symbol both physical – as a manifestation of Chinese strength – and a psychological representation of the barrier maintained by the Chinese state to repel foreign influences and exert control over its citizens.In the porch he paused a moment, to draw on his woollen gloves, and button his great coat, and for something besides.

A single Kingdom of Great Britain resulted from the union of the Kingdom of England (which had already comprised the present-day countries of England and Wales) and the Kingdom of Scotland by the 1707 Acts of Union. In 1801, Great Britain united with the neighbouring Kingdom of Ireland, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which was renamed the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" after the Irish Free State seceded in 1922. March 9, 2016 By Liz - It's Great To Be Home 13 Comments I had hoped to have a post ready for you guys today about the guest bathroom and bedrooms at our 10th flip (long overdue!!), but this week has been crazy so it ain't happening The .mp3's posted at It's Great Shakes are available for a limited time. If you like what you hear, you're greatly encouraged to track down the original records or suitable reissues for yourself. If you're involved in any way with one the recordings posted here and would like it removed, please send an email requesting such and it will be taken.

Apple built on this theme of independence in 1997 with its Think Different ad campaign which lauded rebels and the crazy ones as the source of great ideas and inventions Around 220 B.C., Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of a unified China under the Qin Dynasty, ordered that earlier fortifications between states be removed and a number of existing walls along the northern border be joined into a single system that would extend for more than 10,000 li (a li is about one-third of a mile) and protect China against attacks from the north.

China's Great Leap Backward. The country has become repressive in a way that it has not been since the Cultural Revolution. What does its darkening political climate—and growing belligerence. It's Greek To Me - Scholasti Why Cisco Is Great for Dividend Investors Even If Its High-Growth Days Are Over Cisco offers a high yield and a growing track record of annual increases

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World War I, international conflict that in 1914-18 embroiled most of the nations of Europe along with Russia, the U.S., the Middle East, and other regions. It led to the fall of four great imperial dynasties and, in its destabilization of European society, laid the groundwork for World War II Animal diversity is modest, as a result of factors including the island's small land area, the relatively recent age of the habitats developed since the last glacial period and the island's physical separation from continental Europe, and the effects of seasonal variability.[56] Great Britain also experienced early industrialisation and is subject to continuing urbanisation, which have contributed towards the overall loss of species.[57] A DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) study from 2006 suggested that 100 species have become extinct in the UK during the 20th century, about 100 times the background extinction rate. However, some species, such as the brown rat, red fox, and introduced grey squirrel, are well adapted to urban areas. The name Britain descends from the Latin name for Britain, Britannia or Brittānia, the land of the Britons. Old French Bretaigne (whence also Modern French Bretagne) and Middle English Bretayne, Breteyne. The French form replaced the Old English Breoton, Breoten, Bryten, Breten (also Breoton-lond, Breten-lond). Britannia was used by the Romans from the 1st century BC for the British Isles taken together. It is derived from the travel writings of Pytheas around 320 BC, which described various islands in the North Atlantic as far north as Thule (probably Norway). In the Olympics, Team GB is used by the British Olympic Association to represent the British Olympic team. The Olympic Council of Ireland claims to represent the whole island of Ireland, and Northern Irish sportspeople may choose to compete for either team,[39] most choosing to represent Ireland.[40] Broadway (/ ˈ b r ɔː d w eɪ /) is a road in the U.S. state of New York.Broadway runs from State Street at Bowling Green for 13 mi (21 km) through the borough of Manhattan and 2 mi (3.2 km) through the Bronx, exiting north from the city to run an additional 18 mi (29 km) through the municipalities of Yonkers, Hastings-On-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, and Tarrytown, and terminating north.

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