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Game Revolution gave Dark Souls the Community Choice Game of the Year award.[50] IncGamers also gave it the "Game of the Year" award.[51] Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert and Double Fine Productions' Brad Muir chose Dark Souls as Game of the Year.[52] Electronic Gaming Monthly's Eric L. Patterson chose it as Game of the Year.[53] GameTrailers gave it the "Best Role-Playing Game" award,[54] while also nominating it for the "Best Multiplayer Game," "Best Trailer" and "Game of the Year" awards.[55] GameZone gave the game the "Best Action/Adventure" award and chose it as the runner-up for the "Best RPG" award.[56] In GameSpy's review, the port was referred to as "shabby," citing the game's limit of 30 frames per second, poor mouse and keyboard controls, and nonadjustable resolution, but the expanded content was praised, giving the game an overall favorable review.[47] Eurogamer also commented on the quality of the port, stating: "Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition does not come with the technical options you would expect from a well-engineered PC game, because it's a port of a console game, and that's all FromSoftware ever promised to deliver. Anyone who passes up Dark Souls for this reason is cutting off their nose to spite their neckbeard of a face."[48] One of the producers of Dark Souls II, Takeshi Miyazoe, responded to the criticism of the PC version by saying:[49] With these words you're immediately thrown into a stunning cinematic sequence which introduces you to the medieval fantasy realm of Dark Souls on PlayStation 3. The impressive intro, featuring dragons, gods and world-shaking magic is a mere glimpse of the superbly constructed world which awaits you in this challenging role-playing game

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Dark Souls is a 2011 action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games.A spiritual successor to FromSoftware's Demon's Souls, the game is the second instalment in the Souls series. Dark Souls takes place in the fictional kingdom of Lordran, where players assume the role of a cursed undead character who begins a pilgrimage to discover the fate of their kind In 2015, the game placed first on GamesRadar's "The 100 best games ever" list.[67] The game was also put first on USgamer's The 15 Best Games Since 2000 list.[68] The game was titled the "Best RPG on PC" by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.[69] In 2016, Dark Souls placed fifth on PC Gamer's "Best RPGs of all time" list.[70] The Daily Telegraph gave the game the "Best Integration of Online Features" award, and nominated it for the awards of "Best Director" (Hidetaka Miyazaki), "Best Level Design", "Best Sound Design", "Best Original Score" (Motoi Sakuraba), "Best Developer" (FromSoftware), and "Game of the Year".[57] TeamXbox gave it an honorable mention as the runner-up for the "Best RPG" award.[58] 1UP.com gave it the "Most Rewarding Game" award.[59] Game Informer gave it the award for "Best Boss Fight" (Sif).[60] It also received the "Best Boss Fights" awards from GameSpot, including both the Editors' Choice and Readers' Choice awards.[61] Famitsu gave it an Award of Excellence in its 2012 awards ceremony.[62] Dark Souls will demand your absolute concentration, unflinchingly punish your mistakes, but reward your ability to learn from death. Each challenge is a mind game met with endless combinations that will test your ability to creatively strategize a way to conquer unimaginable monsters and progress deeper into this bleak and forbidding. Forest Soul Farming: Once you've gotten access to the Darkroot Garden, there's a great opportunity for soul farming.  First, raise 20,000 souls. I know that seems like a lot, but a handful of runs through the Undead Burg should raise it just fine.  Once you have them, buy the Forest Crest from Andre the blacksmith, which will open the sealed door in the Darkroot Garden.  In the following area, run far back into the woods and back, effecively agro'ing a handful of human enemies hanging out in the woods. Run back to the door you came through, but instead of of running up the stairs you came in, run along the cliff just to the right. Go as far back as you can, and sit tight. The enemies will run up the stairs and jump off the cliff you're standing at, and each enemy drops 1-2K souls!

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In order to complete this exploit, you'll need to have joined the Path of the Dragon Covenant at the end of Ash Lake. This will reward you with the Dragon Head Stone item. You also need either the Grass Crest Shield or the Cloranthy Ring. The shield is found near the bonfire in Darkroot Basin, while the ring is located at the top of The Great Hollow. These two boost your stamina recovery, allowing you to use the exploit for as long as you want. Crestfallen Warrior: What's wrong? Get a bit of a scare out there? No problem. Have a seat and get comfortable. We'll both be Hollow before you know it.The debut of the Tales series on the Playstation 3, Tales of Vesperia launches the series to new heights of interacti...

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A sequel, Dark Souls II, was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 7, 2012, for release on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.[95] Amid rumors of a possible decrease in the difficulty of the series due to comments made by the new director to Edge, Brian Hong, global brand manager of Namco Bandai Games America, stated that Dark Souls II would be "viciously hard."[96] Dark Souls II was released in early 2014.[97] An updated version of it, subtitled "Scholar of the First Sin," was released in 2015 for the same platforms as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.[98] The third installment of the series, Dark Souls III, was released in early 2016. Hidetaka Miyazaki would be, once again, the director of Dark Souls III after finishing working in Bloodborne. This time we could see new mechanics and improvements in the gameplay. [99] “Dark Souls” is a third-person, action-RPG genre game developed by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Games as the publisher of this game. The game allows you to customize the character to your liking, according to your own preferences, but you can also choose for yourself the most suitable weapon to fight such as swords, shields, spears … “Dark Souls”, this game will teach us to conduct things very carefully and learn from our own mistakes by remembering the skills to deploy and destroy the enemy accurately. To conquer the gates of arduous, challenging in the game, players will need to use the ability to think and make the right decisions to destroy the giant bosses. If killing the boss makes you lose too much HP. Do not worry because when resting by the campfire, you will be promoted and restore yourself a decent amount of HP. When you defeat those giant monsters will drop rare items that are weapons or armor with higher strength or quality than the original. If you are a new player, you will definitely die many times, but do not be discouraged, learn from the previous experience to pass through these difficult and dangerous gates. An interesting feature of the game is that the plot is for the player to explore instead of explaining and most are gradually revealed by an NPC in the game. Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 12 - Behind The Big Boar! - Let's Play (Xbox 360/PS3 Gameplay) - Duration: 13:29. GhostRobo 273,145 views. 13:29 Dark Souls employs minimalist storytelling to convey its plot and lore. Historical events in its world and their significance are often implicit or left to player interpretation rather than being fully shown or explained. Most of the story is given to the player through dialogue from non-player characters within the game, flavor text from items, and world design.

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Use the Dragon: Very early in the game after you kick down the ladder to get under the bridge easily, rest at the bonfire and climb the ladder then go up the stairs. Stand on the bridge for a second or two then go back to the bonfire and the dragon will have killed all the guys. You get 300 souls. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Dark Souls for PlayStation 3.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction. The design ordering process for Dark Souls can be divided into two main categories. The first involves providing the designers with simple keywords we brainstormed during the early stages of project development and allowing them to design freely. We take the images they produce and provide feedback, make adjustments as necessary, or incorporate their ideas into our plans. [...] The second process comes into play once we've settled on the basic details of the game world. At that point we are able to make more detailed design requests. These requests usually include information like how the design will be used, where in the game the design will be used, and the specific purpose of the design in terms of what it will represent in the game. [...] Either way, I am the one who hands out the orders and I work directly with each designer instead of having a middleman between us.[12]

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You can do this shortly after ringing the first bell -- the dragon should either be pacing the bridge, or standing at the entrance waiting for you. You may also have to go to the bridge entrance to lure him out. If you aren't sure if he's in the right place, it will become apparent to you in this next part. Free Shipping On All Orders $35+. Shop Dark Souls Ps3 at Target

Dark Souls Remastered Rumoured to be Announced Today: Jan 11, 2018: Dark Souls Remastered Could Be On The Cards At From Software - Report: Sep 21, 2016: Dark Souls Shifts Over 2.3 Million Units Since its 2011 Release: Apr 12, 2013: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition 'Artorias of the Abyss' DLC Dated: Sep 19, 201 Namco Bandai's yearly financial report stated that the game sold 1.19 million units in the United States and Europe by March 2012.[44] FromSoftware announced in April 2013 that the game had sold 2.37 million units worldwide.[45][46] Dark Souls is the amazing game that everyone played. So it is perfectly understandable that the newcomers had a unique experience with Dark Souls which they simply cannot forget. I think it is like how everyone's favorite MMORPG tends to be the first one they have played. So Demon's Souls/Dark Souls series gives you that feeling Death (whether in human or hollow form) results in the loss of all carried souls and humanity, but players revive as hollows at their most recent bonfire with one chance at returning to where they died to recover all lost souls and humanity. If the player dies before reaching their "bloodstain," the souls and humanity they previously accrued are permanently lost.

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of Zero Punctuation praised Dark Souls for its deep gameplay and immersive atmosphere, but was "disappointed" with the late-game bosses and criticized the difficulty of getting into the game, saying that it would be a critical factor in turning new players off.[42] He later named it the most historically significant game of the 2010s "now that every other game seeks to ape it, and the media calls every milk float with a slightly stiff break pedal 'the Dark Souls of commercial transportation'". Croshaw praised it for "remind[ing] us that games are games" as opposed to "cinematic experiences" like Uncharted, with "their own strengths: depth of exploration and discovery, the satisfaction of overcoming meaty challenges".[43] Dark Souls is often considered to be among the best games ever made.[71][72][73][74][75] Due to its design and philosophy, it is often cited as an essential instance of video games as an art form.[17][76][77] It is also considered one of the most influential video games of its generation;[78] in 2019, GameSpot named it one of the most influential games of the 21st century.[79] Games cited to have been influenced by Dark Souls include Destiny,[80] Alienation,[81] Lords of the Fallen,[82] Salt and Sanctuary,[83] Shovel Knight,[84][85] Titan Souls,[84][86] Enter the Gungeon,[87] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,[88][89] Nioh,[90] God of War,[91][92] Journey, and ZombiU,[78] as well as features used on the PlayStation 4 console.[93] Dark Souls was also cited as an inspiration for the television show Stranger Things.[94]

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-Look on the spine of the case for the dark souls game, on the bottom, a code will be similar to the following. download the the one it reads, and continue installation, (also on disc) -Create a. The PC version was released on August 23, 2012. A user-created mod to circumvent the resolution cap, named DSFix, appeared shortly after release.[26] DSFix was later extended to become an unofficial fan-made patch which additionally allowed graphical improvements, raising the framerate cap to 60, and allowing the installation of custom texture mods.[27] On December 15, 2014, Games for Windows – Live was removed from the Steam version and replaced by Steamworks. The ability to transfer both achievements and save data was provided.[28] In April 2016, Dark Souls became available on Xbox One via backward compatibility.[29] Dark Souls received critical acclaim, with many citing it as one of the greatest video games of all time. Critics praised the depth of its combat, intricate level design, and use of flavor text. However, the game's difficulty received mixed reviews, with some criticizing it for being too unforgiving. The original Windows version of the game was less well-received, with criticism directed at numerous technical issues. By April 2013, the game had sold over two million copies worldwide. The game saw two sequels released in the mid-2010s, while a remastered version, Dark Souls: Remastered, was released in 2018. Throughout the game, there are multiple NPCs that the player may encounter on their journey. These characters add to the plot of the game but are not essential. If the player does choose to engage with them, some of the characters can assist the player by being able to be summoned for certain boss fights when the player character is in human form.

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Eurogamer gave Dark Souls 9/10, praising the level design and atmosphere while noting that the game's difficulty might not appeal to casual gamers.[31] Japanese publication Famitsu gave it a score of 37 out of 40.[32] Darkroot Basin: This place will get you around 7k souls every 3 minutes (depending on the player level and skill). In Darkroot Basin you will find a door sealed with a white circle in the center. The way to open the door is to purchase the key from the blacksmith it will (cost: 20,000). When you open the door you will find 5 human enemies: a Mage, a Clerk, an Axe Wielder, a Thief and a Knight. The Knight and the Thief are in ghost form so you cannot lock on to them which makes fighting them a bit of a hassle, but still you can avoid them by staying on the right side near the edge and pulling the other 3 enemies. Fighting only the three enemies will get you 5,000 each run. Make your way to the adjacent bridge where you fought the Taurus Demon. If the Dragon is in the correct position, you will be able to see him from the bridge. Head over to one of the places where the wall is broken on the right side of the bridge  (The one right after a pile of bricks toward the middle of the bridge should work fine). Line up a shot (this takes practice) and fire at the Dragon. If done correctly, he should disappear from your screen. After about thirty seconds, you'll hear a roar, and gain 10,000 souls as well as a humanity.

GameSpot scored Dark Souls a 9.5/10. Much praise was given to the online system, as well as the sense of jubilation felt when conquering boss fights after numerous failed attempts. They also suggested that casual gamers may struggle to progress, whereas role-playing game enthusiasts will thrive on the difficulty.[34] IGN gave Dark Souls a 9.0/10, praising the well-thought-out level design, variety, strong emphasis on online features, excessively dark tone and atmosphere, and deep gameplay. While praising the extreme difficulty, they stated that "there's a difference between punishing, and downright unfair."[40] Anor Londo: Once you get into the main building in Anor Londo there is a segment with a bonfire/silver knights that respawn/the sunlight knight(if still alive)If you have the covetous silver serpent ring(acquired on a ledge near the bottom of the Tomb of the Giants)this ring raises the soul amount of any kill this can net you 900 souls per silver knight and 1080 if you have the ring mentioned above. once you open all the doors on floor with the bonfire(4 knights on this floor in total)you can reset at the bonfire and get 4,000+ in a short time assuming that you can one hit kill them with magic or some other option depending on your character. New Game +[edit]Upon completing Dark Souls, you are given the option to restart the game in a New Game + Mode. You will retain all of your weapons, armor and souls, but not unique items like keys or Embers. Although you begin the game much stronger than before, the enemies also spike in difficulty. Their health and attack values raise nearly twice the original amount this time around.

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to the shocking hit 2009 multi-award winning title Demon's Souls (2009 Game of the Year -Gamespot, Best RPG for PS3 - IGN, Best New IP - GameTrailers, Game of the Year - PC World) arrives on PS3 and it's bringing the hurt like you won't believe. Prepare to Die Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Prepare to Die again in the complete Dark Souls II experience with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Hallmark challenge & reward await you with augmentations, additions and enhancements fueled by the passion and talent of famed Japanese studio FromSoftware

In the Artorias of the Abyss expansion, the player is dragged into the past by the Manus, Father of the Abyss to the land of Oolacile, which is being corrupted by Manus after the people awoke and angered him. Artorias, one of Lord Gwyn's four knights goes to defeat Manus and rescue the Princess Dusk. Artorias is defeated and corrupted by the abyss, however, and the player must defeat him. The player then goes on to defeat Manus, although the victory is attributed to Artorias later, creating a paradox. The player character's interaction with the world of Dark Souls includes a great deal of combat. Combat includes melee attacks, various forms of defensive maneuvering, and magical abilities. For melee attacks, player characters have access to a wide array of high fantasy, medieval-style weaponry—including swords, spears, maces, and more—as well as imaginary, fantastical weaponry—including magical swords, humongous greatswords, and immense clubs. For defense, player characters have access to shields, armor, dodge rolling, and parrying. For magic, which includes a wide variety of offensive and defensive abilities known as sorceries, miracles, and pyromancies, player characters do not use any form of mana as in most other fantasy RPGs - instead, they gain a discrete number of uses for each attuned spell when resting at a bonfire. These various forms of combat all have tradeoffs, variations, and in-game costs associated with them; and they can all be buffed or altered in some fashion through leveling, smithing, consumable items, magical rings, and new equipment. Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances; Modification permission You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features without permission from or credit to m A central element to the gameplay of Dark Souls is the bonfire. Bonfires are scattered throughout the world and serve as checkpoints for each level. By resting at a bonfire, the player character is healed to full and regains all of the healing charges of their "Estus Flask." They can also level up and perform other functions, such as attuning magic, and repairing and upgrading equipment. However, resting at a bonfire respawns all of the world's enemies, except for bosses and friendly non-playable characters.

The opening cutscene establishes the premise of the game. Dragons once ruled the world during the "Age of Ancients." A primordial fire known as the First Flame manifests in the world, establishing a distinction between life and death, as well as light and dark. Four beings find "Lord Souls" near the First Flame, granting immense power: Gwyn the Lord of Sunlight, Nito the First of the Dead, the Witch of Izalith, and the Furtive Pygmy. Gwyn, Nito, and the Witch use their new power to destroy the dragons and take control over the world, while the Furtive Pygmy is said to be forgotten, and this begins the "Age of Fire." Over time, the First Flame begins to fade while humans rise in power, and Gwyn sacrifices himself to prolong the Age of Fire. The main story takes place towards the end of this second Age of Fire, at which point humanity is said to be afflicted with an undead curse, related to a symbol on their bodies known as the Darksign. Those humans afflicted with the undead curse perpetually resurrect after death, until they eventually lose their minds, a process referred to as "hollowing." Dark Souls™ is the new action RPG from the developers who brought you Demon's Souls, FromSoftware. Prepare for a new, despair-inducing world, centered around the world of Lodran, where players must take on seemingly insurmountable challenges. With days of game play and an even more punishing diffic We recommend getting the technique down using the Estus Flask so that you can just refill them at a bonfire afterword. It's important to note that you will lose whatever item it is at the end of the technique.

Dark Souls is a third-person, action-RPG genre game developed by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Games as the publisher of this game. The game allows you to customize the character to your liking, according to your own preferences, but you can also choose for yourself the most suitable weapon to fight such as swords, shields, spears TALES OF XILLIA draws players into the grand adventures of Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in ...

Unequip any headgear you may have and make sure that the only two items you have in your usable slots are the Dragon Head Stone and the Estus Flask. The next part is strange and requires some very quick and precise timing. Have your character face away you with the Dragon Head Stone equipped. As soon as you use the item, turn around so that you are now facing the camera, while simultaneously hitting down on the D-Pad and holding the use button again. If your timing worked, you're character will enter the fire-breathing animation, but instead will continually use whatever item you ended up switching to. This will last for as long as you hold down the "Use" button, long after you run out of whatever item it is. Dark Souls II is a very smart and massive game. By deep systems, intense confrontations between players and perform attacks, blocks or dodges to survive each fierce match. All download links for Dark Souls I

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  1. Dark Souls is a third-person action role-playing game. A core mechanic of the game is exploration. Players are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternative areas to explore. Dark Souls takes place in a large and continuous open world environment, connected through a central hub area (Firelink Shrine). The player character can travel between areas and explore various paths at will, although prerequisites have to be met to unlock certain areas.[1][2][3][4]
  2. imal that originally there were no plans to make it on the PC, but with the strong petition from the North American and European fans, even with the lack of experience of working on a PC platform we still did our best to try to get it out as fast as possible. [The problems] were expected to a certain extent.
  3. Developed By From Software, Dark Souls II is the highly anticipated sequel to the punishing 2011 breakout hit Dark Souls (9.5/10 Gamespot, 9.0/10 Ign). The unique Old-School Action RPG experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and intense emotional reward
  4. Many of the game's locations were directly inspired by real world locations, such as the Château de Chambord in France and Milan Cathedral in Italy.[12][18]
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  6. One time license fee entitles play on up to 2 PlayStation® 3 systems activated by this account. DARK SOULS™Ⅱ & ©2014 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. ©2011-2014 FromSoftware, Inc. Add-Ons DARK SOULS™ II Crown of the Ivory King. Level. PS3. $9.99

For Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 3 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 40 cheat codes and secrets, 38 trophies, 10 reviews, 51 critic reviews, and 41 user screenshots In 2013, Digital Spy named Dark Souls the best game of the seventh console generation.[64] In 2014, Edge magazine named Dark Souls the best game of the seventh generation of game consoles, noting that while some may initially tire of it, "We've yet to meet a single player for whom persistence has not been enough to transform apathy into all-consuming love." [65] In September 2015, Dark Souls topped the magazine's special issue The 100 Greatest Videogames.[66]

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Dark Souls Remastered Could Be On The Cards At From Software - Report: Sep 21, 2016: Dark Souls Shifts Over 2.3 Million Units Since its 2011 Release: Apr 12, 2013: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition 'Artorias of the Abyss' DLC Dated: Sep 19, 2012: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Coming to Consoles in October: Aug 27, 2012: View past article A legend is born in this open-world adventure. Assume the role of the Arisen, a legendary hero in a land haunted by a...During the fight with the gargoyle on the top of the church, position yourself behind the enemy boss and attack the tail. Once you've lopped off the tail (Monster Hunter style) and claimed it, you will receive the Gargoyle's Tail Axe (check your inventory). The weapon comes with 93 attack and can be upgraded for additional damage. Note that the axe requires 14 strength and 14 dexterity to wield. Warning: Please keep in mind that it is always risky to quit a game while it’s saving or loading. Dark Souls goes so far as to even warn you about the possibility of corrupting your data while doing this. That being said, this is a way to truly cheat death if you’re willing to take the risk. 1) Note: This WILL kill the Red Dragon completely and you will not see him again in the game. So if you need to get anything from it, do so before attempting this.

You can enjoy Dark Souls on Xbox 360 as well as PS3. Demon's Souls was a PS3 exclusive. HUMANITY; The World Alignment system has been thrown out. It has been succeeded by (in my honest opinion) a superior system The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Dark Souls for PlayStation 3 (PS3) Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to the shocking hit 2009 multi-award winning title Demon's Souls (2009 Game of the Year -Gamespot, Best RPG for PS3 - IGN, Best New IP - GameTrailers, Game of the Year - PC World) arrives on PS3 and it's bringing the hurt like you won't believe. Prepare to Die. The unique old-school action RPG experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and...Usually when you die in Dark Souls, you warp back to your last bonfire and all of the enemies you killed respawn. However, when the screen fades to black after the words You Died are displayed, you can cheat death by hitting the “PS” button and choosing “Quit Game.” Reload your save, and you’ll find yourself back at the exact spot you died with full health and all of the enemies still dead. You’ll still have to grab your bloodstain to regain your souls, but it should be just a few steps away.

Dark Souls is a dark-fantasy action role-playing game by From Software, and is considered a spiritual successor to the studio's 2009 hit Demon's Souls Miyazaki stated that the game draws direct inspiration from earlier works of fantasy and dark fantasy, especially the manga series Berserk.[12][13] He has described the driving aesthetic principal of the game as being "a certain kind of refinement, elegance, and dignity".[12] He also described the themes which guided the design of the game in the following way: "I put three major guidelines in place: Gods and knights centered around Anor Londo, demonic chaos and flames centered around Lost Izalith, and the theme of death centered around Gravelord Nito. To these themes we added the special concept of ancient dragons that predate all life, and this formed the basis for Dark Souls".[12] Another aspect of Dark Souls is the "humanity" system. There are two forms the player character can be in during the game, human form or hollow form. Whenever the player character dies in human form, they are returned to hollow form and can only have their humanity restored by consuming an item. The player character must be in human form to summon other players. While in human form, however, the player may be subjected to invasions by other players and non-player characters (NPC) who seek to kill the player to restore their humanity, harvest souls, or achieve some other goal. Humanity can be acquired in many ways, and if no humanity is available, players are still able to progress in hollow form. Dark Souls received positive reviews from critics upon its release. One of the reviewers for Dark Souls described it as "a very hardcore dark-fantasy [role-playing game]" that is "role-playing right down to the roots,, and stated that the "massive field map and powerful enemies serve to rev up both your sense of adventure and your sense of dread." Another reviewer said that "the sheer happiness you get after the trial-and-error pays off and you overcome the challenge is absolutely impossible to replicate."[39] Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay

The player character is a cursed undead, locked away in an undead asylum. After escaping the asylum, the player travels to Lordran to ring the Bells of Awakening. The bells awaken Kingseeker Frampt, who tells the player to ascend to Anor Londo, the home of the Gods. In Anor Londo, Gwynevere instructs the player to succeed Lord Gwyn and fulfill the prophecy. To accomplish this, the player must acquire the Lord Souls of the Witch of Izalith, Nito, the Four Kings, and Seath the Scaleless. Optionally, the player may encounter Darkstalker Kaathe who encourages the player not to link the fire but to let it die out and usher in the Age of Dark instead. Once the player acquires the Lord Souls, they travel to the Kiln of the First Flame to battle Gwyn. Once Gwyn has been defeated, the player has the choice of linking the flame to preserve the Age of Fire, or letting it die out to instigate the Age of Dark. Rated 5 out of 5 by rickatech and henauker from Dark Souls, PS3 Unforgiving combat adventure progression, very well implemented and satisfying. Date published: 2019-06-05 Rated 5 out of 5 by thegooch from Dark Souls This game is amazing and you can spend hours just making your character At the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards (now known as the D.I.C.E. Awards), Dark Souls was nominated for "Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year".[63] Jason Killingsworth wrote a response to Thomsen's review for Edge, arguing that the game's "vertigo-inducing breadth makes it the gaming equivalent of a marathon."[41] Killingsworth praised the game's length and addictive nature.[41] Edge later retroactively awarded the game 10 out of 10 in their October 2013 20th anniversary issue, stating that over time the breadth and quality of the game's design had overruled complaints about its difficulty.[30] A remastered version of the game, titled Dark Souls: Remastered, was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows in May 2018, and for the Nintendo Switch on October 19, 2018.[107][108] The remaster was ported by the Polish studio QLOC, whereas the Switch version was ported by the Singaporean studio Virtuos. The game runs at a native 60 frames per second on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch and supports a 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Windows.[109] Several changes were made to the online multiplayer, including the addition of dedicated servers, the maximum number of players online increased from four to six, and the addition of password matchmaking, first introduced in Dark Souls III.[110][111][112]

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  2. The game was first released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan on September 22, 2011, and in Western regions in October 2011. Following the game's success, many expressed their hope for a PC version.[19] In early 2012, fans started a petition to bring Dark Souls to PC, with over 93,000 people signing it.[20] A PC version of the game was confirmed in April 2012 via German magazine PC Action.[21] It had been reported during the development process that FromSoftware had been having difficulty with the port due to inexperience with PC as a platform and were focusing on new content rather than optimization.[22] Re-branded as the Prepare To Die Edition, it came out in August 2012 and featured new content, including bosses, enemies, equipment, and NPCs.[23] The new content, subtitled Artorias of the Abyss, was also released for consoles in October 2012 in the form of downloadable content (DLC).[24] Soon after, it was announced that Dark Souls for PC would use Games for Windows – Live for online play and DRM, spurring fan backlash.[25]
  3. About Genre Action Rating Rated M for Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, ViolenceSummary A spiritual successor to Demons Souls, the action RPG Dark Souls is set in a rich, dark fantasy universe.
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Yes,because Dark Souls is definitely casualElite Knight Helmet 3D Model,#Knight#Elite | Knights

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Dark Souls II - PS3 ISO - Playstation 3 ROM

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