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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Your IP profile is related to the BT wholesale bRAS profile and is an indication of the maximum throughput speed your line can attain whilst that particular profile is in place. A broadband remote access server (BRAS, B-RAS or BBRAS) routes traffic to and from broadband remote access devices such as digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAM) on an Internet service provider's (ISP) network. BRAS can also be referred to as a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG).. The BRAS sits at the edge of an ISP's core network, and aggregates user sessions from the access network Because the IP Profile makes an allowance for overheads, any lines which have Interleave High or G.INP High Retransmission DLM Profiles will find the additional redundancy increases the total overhead allowance to circa 8-9%.

|| Broadband || ISPs || Tech || Routers || Site || Wiki || Forum || | About | Privacy Policy | The Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer or DSLAM is the equipment that really allows the DSL to happen. The DSLAM handles the high-speed digital data streams coming from numerous subscribers' DSL modems and aggregates Understanding DSLAM and BRAS Access Devices.

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  1. You guys have it pretty much dead on. The only thing I'd say is different is that in North America (I can't speak for the rest of the world but I suspect its the same) the DSLAM really never does any routing and restricts its operations to layer.
  2. Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer: A digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) is a networking device that connects multiple DSL subscribers to one Internet backbone. DSLAM is used by Internet service providers (ISP) or telecommunication providers to share high-caliber Internet bandwidth between DSL subscribers through.
  3. A digital subscriber line access multiplexer ( DSLAM, often pronounced DEE-slam) is a network device, often located in telephone exchanges, that connects multiple customer digital subscriber line (DSL) interfaces to a high-speed digital communications channel using multiplexing techniques. 1 Path taken by data to DSLAM. 2 Role of the DSLAM
  4. The IP profile discussed on this page is specific to BT wholesale based ISPs such as BT retail, Plusnet, Zen etc.    LLU ISPs may, or may not have their own methods of controlling backhaul bandwidth.
  5. A large % increase in sync speed should see the IP profile rise within 4-6 hours, whilst a small increase may take up to 5 days before the IP profile reflects the change. BT estimates that under "Adaptive Max Logic" more than 60% of increases will now occur before they would on the old 3 day system.

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  1. Solved: Hi everyone How is everyone doing? I use DSL for Internet-connectivity. While tinkering with Modem, I was shocked to find that ip address assigned by isp to my modem is not on the same subnet as its default gateway. home-lan-----qwestmode
  2. The BRAS is also the interface to authentication, authorization and accounting systems (see RADIUS).
  3. Mit Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) oder auch Breitband-PoP (Point of Presence) werden Netzelemente von Breitband-Netzen wie DSL und UMTS bezeichnet. Sie sind Teil des Netzwerks eines Internet Service Providers (ISP) und speisen den Datenverkehr der Endbenutzer-Verbindungen in das Backbone-Netzwerk ein.BRAS werden auch als Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) bezeichnet

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In original DSL deployments where the entire service provider network was ATM-based, IP packets became chopped and put piece-by-piece into individual ATM cells on the customer's DSL modem, proceeded in this form through the DSLAM and the service provider network to the BRAS where they were reassembled again IP profile stands for Internet Protocol profile and should be a guide to the maximum speeds you see when performing a speed test.    For users on a 21CN exchange, the IP profile is calculated as 88.2% of your sync speed. For FTTC/VDSL2 it is calculated as ~ 96.8% of your sync speed.

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A broadband remote access server (BRAS, B-RAS or BBRAS) routes traffic to and from broadband remote access devices such as digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAM) on an Internet service provider's (ISP) network.[1][2] BRAS can also be referred to as a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG).[3] Unlike ADSL which uses ATM framing (PPPoA), VDSL2 uses PTM framing (PPPoE). The biggest advantage is that PTM has substantially less overheads than ATM and therefore more efficient throughput. Because of this PTM framing, the overhead allowance required for FTTC is much less than on 21CN products and is usually in the region of 3.2%. 

  1. ation of PPP links
  2. The clip included bolded red text, which read: DSLs Bitc. (The slang term of DSL stands for D—k Sucking Lips.) In the racy video, Kardashian takes a long sip out of a Starbucks cup with a.
  3. us an allowance for TCP & ATM overheads. The calculation should always be a fixed rate at 88.2% of your sync speed.
  4. Your IP profile will continually change dependant upon the speed at which you connect to the exchange at. Good Lines will seldom see any changes, but long lines are subject to frequent changes depending upon the connection speed. Because of the way SNR behaves, most lines will achieve a better sync speed during the early part of the day than in the evenings.
  5. i-DSLAM designed for the deployment of access networks. 1.5U compact design with 48 ADSL2/2+ ports and built-in POTS splitter. Supports ADSL, ADSL2/2+ AnnexA and AnnexM. Supports powerful traffic classification tools including QoS, ToS and DSCP. Contact us for more info
  6. g parameters, but it should give you a rough idea.

Accuracy can be improved if you know you are on a Huawei cabinet and are using a BCM based modem. Bald Eagle1 first discovered that using the figure of 96.79% gave high rate of accuracy when using a HG612 and he also noticed in 2015 that it was 96.69% for lines which had G.INP applied. It has been proven in March 2016 that these exact figures do not work with Lantiq based devices (such as the ECI modem/HH5A) - regardless if you are on a Huawei or ECI cabinet. Techopedia Terms:                                                         

The IP profile is a "net" figure after an allowance has been made for any processing overheads such as TCP/IP and ATM overheads. So to recap: Connection speed is the maximum rate for data transfer including any overheads, whilst throughput speed is based on how quickly the useful data (minus overheads) is being transferred. Copper Mountain's VantEdge Access BRAS to Meet DSL Forum's WT-081 Requirements April 02, 2003 06:02 AM Eastern Standard Time PALO ALTO, Calif.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--April 2, 2003- Broadband Remote Access Server: A broadband remote access server (B-RAS) is a specialized server based at an Internet service provider (ISP) network that facilitates the convergence of multiple Internet traffic sources. These sources include cable, DSL, Ethernet or broadband wireless. B-RAS converges them into a single network that routes.

A DSL modem uses telephone lines for high-speed Internet connections. When you connect to the Internet, you might connect through a regular modem, through a local-area network connection in your office, through a cable modem or through a digital subscriber line (DSL) connection. DSL is a very high-speed connection that uses the same wires as a. The broadband remote access server (BRAS) performs a uniqueness check to ensure that the IPv6 prefix has not been assigned to another subscriber. The BRAS then receives an Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) request for an IPv4 address from the subscriber You can find out what your IP profile is currently set at by performing a Broadband Performance Test. Now the IP Profile and the bRAS profile are theoretically equivalent values but note these are both values on BT equipment. Plusnet cannot actually adjust the bRAS, I suspect that you are getting this confused with the Current Line Speed which they can set to match the BT IP Profile For more information on how Max DSL works and how its different from traditional adsl - see How DSL Max works and What is MaxDSL? . In particular look at the DLM process to see how it is responsible for the bRAS and IP profile.

Although not quite so common these days as when adslMax was first introduced, there is still the odd occasion when a line seems to get what is known as a stuck bRAS profile.  It is rare to see a stuck bRAS profile on 21CN or NGA. This figure may vary very slightly depending upon framing parameters negotiated by the modem and DSLAM and can depend upon the chipset in use.  This is also why you may see some modems sync at say 79,987 rather than 80,000 kbps. Broadband Remote Access Server Requirements Document TR-092 Notice: The DSL Forum is a non-profit corporation organized to create guidelines for DSL network system development and deployment. This Technical Report has been approved by members of the Forum The figures below give a rough indication of how long changes are scheduled to occur after an increase in the IP profile. The Percentage Increase in IP Headline Rate = Period before the BRAS profile changes begin.

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How long it exactly takes for increases to be applied would also seem to depend on how busy the system is. According to BTw, the first Data Rate should be set within 75 mins of going live on maxDSL. Most customers will find that their line has a profile set at the bRAS within 3 days, although it can take up to 10 days for some lines to fully stabilise.1. - Large increase - Line dropped to a 576 sync during a thunderstorm (profile = 500), after a resync it went back up to 7616 (profile 6500). Profile increase = 6000/500 *100 = 1200% increase which should occur in 4-6 hours. 2. - Small increase - Sync increase from 7616 (profile 6500) to 8128 (profile 7150) after interleaving removed. Profile increase = 650/6500*100 = 10% which may not take effect for 5 days. If you suspect a stuck bRAS on your line then you will have to contact your ISP asking them to get BTw to clear a stuck bRAS profile fault.It has also been observed that lines which have G.INP retransmission applied, then the allowance for overheads is in the region of 3.3%.

The router provides the logical network termination. Common link access methods include PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), PPP over ATM (PPPoA) encapsulated sessions, bridged Ethernet over ATM or Frame Relay (RFC 1483/RFC 1490), or just plain Ethernet. In the case of ATM or Frame Relay based access, individual subscribers are identified by Virtual Circuit IDs. Subscribers connected over Ethernet-based remote access devices are usually identified by VLAN IDs or MPLS tags. By acting as the network termination point, the BRAS is responsible for assigning network parameters such as IP addresses to the clients. The BRAS is also the first IP hop from the client to the Internet. The IP profile is a limit put in place calculated from your sync speed, minus an allowance for various protocol overheads. The profile is applied at the BT bRAS to restrict the downstream data traffic speed on the backhaul between the bRAS and DSLAM. If You Don't Love it, Return it! 60 Day Risk Free

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 *This applies to adslMax products only - ie the 'up to 8Mb' product available on 20CN exchanges* BRAS / broadband DSL architecture [link to this post] Hi, anyone know if Sky or other ISP's have their own BRAS or is it a BT hand-off thing? I'm interested in the backhaul network from the DSLAM i guess into the ISP core. Any clues as to the general architecture involved? Which part would BT deal with, if any

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Broadband DSLAM and Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) vendors need to provide Fast or Gigabit Ethernet-based networks as an alternative to an ATM access network, with a DSLAM bridging the ATM-DSL local loop to the Fast or Gigabit Ethernet-based broadband access network and allowing Fast or Gigabit Ethernet-based connectivity to the BRAS The BRAS sits at the edge of an ISP's core network, and aggregates user sessions from the access network. It is at the BRAS that an ISP can inject policy management and IP Quality of Service (QoS).

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When your line is first profiled the theory is that the DLM system should set your IP profile in line with your sync speed within the first 75 mins. If a profile is not correctly set then the default value of 2048/2000 is used. This may clear within 3 days and it may help if you say leave your router switched off overnight... but some lines just seem to get "stuck". Endless possibilities for On the GO Moms, Dads, Professional, and More. Apparel Accessories, Home Goods, Jewelry, Toys for Kids, Travel & Outdoor, Backpack & Bag

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