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The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara and Guelb er Richat, is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert near Ouadane, west-central Mauritania.This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40 km in diameter dome ATLANTIPEDIA is aimed at providing the most comprehensive source of information regarding the development of Atlantis theories, particularly since Ignatius Donnelly produced his seminal work on the subject towards the end of the nineteenth century. The content is intended to assist researchers, journalists and anyone with an enquiring mind r/arabs: سجّل: أنا عربي. انا اسم بلا لقبِ. صَبورٌ في بلادٍ كلّ ما فيها، يعيشُ بفورةِ الغضبِ. جُذوري قبلَ ميلادِ الزمانِ رَسَت، وقبل تفتُّح الحِقَبِ The Richat Structure in Mauritania provides the perfect target towards which you can aim your death ray, annihilation laser or whatever you call your extraterrestrial weapon of mass destruction. It's almost as if another species, in a previous visit, had chalked in a target already and then become bored and wandered back to Betelgeuse We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.

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  1. ent circular feature, known as the Richat Structure, in the Sahara desert of Mauritania is often noted by astronauts because it forms a conspicuous 50-kilometer-wide (30-mile-wide) bull’s-eye on the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. Initially mistaken for a possible impact crater, it is now known to be an eroded circular anticline (structural dome) of layered sedimentary rocks.
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  3. He further says that the dating of the death of Atlantis from 11,600 years ago “precisely” matches the date of the Younger Dryas, which was a climactic event which took place between 12,900 and 11,700 years ago. This event was a temporary return to glacial condition, with decreased average temperatures in the northern hemisphere. It primarily affected the norther latitudes, and North America more intensely.
  4. La structure de Richat en Mauritanie La Terre vue de l'Espace : les photos spectaculaires du satellite ASTER. Pause. Cette structure géologique est surnommée l'oeil de l'Afrique. Située dans.
  5. Richat Structure. Richat Structure 1. Richat Structure. Richat Structure 1. Richat Structure. Richat Structure 2. Richat Structure. Richat Structure 2. Richat Structure
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The video follows a familiar format – gather together lots of circumstantial evidence, exaggerate its significance and specificity, ignore anything that doesn’t fit, ignore all genuine scholarship, and create the impression that you’re onto something. Essentially – blow a lot of smoke to convince the naive that there’s a fire.You have the right to request information regarding the data we have on file for you, to request correction and/or deletions of your personal information. Please contact us at data@valnetinc.com or at the postal address listed above. De l'aéroport de Nouakchott, il ya deux journée de la Richat Structure. Non loin de là, au nord-ouest direction il est le point culminant de la Mauritanie, Kediet ej Jill, 915 mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer, la montagne contient de grandes quantités de magnétite We have reviewed our partners privacy policies to ensure that they comply with similar policies in order to ensure your data security. Astronauts capture the Eye of the Sahara, an eroded circular geological structure, aboard the... [+] International Space Station in Mauritania, Africa. The ISS has been documenting the ever-changing face of the Earth, capturing vast deserts, isolated mountain regions and bustling cities. The grand space station orbits the Earth at an altitude of 205 and 270 miles and goes around the planet an incredible 15.5 times each day. Even though Earth has a 40,075 km circumference, each orbit of the earth only takes 92.65 minutes in the ISS. (Photo credit: NASA / SPL / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

We returned to Ouadane, which is a 1,000-year-old town dangling on the edge of the Sahara wasteland. Beyond it is the most inhospitable desert on Earth. An oasis permits locals to grow date-filled palm trees near the ancient ruins.Very little information is available about the habitat of the Richat Structure or the type of life forms found there. However, the area surrounding the “Eye of the Sahara” is part of a vast desert with rocky and sandy features and sand dunes stretching for long distances. Very little vegetation can be observed on this landscape with vegetation primarily limited to the dry beds of the wadis and the oases. Animal populations are also extremely sparse and very little records of the same exist. The area in and around the Richat Structure experiences very little rainfall and average annual temperatures that are around 27.0° Celsius. El ojo de Gea. La Estructura de Richat es un accidente geográfico singular ubicado en el desierto del Sahara en Mauritania y que ha llamado la atención desde las primeras misiones espaciales porque forma un raro ojo de buey en la monótona extensión del desierto.. Desde la distancia, el aspecto general es el de una gran espiral, como un ammonites gigante en el desierto Image of the Day Land Richat Structure, Mauritania × This page contains archived content and is no longer being updated. At the time of publication, it represented the best available science.  JPEG

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A Estrutura de Richat ou domo de Richat, apelidada de Olho da África, é uma estrutura circular situada próxima a Ouadane, na Mauritânia, no meio do deserto do Saara. Richat Structure está situada a 1 km ao norte de Guelb er Richât. Foto: NASA, Public domain This again is a fatal flaw in Jimmy’s theory. The many problems with his logic and alleged evidence are things that could be worked out if he actually interfaced with professionals and experts who know what they are doing. But cranks like Jimmy don’t do that. They prefer to pontificate from the sidelines of scholarship, make massive claims with zero evidence, and in today’s age, make YouTube videos to convince the poorly informed.

I traveled nonstop to all 54 African countries from 2013-2018. I spent 5 weeks per country (on average) and climbed the tallest peak of each African country. I’ve… Atlantis Reemerges . In the first centuries of the Christian era, Aristotle was taken at his word and Atlantis was little discussed. In 1627, the English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon.

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The Richat's structure was revealed to its full extent in 1965 during an American space mission. The Eye of Africa shows what the Earth can offer, a true work of art composed of magnificent and surprising colors in the heart of the world's largest desert Jimmy claims that an event that lasted 1,200 years “precisely” matched an event that was supposed to have happened in one day 100 years after the Younger Dryas ended. Also – there is no reason to think that the Younger Dryas affected the equatorial regions (the Richat structure is at 21 deg latitude). So really, it was in the wrong place and the wrong time for the Younger Dryas to be significant. This is a forced fit that is not compelling at all, but Jimmy thinks it is too amazing a coincidence not to be evidence.

Richat Structure, Mauretania. Since the first space missions, the circular Richat Structure in the northwest of Africa has ranked among the most striking points of orientation for astronauts. The Eye of the Sahara is 45 km in diameter and was initially interpreted as the result of a meteorite impact. www.fis.uni-bonn.de Chris Hadfield used videos to answer these questions and many other queries regarding space science. Proving to be as much a talented musician as he is a brilliant aviator and engineer, he charmed his fans with a number of memorable musical performances. 22 million people have watched his famous cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity, which he. D'autres phénomènes semblables, quoique moins spectaculaires, sont maintenant reconnus notamment en Algérie, au Tchad et au Mali[8]. This is also an example of ignoring details that don’t fit. Plato also described a canal that ran through all the walls to the inner structure, connecting the rings. No such canal is evident.

Nov 19 2018 Natural wonders The Eye of the Sahara is a 3-tile passable Natural Wonder in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. The Eye appears on Desert tiles. Each wonder tile provides 1 Production, with a further 1 Production and 3 Science once the game reaches the Atomic era. The Eye of the Sahara increases the Appeal of adjacent tiles by+2

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62 The Richat Structure stock pictures and images Browse 62 the richat structure stock photos and images available, or search for salar de uyuni or mount grinnell to find more great stock photos and pictures These Are The Oldest Hotels Worth Visiting In North AmericaSeoul Is Making Waves With This Incredible New Art InstallationParisian Hospital Opens For Neglected Pot Plants, Forgotten During LockdownThe Richat Structure looks great from above.The accepted explanation for Plato’s story of Atlantis, however, is that it was just a story, meant to teach a lesson of morality and show Plato’s philosophy on governance. Still, there are countless people who believe that Plato was talking about a real place that was destroyed by a real cataclysm. Plato himself says, in effect, “I know this sounds like nonsense, but I swear I ain’t lyin’.” But we’ve never found evidence, and now that we can image the sea floor, and have found evidence of sunken cities, shouldn’t the fact that we haven’t found Atlantis put this whole thing to bed? Well, what if we haven’t been looking in the right places? What if the ruins of the island-bound seafaring superpower were sitting, right under our noses the whole time, in the middle of the Sahara desert? But the fact that the rings, are equidistant to the centre and that the Richat Structure is nearly circular remains a mystery. Buy Book Ancient Egypt: Uncovered by Brian Foerster. Richat Structure. The Richat Structure contains more than 32 carbonatite dykes which are 1 to 4 meters wide and 300 meters long Plato states that the city of Atlantis was 127 stadia in diameter. According to Dictionary.com, one stadia is approximately 607 feet. This is the conversion used in the video, which works out to 127 stadia equaling 77,089 feet and 23.49 kilometers. Measuring the Richat structure in Google Earth gives a diameter of between 22 and 24 kilometers. That’s pretty close to the measurements for Atlantis. However, other sources say that a stadia is between 607 and 630 feet, which doesn’t seem like a big difference until you realize that 27 feet of variance per stadia, multiplied by 127 stadia, comes out to 3429 feet. While that’s the upper end of the possible variance, it has to be said that the Richat structure would fit the bill a bit less if it was three quarters of a mile too small. It’s not a lot, but it sure wouldn’t be perfectly exact.

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Ainsi, depuis 1980 environ, il est acquis que la structure de Richat est celle d'un complexe alcalin issu d'une forme particulière de volcanisme remontant à 100 millions d'années (Crétacé : fin de l'ère secondaire) ayant créé un dôme magmatique associé à des manifestations hydrothermales (circulation d'eaux très chaudes. Search Buell Richat Structure Wall Decal ☀ Buell Richat Structure Wall Decal short description. Although a home equity loan can be an inexpensive way to borrow money it s smart to choose one with the best rates and terms And in today s market a fixed rate home equity loan may be your best Buell Richat Structure Wall Decal because Current Rates Are RisingBy choosing a fixed rate home equity. Pronunciation of Richat with 2 audio pronunciations, 3 translations and more for Richat. Dictionary Collections Challenges Community Contribute French: De Richat 0 rating. He further has to use some creative imagination to argue that the Richat structure, if it were fed by rivers and therefore filled with water, would have two rings of land and three of water. But that is not obvious at all. The rings are not discrete, not complete in places, and it’s unclear how water would fill the structure. You could count four rings of water if you look at the whole structure. A topographic reconstruction of the Eye of the Sahara based on SRTM data and using Landsat Image.

Whenever we change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this Privacy Policy page, and other places we deem appropriate, so our users are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. Tag Archives: Richat's structure. Terrae Nova: the Eye of Africa. The previous post on Venus described a peculiar type of volcanic construct called a corona, unique to Venus. This blog is read by knowledgeable people with a somewhat critical attitude to authority, while at the same time having a strong respect for experts [For UK readers: see. Richat Structure no. 15. After the destruction of Atlantis, the passage of ships was blocked. Bolivian Altiplano Yes The nearby sea no longer reaches to Pampa Aullagas Cyprus no. Thera No ships can clearly sail into the centre of the crater. Malta no. Straits of Gibraltar no. Doñana marshes south of Spain no. Azores no. off Cuba no. Malaysia. The Richat Structure is susceptible to little threat from anthropogenic activities since it is located in the midst of a sparsely populated desert habitat. Few nomadic tribes and small permanent populations in the handful of nearby villages are the only forms of human habitation in the area The Richat Structure in the Sahara Desert, Africa, is a true dome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara, Earth's Bull's-Eye, the Eye of Africa and Guelb er Richat, is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west-central Mauritania near Ouadane.This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40-km in diameter, dome

This prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania has attracted attention since the earliest space missions because it forms a conspicuous bull's-eye in the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. Described by some as looking like an outsized fossil in the desert, the structure has a diameter of almost 30 miles The Richat Structure is also known as the Eye of the Sahara. It is located in the Sahara Desert in Africa. With a diameter of 25 miles, it was originally thought to be an asteroid impact crater. Geologists later determined it to be a geologic dome that has been deeply eroded I traveled nonstop to all 54 African countries from 2013-2018. I spent 5 weeks per country (on average) and climbed the tallest peak of each African country. I’ve traveled to 120 countries. I'm writing a book and producing videos. I’ve walked across America four times and Spain twice. I have a B.A. from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. See Tapon.org Description. The Richat Structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical dome with a diameter of 40 km. The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome ranges in age from Late Proterozoic within the center of the dome to Ordovician sandstone around its edges. The sedimentary rocks comprising this structure dip outward at 10°-20°. Differential erosion of resistant layers of quartzite has created. This is either an alien spaceport or evidence that some people in Wiltshire, England have a bit too... [+] much time on their hands. (Photo by David Goddard/Getty Images)

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The truth is a trifle less sensational: it’s the remnants of a dome that has taken 100 million years to erode. The eye of Africa in the Sahara desert, Mauritania. It has a diameter of almost 50 kilometres and has been a landmark for astronauts for a long time. It was originally thought to be a meteorite impact crater but know scientists think it was caused by erosion. « L'œil de l'Afrique » (ou structure de Richat), en Mauritanie, dans le désert du Sahara

The Richat structure was first identified from outer space, appearing like a distinct feature among the vast sandy expanse of the otherwise featureless Sahara Desert. Since its discovery, the structure has served as a landmark used by astronauts. Several research institutions have also sent their team of experts to study this structure and various scientific publications describe its unique geology and geography. A video documentary by Radio Canada, the Découverte-L'énigme de Richat (a French title) is based on the Richat Structure. NASA also mentions and describes this structure on their website. Though not very well advertised, a significant volume of tourists visit this structure every year which though in the middle of a desert habitat, is accessible by car from the small town of Oudane.Théodore Monod qui étudia ce phénomène avec ses collègues, publia dès 1973 des hypothèses proches de l'explication communément acceptée aujourd'hui[6]. Dec 15, 2013 - Eye of the Sahara Desert. See more ideas about Earth, Geology and Mysterious places on earth The Richat Structure. The Richat Structure in the foreground is a fairly unusual circular structure of volcanic origin with a diameter of about 45km in the desert of Mauritania. In the far background the Atlantic Ocean

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Mauritania, a country in the western region of the continent of Africa, is generally flat, its 1,030,700 square kilometres forming vast, arid plains broken by occasional ridges and clifflike outcroppings.It borders the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal and Western Sahara, Mali and Algeria.It is considered part of both the Sahel and the Maghreb.A series of scarps face southwest. Managed by Digital Gravity Media | Free WordPress ThemeNeuroLogica Blog Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved .But an even worse forced fit is the opening to the ocean. Jimmy refers to a sand drift to the southwest – actually more west than south. This is not south. It also doesn’t open up to the ocean, which is to the west. He has to imagine that this part of the Sahara was flooded by the Atlantic 12,000 years ago. That also solves the problem of the Richat not being on an island – well, perhaps it was back then. It did not sink so much as become land-locked. The Richat Structure of Mauritania has captured the attention of astronauts for about as long as NASA has sent humans into orbit around Earth. This circular geologic feature is thought to be caused by an uplifted dome—geologists would classify it as a domed anticline—that has been eroded to expose the originally flat rock layers Le terme pluriel de Richat ou Richât (Rich au singulier), proviendrait d'un mot hassanya (langue arabe parlée en Mauritanie) signifiant « les plumes »[6] ou « les bras de plumes »[7], faisant allusion aux formes de mini-cuestas circulaires. Semsiyyât, autre mot local signifiant « les enfants », désignerait des formes plus petites de ces reliefs[6].

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NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara, is located in the Mauritania desert of northwest Africa. it is a deeply eroded, massive circular dome of unknown origin with a diameter of 14.6 miles. it can be seen from outer space and contains rock and sediment dating to a time before life on Earth

La structure de Richat, aussi appelée oeil de l'Afrique, est une structure de 50 kilomètres de diamètre perdue au fin fond du Sahara. Elle ne fut découverte qu'à partir des premières missions.. Sciences La structure de Richat, l'œil de l'Afrique dans le désert de Mauritanie Diaporama - Images satellite : la Terre vue de l'espac

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  1. The richat structure 1. Callum Thurley The Richat Structure Research Proposal Page 1 of 3 The Formation of the Richat Structure Introduction The Richat Structure or the Eye of the Sahara is somewhat of an enigma to geologists today
  2. ent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west - central Mauritania near Ouadane
  3. We felt like failures but the adventure was fun regardless. Weeks later, when I had good bandwidth, I saw that my GPS tracks were smack in the middle of the Eye of the Sahara. Perhaps an astronaut was admiring it right while I was driving through it.
  4. Cette structure avait été décrite dès 1916, avec de fortes approximations, par les militaires français, puis évoquée par Ernest Psichari dans son livre Les voix qui crient dans le désert (il y décrit la dépression qui borde le Richat à l'ouest, entre l'enceinte extérieure de la formation et la falaise bordière du plateau de Chinguetti). Le Guelb er Richat apparait pour la première fois sur une carte en 1922 (Service géographique de l'Afrique occidentale française). En 1934, Théodore Monod est le tout premier explorateur et scientifique à visiter cette étrange formation (le fac-similé de son carnet d'exploration pour la journée du 7 juillet 1934 a été publié dans B. Lecoquierre, 2008, Parcourir la Terre, L'Harmattan[4], p. 113). Il y retournera à de très nombreuses reprises, publiera un ouvrage scientifique sur la question en 1973 (avec Charles Pomerol) et y effectuera sa toute dernière mission en décembre 1998, à l'âge de 96 ans.
  5. ent circular feature in the Sahara near Ouadane, west-central Mauritania. The Richat Structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical dome with a diameter of 40 kilometers (25 mi)

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Ojo de richat - Artículo de Nautalia La Estructura de Richat o el Ojo de Gea, es un impresionante accidente geográfico situado en plano Desierto del Sáhara, en Mauritania. Desde el espacio se puede observar un impresionante ojo, de una belleza peculiar. Por su forma circular, se pensó que podría haber sido causado por un meteorito, tras. de la structure de cet « œil de l'Afrique » a été traversé par différents types d'intrusions basaltiques, kimberlitiques et, plus généralement, de roches volcaniques alcalines. Les. Coordenadas de la Estructura de Richat en Google Earth: 21.1216111802 -11.4021583914 (21.1269° N, 11.4016° W) NASA - Richat Structure, Mauritania - 23 de marzo de 2008; The Geology News Blog - Richat Structure in Mauritania - 25 de setiembre de 2010; National Geographic - Thonis-Heracleion, un cementerio de barcos - 4 de abril de 201 T., 1996, Nouvelles datations par traces de fission de la structure circulaire des Richat (Mauritanie): Me ´ moires du Service Ge ´ ologique de l'Alge ´ rie, v. 8, p. 231-236

This site contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site, and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by this site. Depuis les années 2000, il est acquis que la structure de Richat est issue d'une forme rare de volcanisme géant, vieux de 100 millions d'années (Crétacé), qui a créé un dôme magmatique associé à des remontées hydrothermales. Il ne s'agit cependant pas d'un volcan car aucune lave n'est jamais parvenue en surface. Selon certains scientifiques, le terrain en place situé au-dessus du dôme, composé de sédiments déformés par la poussée, se serait effondré à la suite d'une longue et lente érosion karstique[3], ce qui expliquerait la présence importante de brèches au centre de la formation. Chinguetti and Ouadane are UNESCO World Heritage Sites because they are vestiges of the once-flourishing civilizations that existed during the era of the Trans-Sahara salt trade.

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Related Articles 12.07 – MU Plus+ Podcast Aaron Wright August 11, 2015 Dunas en el desierto de Namibia Monte Santa Helena después de la erupción Terremoto en Nepal: el pueblo de Langtang envuelto por una avalancha El cráter de Serra da Cangalha, Brasil Monte Pavlof, el volcán más activo de Alaska Las dunas de estrellas de Grand Erg Oriental, Argelia Callejón de Karman gira sobre Madeira y las Islas Canaria It is also significant that there is absolutely no evidence of a city in the Richat structure 12,000 years ago. Plato wrote about an advanced large city. Where is the archaeological evidence of the civilization that built Atlantis? Where are the remains of a city’s worth of artifacts, of the technology, even a shard of clay pot, something? There is no evidence of engineering, of actual walls, of any improvements to the natural structure. You simply cannot have an entire city and leave nothing behind.

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  1. Extensive sand dunes occur in this region and the interaction of bedrock topography, wind, and moving sand is evident in this scene. Note especially how the dune field ends abruptly short of the cliffs at the far right as wind from the northeast (lower right) apparently funnels around the cliff point, sweeping clean areas near the base of the cliff. Note also the small isolated peak within the dune field. That peak captures some sand on its windward side, but mostly deflects the wind and sand around its sides, creating a sand-barren streak that continues far downwind.
  2. Structure de Richat (locally: Guelb er Richat), Sahara Desert, near Ouadane, Mauritania. Diameter 50 km. 100 million years old. Giant rock formation due to volcanism. Strange and Unusual Places-The Eye of Africa - official name the Richat Structure was spotted in central Mauritania by astronauts on early space missions
  3. ent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west-central Mauritania near Ouadane.This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40-km in diameter, dome.The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome range in age from Late Proterozoic within the center of the dome to Ordovician sandstone around its.
  4. Richat Structure, Mauritania - Most Beautiful Picture. Richat Structure, Mauritania (false colors). Photo: NASA. Adrar Africa desert false colors Maghreb Mauritania Most Beautiful Picture NASA nature picture of the day POTD Richat Structure Sahara science space volcano. Pedra da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Most Beautiful Picture.
  5. gling with people of eclectic cultures and also participates in activities concerning wildlife conservation.

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When you visit our Website, we collect certain information related to your device, such as your IP address, what pages you visit on our Website, whether you were referred to by another website, and at what time you accessed our Website. We do not collect any other type of personal data. If you are accessing our website through a social media account, please refer to the social media provider’s privacy policy for information regarding their data collection. Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. This includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/timestamp, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. Les quartzites du paléozoïque, qui composaient les couches de la structure alternant avec le calcaire, ont mieux résisté à l'érosion et forment aujourd'hui les anneaux résiduels concentriques de la structure.

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Méntoires du Service Géologique de l'Algérie, no 8, p. 231-236, 1 fig., tab. , 1996. Nouvelles datations par traces de fission de la structure circulaire des Richat (Mauritanie I visited the Richat Structure in Mauritania to investigate the claim that it is the lost city of Atlantis. I found only evidence that supports the argument. Evidence found: 1. Smooth, even plane. The Richat Structure or Guelb er Richat in Mauritania was thought by many to be an impact crater until it was identified as a possible 'salt dome' (a) .Some of the more enthusiastic supporters of the 'Electric Universe' school of thought have sought to identify the feature as the consequence of an electrical discharge Guelb er Richat Structure géologique nommée à tort cratère. Il y a eu un reportage en septembre 2006 dans l'émission Découverte de Radio-Canada : http://www.

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  1. The Richat structure presents a rich deposit of igneous rocks like rhyolite, kimberlite, gabbros, and carbonatite. Three nested rings representing cuestas (a hill or ridge with a gentle slope) dip outwards from the Richat structure. Towards the center of the land form, a limestone-dolomite shelf encloses a siliceous, lenticular-shaped breccia which is penetrated by various intrusions of basalt, kimberlite and volcanic rocks. The Richat Structure also hosts spectacular hydrothermal alterations as part of the structure.
  2. Out of Guelb er Richat into Ouadane and further to Chinguetti. Lots of dune driving in between. Chiguetti, xx holiest city in Islam (7th they say, after many [more then 7]) has a library, or a few. We saw one. Its treasures are old and Ahmad Al Mahmoud Ben Chinguetti is good for a funny presentation
  3. This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40 km in diameter, dome ; Estructura Guelb-Er-Richat. Geología / 7 de febrero de 2011. La estructura Richat es un accidente geográfico circular en el desierto del Sáhara, situado cerca de la ciudad de Ouadane (región de Adrar, en Mauritania
  4. A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet Go. Browse by: Sourc
  5. Looking at the Richat Structure from the ground is far less thrilling than viewing it from space. My... [+] truck made the tire tracks in the photo. Don't credit the aliens.
  6. 理查特結構(英語: Richat Structure ),也被稱為撒哈拉之眼(Eye of the Sahara)、Guelb er Richat,是一個位於撒哈拉沙漠西部、茅利塔尼亞境內的巨大同心圓地形。 理查特結構的直徑有50公里,海拔高度約400公尺,整體相當平坦;看起來就像個菊石,從繞地球軌道才得見其全貌
  7. Both towns were learning centers back when Muslims led the world in science and technology. Today, they oversee decaying books.

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It had been so long since he had come, Alioune wasn't sure if we were in the Richat Structure or not. Ultimately, he concluded that we hadn't found it. He was wrong. The Eye of the Sahara is also known as The Richat Structure is a geological feature that has a diameter of almost 30 miles. It is located in the Sahara desert in Mauritania and can be seen from space, in fact, it has become a landmark for shuttle crews. It is believed to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geologic dome that collapsed Concentric rings are not uncommon in nature, as there are several natural processes that can create them. Impact craters come to mind, but this Richat structure is not an impact crater. It is an eroded dome of magma. Jimmy admits that it is a natural structure, but gets around this massive problem by simply claiming that the Atlantians built their city into the natural formation.

Elle se situe dans le désert de Maur Adrar, aux confins du massif de l’Adrar et de l’erg de la Maqteir ou Majâbat Al Koubra. This Website does not target people below the age of 13. By visiting this Website. You hereby warrant that you are 13 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision. Images Global Maps Articles Blogs Some features of this site are not compatible with your browser. Install Opera Mini to better experience this site.If you are based in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), a consent window will appear when accessing this website. If you have clicked “yes”, your consent will be stored on our servers for six (6) months and your data will be processed as disclosed in this privacy policy. After six months, you will be asked to provide consent again. You can withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawing consent may impede your ability to access certain services and will not allow us to provide the personalized Website experience. The entire geological structure of the Guelb er Richat has a diameter of about 45 kilometers and consists of several sedimentary rocks, which are only several meters high. Inside the formation is a 20-meter-wide ring dam, which is located about three kilometers from the center of the Richat structure

La structure de Richat, une étonnante formation dans le

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  2. Clin d'oeil aux anciens cabinets de curiosités dans lesquels les savants et explorateurs exposaient le fruit de leurs découvertes insolites, cet ouvrage propose d'explorer l'univers de la géologie, de la zoologie, de la botanique et de la météorologie à travers une quinzaine de ses phénomènes les plus saisissants et surprenants, depuis la structure de Richat jusqu'à l'axolotl, en.
  3. Surnommée l'œil du Sahara, la structure de Richat occupe un espace circulaire de 50 km de diamètre au beau milieu du désert, en Mauritanie
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Impact craters come to mind, but this Richat structure is not an impact crater. It is an eroded dome of magma. Jimmy admits that it is a natural structure, but gets around this massive problem by simply claiming that the Atlantians built their city into the natural formation Structure Richat est pas le site d'un ancien cratère de météorite, comme beaucoup de gens à l'origine postulé. Ces cercles concentriques sont effectivement des couches alternées de roches sédimentaires, métamorphiques et ignées qui ont été poussés à la hausse dans un anticlinal symétrique, dôme géologique, d'en bas en raison d.

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As Alioune and I returned to the town of Ouadane, I told him about the conspiracy theories about crop circles. We laughed. It seems that they would be a bit easier to find a crop circle than the Richat Structure.Alioune had been to the Eye of the Sahara a couple of times. Few tourists are willing to go so deep into the Sahara. Indeed, few tourists go anywhere in Mauritania nowadays.Décrite de façon imagée comme une ammonite gigantesque dans le désert, la structure, qui a un diamètre de près de 50 kilomètres et des dénivelés de 30 à 40 m, est devenue un point de repère pour les équipages des navettes spatiales[5]. The massive 40-kilometer diameter circular structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is also known as the Richat Structure or Guell al-Richat. Appearing in a largely featureless desert, this geological marvel resembles an enormous bull's eye gazing into space from the middle of the Sahara Astronauts love to observe the Eye of the Sahara from space because it looks like the landing site of a 40-kilometer wide flying saucer.

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  1. g “proof” that Atlantis existed in norther Africa. This video is by Jimmy from Bright Insight and it is an excellent example of crank pseudoscience. Jimmy has made himself into a social media brand, with lots of conspiracy and pseudohistory nonsense to sell, but let’s focus on this one video for now.
  2. Further arguments made include the timeline of the fall of Atlantis matching up pretty nicely with the proposed date of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, which argues that the impact of a comet or asteroid triggered the Younger Dryas period of rapid and sudden climate change and sea level variation.
  3. My young guide, Alioune d'Azougui, scratched his head for an hour as we drove around in our 4x4 truck. "It's gotta be around here somewhere," he mumbled in French.

In the midst of the vast, vacant Sahara desert, just outside of Ouadane, Mauritania, lies a 30-mile wide geological oddity known the Richat Structure, sometimes called the Eye of Africa.From. Although there's little to see from the ground level, the adventure of going to the Eye of the Sahara is unforgettable. Richat Structure, Mauritania Many travelers go to the Sahara Desert in search of amazing sights, as its western part features the most mysterious formation on the planet, Richat structure. Its scale is so large that photographers usually take companions to shoot this thing in full The 38 km wide Richat structure on the Gres de Chinguetti Plateau in the Adrar region of central Mauritania is an eye-catching feature when seen from space. Although reminiscent of multiringed impact structures, field and laboratory evidence suggests that the Richat structure is a dome of endogenic origin

The Richat Structure is susceptible to little threat from anthropogenic activities since it is located in the midst of a sparsely populated desert habitat. Few nomadic tribes and small permanent populations in the handful of nearby villages are the only forms of human habitation in the area. The extreme arid nature of the landscape and the high temperatures do not favor human settlements in the area though some iron mines exist in the nearby areas. The rocks of the Richat Structure are thus completely at the mercy of desert winds and increased desertification due to climate change could lead to the approach of sand dunes towards this rocky bed, leading to its burial under huge volumes of desert sand in the future. La estructura de Richat) es una estructura geológica singular ubicada en el desierto del Sahara en Mauritania cerca de UadaneLa estructura, que tiene un diámetro de casi 50 kilómetros, ha llamado la atención desde las primeras misiones espaciales porque forma un raro ojo de buey en la monótona extensión del desierto.. Hace décadas se consideró como el resultado del impacto de un. A fracking-fueled demand for round and durable sand has triggered a mining boom in the western part of the state.

The Richat Structure, also called the Eye of Africa, or Eye of the Sahara is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara's Adrar Plateau, near Ouadane, west-central Mauritania. A topographic reconstruction (scaled 6:1 on the vertical axis) from satellite photos The 'Richat Structure' is also known as the 'Eye of the Sahara', 'Eye of Africa', 'blue eye of Africa', 'Earth's bulls-eye' and the 'Guelb er Richat'. The Richat Structure has a diameter of approximately 48 kilometres (30 miles), and is best viewed from the sky or space La structure de Richat présente l'aspect d'un dôme dont la base est enfoncée dans la terre ; ainsi, le plus haut point du dôme se retrouve en fait en dessous du niveau des plateaux rocheux situés au delà de son rayon.Cette structure s'organise également en plateaux circulaires, présentant des dénivelés allant jusqu'à 40 mètres

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La structure de Richat ne peut être pleinement observée que depuis l'espace. Des études récentes ont montré qu'il pourrait s'agir d'une forme rare de volcanisme liée à des remontées géo. Découverte depuis bien longtemps, la structure de Richat a été visitée dès les années 1950 par des scientifiques avant d'être révélée à grande échelle par l'une des missions spatiales Gemini américaines. A l'époque, les astronautes s'étaient ainsi largement émerveillés devant les caractéristiques atypiques de la structure If users have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at data@worldatlas.com.You can have most any “fringe” beliefs or interests and still disguise yourself as an upstanding, yet adorably eccentric, member of normal society, but Atlantis is the point of no return. Once you start talking about Atlantis, you’re done for. So, let’s talk about Atlantis. According to Plato, The lost city of Atlantis was an ancient island superpower ruled located in the eastern Atlantic ocean—which was named after the lost city.  Atlantis was, according to Plato, a stunningly gorgeous and opulent place, built upon concentric circles of land and water. It was wealthy and powerful beyond measure until, in the course of one day and one night, the whole thing went sideways and a cataclysm wiped the city of Atlantis off the map and out of the history books. According to some esoteric traditions, Atlantis was the birthplace of the so-called “Mystery Schools” that wove their way through western philosophy after the city’s destruction. The Richat Structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is easily visible from space because it is nearly 50 kilometers across. Once thought to be an impact crater, the Richat Structure's flat middle and lack of shock-altered rock indicates otherwise

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The Richat Structure. Tuesday, 19th July 2005 by Alex Turnbull. The Richat Structure in central Mauritania is a stunning geological structure 50 kilometres across (Wikipedia entry).Once thought to be an impact crater, it is actually a sedimentary formation that has eroded flat over many eons WorldAtlas.com (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Reunion Technology Inc (“us” or “we”), a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada, having its head office at 7405 Transcanada Highway, Suite 100, Saint Laurent, Quebec H4T 1Z2. Richat Structure, Mauritania, true color satellite image. The Richat Structure is a geological...[+] formation in the African country of Mauritania. Although it resembles an impact crater, the. The Richat Structure, also called Guelb er Richât (Arabic قلب الريشات Qalb ar-Rīšāt), the Eye of Africa, or Eye of the Sahara [circular reference] is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara's Adrar Plateau, near Ouadane, west-central Mauritania, Northwest Africa.It is an eroded dome, 40 kilometres (25 mi) in diameter, exposing sedimentary rock in layers which appear as. The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara and Guelb er Richat, is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west-central Mauritania near Ouadane. This structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical, 40-km in diameter, dome. The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome range in age from Late Proterozoic within the center of the dome to Ordovician sandstone around.

Image of the Day Land The bull's-eye target pattern of the Richât structure on the barren Gres de Chinguetti Plateau in the Adrar region of central Mauritania is an eye-catching feature when seen from space, as is evident in the color Plate photograph taken looking south from the 17th Shuttle mission. Sand has drifted northward and encroaches on part of the. ISS-42 Richat Structure, Eye of the Sahara.jpg 4,928 × 3,280; 3.97 MB ISS-42 Richat Structure.jpg 4,928 × 3,280; 4.21 MB ISS-59 Eye of Sahara with the Richat Structure in Mauritania.jpg 5,568 × 3,712; 1.74 M So these advocates of the theory would benefit by mentioning how broadly Atlantis in this region theories were proposed before the Richat Structure was even discovered in 1965. Like the theories of French geographer E. F. Berlioux first published in 1874, and expanded in 1883 in L'Atlas primitif et l'Atlantis , of the Saharian Sea, which. Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on any of our sites.

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We have reviewed all of our advertising partners’ policies to ensure that they comply with all applicable data privacy laws and recommended data security practices. In my opinion the ancient city of Hoden was much bigger than today's Ouadane, located 5 miles south-west from the outer rim of the Richat structure. I have this feeling that the majority of the older Hoden did not quite survive the arrival of the Richat Structure. If you look at these pictures of Ouadane, you may see a few interesting ones MAURITANIE La structure de Richat surnommée « l'œil de l'Afrique » est une structure géologique située dans le Sahara en Mauritanie. Longtemps considérée comme une « énigme.. La large diffusion des images et des explications relatives à ce phénomène insolite a favorisé la venue de visiteurs, touristes ou scientifiques, vers ce lieu reculé de la planète. Cette fréquentation a nécessité la création sur place d'une installation d'accueil sommaire[9]. The Richat Structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania is a nearly circular formation almost 50 kilometers in diameter (30 miles). It was once thought to be an impact crater, but is now thought by some to have been caused by uplifted rock sculpted by erosion. For those who care, it lies pretty close to 19.5 degrees latitude La structure de Richat (ou dôme de Richat), surnommée « l'œil de l'Afrique » ou traditionnellement Guelb er Richât, est une structure géologique située dans le Sahara en Mauritanie près de Ouadane [1], à 30 kilomètres au sud de la source d'un ancien cours d'eau appelé oued Saguiet el Hanura [2].Longtemps considérée comme une « énigme scientifique », elle mesure environ 50 km.

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