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Melling, 54, says he has worked for many leading car and bike manufacturers. He is known in the automotive world for his work on a controversial but ultimately successful V8 engine for the sports car firm TVR. It may be relevant that the specification of the Nemesis is very similar to that of the Melling-designed 1500cc V8 announced several years ago by March, an American-owned firm that recently formed a partnership with Norton. That bike was due for production in 1996 but was never built. March's UK base at Bicester in Oxfordshire is now closed.The ‘Classic’ of 1987 shares many components which were originally developed for the ‘Aurora’ and, not surprisingly, some of the other ‘Aurora’ parts found their way into private hands. There is no love lost between the Canadian owners of Norton Motors International and Joe Seifert, boss of Norton Motors Deutschland. Seifert and Tigcraft have been issued with writs attempting to.

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  1. This resulted in top 10 finishes for each rider in both the Superbike TT and Senior TT races on the Norton SG6 racebike, using a factory-supported version of Aprilia's three-time World Superbike champion RSV4 motor, with Brookes finishing fifth in the 2018 Senior TT with a best lap of 131.745mph
  2. We can supply an exchange steel fuel tank incorporating a solenoid tap to access the last three litres of fuel normally trapped on the left side of the tank tunnel. You can leave the main fuel tap in the ‘Reserve’ position and, at the flick of a dash-mounted switch, use the full capacity of the tank.
  3. Krauser rear end conversion kits for Commander are being  put together and should be available later this month. Mouldings are to the well-known ‘Mitchenall’ standard from the original moulds and the brackets are powder coated satin black. The kit will include the rear lamp and all the bolts, washers and nuts required to complete the job.
  4. Company Overview for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) Filing history for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) People for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) More for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) SEIFERT, Hans Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm Correspondence address 26 Hildegardstr, D-82131, Gauting, D82131, German

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Of course, if your fork tubes are already corroded or damaged, and/or the seals leaking oil, this kit will most definitely not cure the problem! Norton Motors (1978) Ltd established a daughter company, Norton Motors Germany, as a joint venture with the then German importer Joachim Joe Seifert in 1988, and Seifert, in turn, registered Norton Motors Ltd in England in 1996 together with Richard Negus, the last Norton Motors Ltd Chief of Motorcycles At our Open Day, the Commander to end all Commanders is revealed- a bike incorporating all the features we think the production version was lacking to make it the best touring motorcycle of its time. See "Prototypes". Norton Motors GmbH stocks spares for all Norton Models, Triumph 500-750CC Twins (pre-1987), Amal, Lucas, Hyde, AP Lockheed, etc.. We supply merchants and private owners with parts. Run by Joe Seifert, ex-German importer for Norton, owner of a Norton Motorcycle collection ranging from 1937 through the last Norton Prototype C652 Combat of 1999.

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Original Ersatzteile für Triumph- und Norton Motorräder vom Spezialisten Joe Seifert. Login News Über uns Galerie Shop Norton Motors GmbH. Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 2. 82205 Gilching. Deutschland (49)(0)8105-271881. norton@nortonmotors.com. At Norton Motors, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors with a fervent commitment to customer service. We understand we have to earn our customers' business every day by treating them fairly. We want the whole car-buying experience to be pleasant and we treat people well because we want our customers to return again and again

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  1. Once-mighty Norton is celebrating its centenary this year amid controversy that must be causing the founder, James Lansdowne Norton, to turn in his grave.
  2. MZ (GB) Ltd was acquired, and BSA Group became heavily involved with the renowned Norton F1 designers Seymour Powell in developing and launching the MuZ Skorpion, later to win the 1994 BBC Design Award. In December 1994, Colquhoun and Jackson's BSA Group was taken over by a newly formed BSA Regal Group and the company moved again, this time to Southampton.
  3. Seifert, an enthusiast who sells spares for old Nortons and races one in classic events, is convinced that while the Nemesis may attract investment, it will never reach production. "It seems remarkable that NMI should present these proposals as the basis for a serious business plan to prospective shareholders," he says.
  4. Seriously, if you can help, please ring Richard at Norton Motors, 01889 586 557. Picture on the right shows the man himself with his 850cc machine in Barcelona, 1974. This is the 750 we are looking for. Unfortunately, it is the only picture Richard has of that machine
  5. One problem for British Norton enthusiasts is that because the C652SM cannot legally be sold in this country it would have to be bought from Norton Motors Deutschland (00 49 8151 28 708) and personally imported, with the buyer paying VAT on top of the basic price of DM 18,100 - a total of just over pounds 7,000.
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Vom wilden, unauthoristierten Händler mit Pattern-Teilen aus dem Ikea-Regal in der Studentenwohnung 1977, über die Anerkennung als Vertriebspartner von Norton ab ca.1980, ab 1987 als Norton-Importeur, ab 1989 als Partner eines Joint Ventures mit Norton Motors, ab 1992 als Inhaber der Marke für den größten Teil von Europa, 1998-2000. BSA Company Limited is a motorcycle manufacturer which purchased rights to the BSA name from Birmingham Small Arms Company's successor, Dennis Poore's Manganese Bronze Holdings, upon the liquidation of Norton Villiers Triumph in 1978. For a durable reclaim of your damaged end and centre plates, we now have sets of exchange plates in stock for all models. These have been sprayed with 99.99% pure molybdenum and ground to give an extremely hard, wear-resistant surface. This was originally developed by us in 1992 and now applies to all new production, including the aero engines of UAV Engines and Diamond Engines (ex Mid-West Engines). About us. Norton Motors Ltd goes back to the original company founded by James Lansdowne Norton in 1898. It takes the old name back to England, where it first started, via a joint venture company in Germany. Norton Motors (1978) Ltd established a daughter company, Norton Motors Germany, as a joint venture with the then German importer Joachim Joe Seifert in 1988, and Seifert, in turn.

{{posVotes}} {{negVotes}} Create a commenting name to join the debateNew on our homepage: the gallery. Showing some of the bikes that have passed through the works- often leaving very much changed- but open to our customers as well. Also, we have 6 (!) Commanders to be converted to 17" wheel, upside-down forks, decent brakes, new rear swinging arms in the workshop this winter. Furthermore a P55B (F1 Sports) just came in from Germany, as well as a P43 "Classic" #LE004. As soon as these have passed through the workshop, they will be for sale. Watch the "Motorcycles for Sale" page! 19th December, 2006Stainless braided brake hose kit for all variants of Commander; contains four flexible hoses with stainless braid and swaged fittings, eight stainless banjo bolts, sixteen copper washers, one litre of DOT4 brake fluid, and comprehensive fitting instructions

The circuit board is conformally coated, potted in a sealed aluminium box and the sub-harness connects via an IP68 waterproof plug & socket. We now offer an easy-to-fit gaiter kit which will significantly prolong the life of your fork tubes and oil seals. The kit comprises of machined aluminium adapters for the top of the sliders, ventilated rubber bellows and nylon clips.Styling is retro, with traditional Norton silver paint and low handlebars. The BMW engine produces a maximum of 47bhp - enough for a top speed of just over 100mph. The Norton is lively, pulling cleanly from low revs and reaching about 80mph before typical single-cylinder vibration becomes tiresome.Am I the only one to have noticed that rural petrol stations seem to have almost completely disappeared, presumably put out of business by the major outlets and supermarkets ?

Where this Norton really scores is with its race-bred handling. The single's light weight (just 158kg) and taut suspension combine with its sticky tyres and powerful single front Brembo disc brake to make it great fun on a twisty road - though there are plenty of cheaper and more powerful machines on the market.The first production rotary Norton was to be called the ‘Aurora’. Shenstone started to build 25 pre-production models in 1979 after many years of development. None of these were delivered to customers as independent testing showed the need for further engine and chassis development. With one exception, all were dismantled again and the parts quarantined. The one example, referred to as the ‘Cooke Nielsen’ after the US editor of ‘Cycle World’ who was to have been first to release a road test, remained as a test hack in the factory for several years and was to eventually end up in an enthusiast’s collection.


               New manufacture of the classic 'Classic' brake disc incorporating an original Spondon anodised aluminium carrier and a diamond-ground stainless disc. This 280mm disc will also replace the original, and now unavailable, Brembo discs fitted to the Interpol 2. 23rd January, 2007 Alternatively, those looking for a more powerful Norton could wait for the 225mph Nemesis V8 to reach production. Such an event would be the perfect way to celebrate Norton's centenary - but, sadly, the wait may be a long one.

Richard Negus at Norton Motors Ltd in Rugeley, the company jointly owned with Joe, built six Isle of Man Rotary 588 replicas based on the I.O.M winner. The Norton story now becomes very convoluted after this and he met Nelson Scalbania who invested in a lot of different things. He bought Norton, unseen, for £380,000 in cash By 2003, it had become clear that demand for the hand built Gold SR was not reaching previous expectations and production ceased. The 1,000cc Tempest, widely acclaimed in its prototype form, did not reach the production line and MZ sales failed to reach their promising potential. In 2007, BSA’s involvement with MZ ended when the parts business was sold. In the same year, Joe Seifert, the then new owner of Norton Motors Ltd, made an interesting and successful bid for BSA Regal's Norton Commando parts business. The bid included the return to BSA Company of its European trademarks. Our other sister company Norton Motors (Deutschland) GmbH, run by Andover Norton's director Joe Seifert, was founded in 1989 by Seifert and Norton Motors Ltd in Shenstone as a joint venture to support Norton and Triumph owners with parts and service in the German-speaking regions of Europe The kit is completed with a pair of PVL coils and a sub-harness to connect the controller to the coils, the temperature switch and to the power supply and ground.

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  1. Although fitting is straightforward, and we include full instructions, you may prefer that we fit it for you.
  2. When ordering, please specify on which model of rotary it is to be fitted so that the appropriate sub-harness is included in the kit.
  3. 1915 Model 16TT Richard will be piloting a 1915 Norton Model 16TT (Norton Code Name: Tourist), it is the twelfth oldest known Norton. He bought the bike in February 2015 from Joe Seifert of Norton Motors (nortonmotors.co.uk). Initially the rare bike wasn't for sale, but Joe was intrigued with Richard's plans to ride it i
  4. MCN Exclusive: Norton's new owners will fulfil outstanding orders. First published on April 22 by Jordan Gibbons. Norton Motorcycles has been sold to Indian motorcycle giant TVS Motor Company in a.
  5. The ignition trigger is a Hall-effect sensor, mounted in the same position as the original trigger, with a cable and plug connecting it directly to the controller. Air gap to the flywheel is not critical and is set to approximately 2.00 mm. The sensor itself is an automotive item, made by a major manufacturer, and used by Mid-West/Diamond for their certified aircraft engines.
  6. In 2008, a serious infringement of BSA Company's trademarks occurred in India when Tube Investments of India, the eventual owners of the BSA trademarks for bicycles, used the BSA trademark on electric powered motor scooters. In January 2015, the infringement cases were still in the High Court of Madras[2] and the Supreme Court of India.
  7. Norton Motors, being aware of the problem, sent out a service release about how to prepare a Classic for storage. 100 Classics were built, as well as one prototype, and several more were later made up by private owners from Interpol IIs- the giveaway always being the engine/frame numbers, which on Classics run from P43LE001 through P43LE100

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  1. Exchange is subject to the returned housing being re-useable.
  2. Mirror-polished 316 stainless with clips spot-welded and silver soldered for extra security. Part number : 92-0837 l/h and 92-0838 r/h Rear Carrier,  Commander P53 and P53K Tubular steel, bronze welded and satin black powder coated. Supplied with new studs, washers and nuts.  
  3. gham-based motorcycle parts company MCA (Aston) Limited[4] was licensed by BSA Company to manufacture and market parts for BSA motorcycles.

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Norton Motors International, owned by the Canadian-based Aquilini property group, recently revealed a remarkable 1,500cc V8 superbike, the Nemesis, to be produced at its factory at Shenstone, in Staffordshire, later this year. In 2007, BSA's involvement with MZ ended when the parts business was sold. In the same year, Joe Seifert, the then new owner of Norton Motors Ltd, made an interesting and successful bid for BSA Regal's Norton Commando parts business. The bid included the return to BSA Company of its European trademarks About The Independent commenting Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. In October 2016, Mahindra Group of India bought BSA for £3.4 million.[1] Mahindra Group makes small-capacity motorcycles and scooters in India, through its subsidiary Mahindra Two Wheelers. Mahindra Group also owns a majority stake in France's Peugeot Motocycles, and it has reintroduced JAWA motorcycles in India launching two models, Jawa and Jawa 42, while they will launch another model Perak by mid next year.

phone: +44 (0) 1264 359 565 | telefax: +44 (0) 1264 748 409 | The tank is powder-coated and comes with all the parts necessary for the conversion, including wiring, switch, hoses and two new fuel filters.If your forks are already leaking, we are able to offer exchange hard-chrome fork tubes or exchange fork leg assemblies incorporating hard-chromed tubes, new aluminium sliders and damper assemblies. 1. At last- the Hydraulic Clutch Conversion! Suits all P41 (Interpol II) to P53K(Commander Krauser); primary covers are exchange, black ones are re-painted, shiny ones are re-polished; required master cylinder is 5/8 inch / 16mm bore; we can supply overhauled F1 - type master cylinders to match Commander and some Classic front brake. We cannot supply 'round-cap' Brembo to suit Interpol or early Classic. Advantages are smoother action, easier to get neutral when stationary, no risk of wire cable breaking, etc.. It includes primary cover with slave cylinder fitted, stainless braided hydraulic hose, copper washers, O-ring seal for inspection cover, nylon washers, and lift screw locknuts.  An overhauled clutch master cylinder is available.

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  2. or accident repairs (possibly the result of original 1990 tyres), an immaculate 1949 ES2 for clutch and gearbox overhaul and even a BMW K100LT for annual service (to change the oil filter, first take off the sump !).
  3. The engine was bought in the early 1980s, definitely before 1985. There was a short Mention in MCN about a Mr.Joe Seifert acquiring that Prototype Engine at the time. Richard Negus built the bike as a Farewell Present before he retired form our other Company, Norton Motors Ltd. An interesting Exercise that makes a very rideable One-Off

Norton Motorcycles. Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd. (Stuart Garner) Southbay Norton (U.S. Distributor) Norton Motors GmbH (Jo Seifert) Colorado Norton Works (Matt Rambow) Norton Service and Spares. Colorado AMC Machine Shop, Randy Albright, 4323 Kilmer St., Golden CO 80403, (303) 273-9262, home of the Norton Colorado Parts Depot; The Bonneville. We now have Service Exchange water pumps in stock. These have the housing re-painted and new spindle, bearings, circlips and seals fitted. Each is pressure tested to 30 psi.

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Find 1715 listings related to Norton Motors in Norton on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Norton Motors locations in Norton, OH {{posVotes}} {{negVotes}} {{/replies}} {{/replies}} {{/comments}} {{#showMore}} Read more {{/showMore}} Minds Comments Join the discussion Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.There is no love lost between the Canadian owners of Norton Motors International and Joe Seifert, boss of Norton Motors Deutschland. Seifert and Tigcraft have been issued with writs attempting to prevent them from producing the C652SM, although NMI accepts that Seifert has registered the Norton name in some countries.

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Furthermore, a new, updated price list is put on the net.  10th April, 2005 The Open Day at Norton Motors sees the unveiling of the motorcycle we planned in 1992 but the chairman of Norton Motors at the time was against it, labouring under the misconception the public was interested in the stillborn "F2". A drawing was commissioned by Norton Motors GmbH, showing what we then called the "IoM 588", i.e. a road legal replica of the race bike Steve Hislop won the TT on. Only 13 years and a few changes of ownership later we were finally in a position to convert the F1Sport of a customer in the way we wanted the P58 to be. And what a beautiful machine it is! Not only the proud owner was stunned, but the reaction of the visitors showed this should have been done then, and still finds approval today. Similar conversions can be done on any F1Sports or, with a considerably greater effort, any F1. Andover Norton is about Genuine Norton Spare Parts. We also sell Norton Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals and Books. Joe Seifert, Director, Owner Norton Motors GmbH, Norton Motors Ltd, Combined Honours English/Sociology, Hamburg University, Director Andover Norton The first new products to come from the Norton Works at Rugeley!

Search listings from Norton Motors in Jacksonville, FL to find the right vehicle for you. We analyze millions of used cars daily  The following project, for a change, has a piston and four valves. This is the Harris-framed ‘Hornet’ prototype built by Norman Hyde in 1996.  It will be fully checked over and offered for sale with an age-related registration.

A new development is specifically for Interpol owners – no more idling at 1200rpm -  a fully-waterproof ignition retard unit. This is a direct replacement for the original ‘Sparkrite’ part and fits under the original clip. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR THE ALL NEW NORTON EXPERIENCE IN THE COMING MONTHS. Few other motorcycles offer such a personal and unique experience. Hand built by British hands this modern variant of a historic classic is waiting for you to experience for yourself and ride. Spend an hour riding the latest Norton 961 on the roads surrounding Donington.     And finally, we have an F1 Sport for sale ! 

NORTON MOTORS LIMITED - Officers (free information from

It doesn’t seem long since the last ‘News’ but, looking at the date, time does fly when you’re enjoying yourself ! We completed the twin-seat F1 Sport rebuild (see 23rd May News for pictures) and then imported a German-specification Sport (badged as a ‘TT’) for a customer in Kent who already has an F1. More recently, we imported a Sport from Italy for another enthusiast in Essex. ‘Sports’ are becoming more difficult to obtain (only 66 were made) but we know of a low-mileage one in the UK which is in excellent condition and has very recently had a ‘moly’ engine rebuild and some cosmetic work. Another interesting machine in our workshop for the winter is the Battle of Twins racer, owned and sponsored by Norton Motors Deutschland, campaigned by Hartmut Mueller in the European series a few years ago. It started life as the first pre-production F1, P550001, but now has very little in common with a production bike. Twin-plug aero rotor housings with matching high compression rotors, twin under seat ejectors, six speed transmission, magnesium wheels, carbon mouldings, etc. and definitely not for sale (although extravagant arm-twisting may convince Joe otherwise !).   Norton Motors Ltd is established in the new premises and open for work and the sale of parts. The homepage (Mk1 version) is on the net. 12th February,2004. Norton Motors Ltd is moving out of the old factory in Shenstone into new premises, about 10 miles away. This move was made necessary as the owners of the old factory were not prepared to let. Currently in progress is another NRS588 conversion, an F1 for close-ratio six speed conversion and major cosmetic work, an early Commander for conversion to Krauser specification and complete repaint and a Suzuki RE5 undergoing conversion to SU carburettor. See How the 2019 Ford F-150 Stacks Up Against Other Vehicles

Norton Motors delivers the first ever F1Sports 2-seater to a customer. The bike was originally a re-import from Germany, totally dissembled, rebuilt and fitted with a steel subframe made in-house; fitted with pillion footrests and a special seat made up from a standart F1Sports seat with a "B"surface carrying the pillion seat pad, with an optional cover resembling a standart single seater when ridden solo. The new subframe was seen as a must, as the original aluminium subframe was never meant to carry weight that far back, let alone the weight of two people plus, in this case, a luggage rack! In 1997, production began on the hand built 400cc Gold SR with the first batch of over 200 machines being exported to Japan. Production of the BSA John McLaren also commenced in 1997 and small numbers continue to be built under licence. The very comprehensive spares business continued to supply the world's Norton twin owners and restorers. Development work with Government agencies and non-European motorcycle manufacturers had been augmented with the strength from the Southampton-based Regal Group and in 1999 a 500cc version of the Gold SR was launched for the European and American markets. 6th December, 2004 As you may have noticed from our web-site, the last F1 Sport produced at Shenstone and rebuilt by us has been sold. It now resides with an enthusiast in Lancashire. Our next project, another F1 Sport sometimes referred to as the ‘Goslett Norton’, is now stripped to the last nut & bolt and undergoing the same detailed rebuild. Completion is scheduled for late January – but a sale has already been agreed ‘subject to contract’. This machine will have a strengthened rear frame and a pillion seat.

                      Gel Batteries, F1 and F1 Sport / TT With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, fitting the battery into the centre section of the frame was not the best decision made by the F1 design team! Access requires major dismantling and high local temperatures cause loss of charge and early failure of the battery. Unlike the exotic Nemesis, the rival Norton firm's C652SM is a down-to- earth single-cylinder roadster that combines the 652cc BMW engine with a chassis based on that of Tigcraft's successful single-cylinder racing bike. The liquid-cooled, four-valve engine sits in a rigid tubular steel frame, which holds high-quality conventional cycle parts.

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  In 1988 Doug Hele designed a hydraulic clutch  for the Commander which I recall road testing and being impressed with the light action and ease of neutral-finding. That prototype was, I think, fitted to ‘1010’ (‘Morning Reuben !) but didn’t make it into production after introduction of the F1. We have re-engineered it so that the slave cylinder fits under the standard inspection cover and have it on test (‘Morning Mike !). When we’re happy with it, we will offer it as a conversion kit. (Now available- see July 2005 News!) On the ‘Parts’ side, our new stock includes silencer heat shields, rear racks for the Commander, genuine Brembo rear stop switches for the Interpol & Classic and complete decal sets for the F1 and F1 Sport as well as many more of the run of the mill items.  All our quality-assured parts are manufactured to original drawings and specifications and, in many cases, by the original supplier using original tooling and can honestly be described as ‘Genuine Norton Spare Parts’. Ignition Retard Unit Exchange is subject to the returned plates being re-useable.

FACTORY TOURS WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN SOON! PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR THE ALL NEW NORTON EXPERIENCE IN THE COMING MONTHS. Few other motorcycles offer such a personal and unique experience. Hand built by British hands this modern variant of a historic classic is waiting for you to experience for yourself and ride. Spend an hour riding the latest Norton 961 on the roads surrounding Donington Park, meet team members responsible for the production and assembly and tour around our factory located in the grounds of Donington Hall, steeped in Motorcyle history. assets/images/bike-page/test-ride.jpg Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus iaculis libero aliquet leo dignissim egestas. In ac lacus ut urna pretium malesuada non eu ipsum. Nulla sollicitudin lectus sit amet nisi viverra tempor. Vivamus sollicitudin metus quis iaculis commodo. Cras ut lectus erat. Aenean blandit lacus urna, non laoreet orci porta a.Some things have been changed on our "Prototypes" pages, and a new one for 2005 added. And another one may follow after Open Day- a 2006 one!

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In 1991, BSA Company was merged with another buy-out company, Mike Jackson's Andover Norton International Ltd., to form a new BSA Group. BSA purchased the Norton Spares business from Norton Motors, and this change to the cash starved spares business prompted a rapid and continuing growth in the sale of genuine parts. If this does reach production it will signify a tremendous comeback for Norton. The V8's 260bhp output and 225mph top speed would make it by far the world's fastest and most powerful superbike. But as usual with Norton, the story is more complex than it seems. The Nemesis is a concept bike that requires much development before being ready for production. Meanwhile another new Norton is already being produced - by Norton Motors Deutschland, the former German importer, which owns rights to the Norton name in most European countries except Britain. The C652SM is being built by Tigcraft, of Farnborough.                                                       

Filing history for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) People for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) More for NORTON MOTORS LIMITED (03416102) Filter by category Director's details changed for Joachim Seifert on 16 August 2012 View PDF Director's details changed for Joachim Seifert on 16 August 2012 - link opens in a new window - 2. Report Comment Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? When Norton Motors Ltd aquired the Spares business in 2007, and Bob worked from the Norton Motors Ltd premises in Rugeley, the last months before his retirement were a bit like a return to the roots; even though Norton Motors Ltd today was very different to what it was in the 1960s, on a different scale and in a different location

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 As a joint venture with a UK  design company, we have been developing an ignition to replace the Sparkrite and Boyer systems fitted to Norton rotaries. Development of installations to suit each of the models has been completed (thanks to assistance from Bob Gordon, Paul Johnstone and Mike Walker) and we offer a complete ‘plug and play’ package including illustrated fitting instructions. The benefits of the system include improved starting, a consistent idle, and improved reliability. The ballast resistor, the most common failure of Boyer systems, is unnecessary with the ‘Digikit’ system and every effort has been made to improve the reliability of the electrical connectors.    The ignition controller employs digital technology to ensure consistent operation and is contained in an environmentally sealed aluminium case fitted with external plug and socket wiring connectors sealed to IP68 standard (= waterproof). Technical advice, parts queries: simon.amos@andover-norton.co.uk ashley.cutler@andover-norton.co.uk

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