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  1. The second Tomorrowland opened on October 1, 1971 at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, and, like at Disneyland, was opened unfinished. On opening day, only two attractions opened: the Grand Prix Raceway, and the Skyway to Fantasyland.
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  3. Nearly 140,000 attended the event, and their direct expenditures added $28.7 million into the local economy in areas such as lodging, restaurants and sight-seeing, TomorrowWorld officials said.
  4. van Buuren, Cor Fijneman, Yves Deruyter, Technoboy, Yoji Biomehanika and Coone.[5]
  5. 2007 was the last time the main stage appeared with such a simple look, although with four screens popping up in amongst a whole wall of lights, the visual show was starting to get a little more serious.
  6. From humble low-key beginnings over a decade ago, Tomorrowland has become the biggest dance music party the world has ever seen.
  7. A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods.

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Thank You Subscribers - Tomorrowland. 5 million souls united on YouTube. Thank you for your love and support. Tomorrowland 2013 Tomorrowland 2014 Tomorrowland 2015 Tomorrowland 2005 Tomorrowland 2006 Tomorrowland 2007 Tomorrowland 2008 Tomorrowland 2009 Tomorrowland 2010 Tomorrowland 2011 Tomorrowland 2012 Tomorrowland 2016 TomorrowWorld. The second edition of Tomorrowland Brasil took place once again at Itu in São Paulo, Brasil during April 21–23, 2016. The lineup included Axwell & Ingrosso, Ferry Corsten, Laidback Luke, Loco Dice, Markus Schulz, Afrojack, Alesso, Armin van Buuren, Chris Lake, Infected Mushroom, Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Solomun, Steve Angello, and many others.[56]

Originally conceived as Discovery Mountain, it was originally proposed to hold more than one attraction, including an improved version of Horizons from Epcot, a larger Nautilus walk-through complete with a restaurant and a free-fall ride based on Journey to the Center of the Earth. But due to budget cuts, it opened in 1995 as Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune (From the Earth to the Moon). Beside the Space Mountain show building is the Nautilus Lagoon, with a walk-through recreation of the Nautilus submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. An alternate reality game, The Optimist, was created by Walt Disney Imagineering with Walt Disney Studios to create the world of Tomorrowland and to introduce the movie to the Disney theme park fanbase. It occurred in a fictionalized version of Disney history and players interacted with multiple characters that led them on a hunt across a variety of places with clues and puzzles leading to more. It ran from July 8, 2013, to August 11, 2013. It led players around the Anaheim area and within Disneyland itself and culminated at the D23 Expo.[60][61]

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released a teaser trailer for Tomorrowland on October 9, 2014.[50] Beginning in mid-April, a sneak peek of the film was presented at Disneyland and Epcot in the Tomorrowland and Imagination Pavilion theaters, respectively.[51] Tomorrowland held its world premiere at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California on May 9, 2015.[9] The film was released on May 22, 2015 in theaters and IMAX.[12] Tomorrowland was the first film to be released in Dolby Vision format in Dolby Cinema in North America.[13][52][53] Luckily, 2010 brought peace and love back in a big way. The kind, smiling Zon (Sun) beamed out from under a rainbow frame, while waterlily towers (why not?) started to build the stage outwards with extra elements for the first time.

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The 16th edition of Tomorrowland will take place in the summer of 2021 and the dates will be July 16-18 and July 23-25. As a general guideline, we can already say that all tickets purchased for Tomorrowland 2020 will be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021 In November 2016, it was announced that Tomorrowland Brasil would not return due to concerns over the country's economic stability.[57]

Tomorrowland has also organized Unite with Tomorrowland events in other countries, which serve as a satellite link to the main event in Belgium featuring live streams from the festival with synchronized effects, joined by in-person headliners.[64] Unite with Tomorrowland currently operates in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Taiwan, Malta, South Korea, Greece, and Israel.[65] Tomorrowland was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on October 13, 2015.[57] The Blu-ray and digital releases include behind-the-scenes featurettes, the Plus-Ultra animated short film, and deleted scenes.[58] Tomorrowland sold out days before the event, with a record attendance of 120,000 visitors over two days, in 2010 Dada Life, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Tara McDonald wrote the official anthem "Tomorrow/Give Into The Night",[6] performing the song twice on the main stage after Swedish House Mafia. The track was made by Like Mike, Dada Life and Dimitri Vegas and the vocal melody and lyrics were written and recorded by Tara McDonald. The song reached number 5 in the Belgian commercial charts and is the biggest selling anthem for Tomorrowlands to date. The festival's theme was "Zon (Sun)" and was nominated for the Best Music Event by the International Dance Music Awards in 2011.[7]

Sean Anderson partners with his mom's husband on a mission to find his grandfather, who is thought to be missing on a mythical island. Between the years of 1995 - 1998 several Tomorrowland attractions were slated to be closed or remodeled. The Peoplemover, The Rocket Jets, Mission to Mars, Circle-Vision 360, Captain EO and the Starcade were all permanently closed or planned for renovation. At this time, most of these attractions were left vacant or walled off from the public. David Edelstein of New York magazine gave the film a positive review, stating that "Tomorrowland is the most enchanting reactionary cultural diatribe ever made. It's so smart, so winsome, so utterly rejuvenating that you'll have to wait until your eyes have dried and your buzz has worn off before you can begin to argue with it."[90] Inkoo Kang of TheWrap also wrote a positive review, saying "Tomorrowland is a globe-trotting, time-traveling caper whose giddy visual whimsies and exuberant cartoon violence are undermined by a coy mystery that stretches as long as the line for "Space Mountain" on a hot summer day."[91] Brian Truitt of USA Today gave the film three out of four stars, saying "A spectacular ride for most of it, and while you're a little let down at the end, you kind of want to jump back on and do it all over again."[92]

Several new attractions opened in 1955. Among them were Tomorrowland Boats, The World Beneath Us, which showed the Earth's geology, and the Aluminum Hall of Fame, sponsored by Kaiser Aluminum. The final Tomorrowland attraction to open in 1955 was The Flight Circle which demonstrated methanol-powered model planes, boats and cars. Tomorrowland reopened on May 22, 1998, at the cost of a mere $100 million, as the land was hit with budget cuts from Disneyland's president at the time, Paul Pressler. It is loosely based on the retro-futurist concepts of Jules Verne that Disneyland Paris's Discoveryland featured. The entire land was painted in bronzes, golds, and dark browns, with occasional green highlights. New landscaping featured apparent vegetable plots and made reference to "neo-agrarian" concepts. The flagship attraction of the makeover was the Rocket Rods, which attempted to run a fast-paced ride on the former slow-paced PeopleMover track; the ride closed three years later due to intractable mechanical problems. Brian Skutle of Sonic Cinema gave the film a B–, saying "What's so surprising about the film isn't how simple the story is, but how lacking of energy the whole thing is. Gone is the excitement and passion that drove The Incredibles and Ratatouille, the high-wire suspense of Ghost Protocol and the nostalgic feeling of The Iron Giant. Bird feels less like the author of this film and more like a hired hand to give Disney a big-budget tentpole based on studio notes."[96] Forrest Wickman, of Slate Magazine, said the film's "politics might be a little incoherent, or naïve. It is a kids' movie, after all."[97] Anthony Perrotta of Entropy commented that the film was inspired by the beliefs of both Walt Disney and Ayn Rand, similarly to Andrew Ryan, the villain in BioShock who constructed Rapture, a city that resembles Tomorrowland in its secrecy and intention to encourage scientific development of idealists by isolating them from the rest of the world.[98] Amy Nicholson of LA Weekly gave the film a B+, saying "Bird has made a film that every child should see. And if his $190 million dream flops, he'll be asking the same question as his movie: When did it become uncool to care?"[99] In 1995, the cost of an adult day pass at Disneyland was $34.00, and a Disneyland Annual Pass was $99.00. There was only one type of annual pass—as opposed to the current tiered system—and most Southern California locals had passes. Tomorrowland quickly became a local hang out for many local junior high and high school teenagers residing in Southern California. Teenagers congregated near the Tomorrowland Terrace, which featured a live band every night.

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As announced on July 20, 2014, by David Guetta's streamed Tomorrowland set to Brazil, and on the Tomorrowland website, the next edition to Tomorrowland Brasil was held on May 1–3, 2015 in Itu, São Paulo. Various DJ's performed such as W&W, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Showtek, Steve Aoki, and many more main stage performers. Some of the stage hosts were Revealed Recordings, Dim Mak, Smash The House, Q-Dance, Super You & Me and many more. The largest counter service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom was the Tomorrowland Terrace. America the Beautiful opened in November, and Flight to the Moon opened late on Christmas Eve, 1971, due to technical problems. The south show building received an expansion in 1972, which housed If You Had Wings. The south building was further expanded in 1973, opening the Plaza Pavilion, which was an open-air restaurant, and served as a convenient way of getting from Main Street to Tomorrowland quickly. In July 2010, Disneyland's Star Wars-themed motion simulator attraction Star Tours was closed to make room for its sequel, Star Tours—The Adventures Continue. The new ride, which featured other Star Wars destinations in 3-D, opened on June 3, 2011.[citation needed] A gothic cathedral of dance music sprung up in the heart of The Secret Kingdom of Melodia in 2015. Imposing, powerful, and reaching for the sky, it was the tallest design so far.Even with some impressive headliners on the lineup – Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Sven Väth – it was impossible to know what the festival would grow into.

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  1. In 1973, the plans for Tomorrowland were finalized; and for about two years, construction was a common sight. In 1974, Star Jets, a spinner attraction sat on the WEDWay Peoplemover station. It resembled a Saturn V Rocket like its Disneyland cousin, the Rocket Jets. The ride vehicles between the two had some differences. The Disneyland Rockets were more narrow and resembled the central Saturn V rocket more, while the Magic Kingdom's vehicles look more like jets, hence the name "Star Jets".The Space Bar, another restaurant opened below the Peoplemover station.
  2. Back in 2005, Tomorrowland introduced itself to the world with a main stage that was pretty decent for a first attempt, but not exactly spectacular.
  3. Coordinates: 51°05′32″N 4°23′08″E / 51.092176°N 4.385537°E / 51.092176; 4.385537
  4. A. O. Scott of The New York Times gave the film a negative review, saying "It's important to note that Tomorrowland is not disappointing in the usual way. It's not another glib, phoned-in piece of franchise mediocrity, but rather a work of evident passion and conviction. What it isn't is in any way convincing or enchanting."[85] Lou Lumenick of the New York Post gave the film two out of four stars, saying "The film never adds up to the sum of its parts, effectively a two-hour trailer for a movie I'd still be interested in seeing."[86] Steven Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying "Unlikely to be remembered in decades to come – or even in months to come, once the next teenage dystopian fantasy inserts itself into movie houses."[87]
  5. Tomorrowland (also known as Project T in some regions and subtitled A World Beyond in some other regions) is a 2015 American science-fiction mystery adventure film directed and co-written by Brad Bird.Bird co-wrote the film's screenplay with Damon Lindelof, from an original story treatment by Bird, Lindelof and Jeff Jensen. The film stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey.
  6. Just like the 2013 design, the 2014 stage made it to Chattahoochie Hills for TomorrowWorld 2015, and then to Brazil in 2016, for the second (and so far, final) year of Tomorrowland's South American edition.
  7. In 1993, The Walt Disney Company planned a major refurbishment, "Tomorrowland 2055". This Tomorrowland was planned to have more of an extraterrestrial theme, and was going to replace Mission to Mars with ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. In 1994, however, this plan was scrapped due to the poor initial financial performance of Euro Disneyland.[3]

In late 2003, Matt Ouimet became president of the Disneyland Resort and sought to change some of the cost-cutting trends that had become the status quo there. Space Mountain was closed for two full years while the ride was refurbished and repainted white, the original color of the attraction, and the track was completely replaced by a new track with the same track plan. The former Rocket Rods queue building was converted into Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for a 2005 opening.[citation needed] Architecturally designed using Jules Verne's vision of the future as inspiration, the land is laid out very differently from its predecessors. Many Tomorrowland classics are featured in Discoveryland, such as Autopia and Orbitron, some in an altered way, but Space Mountain is changed the most. Its theme is Steampunk/Clockpunk, with elements of Raygun Gothic. While keeping information about the plot secret, when asked in November 2012 whether the project would be Star Wars: Episode VII, Bird denied the rumor, but confirmed that Tomorrowland would be a science-fiction film,[23] with Lindelof adding that the film would not center on extraterrestrials.[24] Coincidentally, Bird had been tapped to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, but turned down the offer in order to work on Tomorrowland.[25] Later that month, George Clooney entered negotiations to star in the film.[26] In February 2013, Hugh Laurie joined the film.[27][28] In July 2013, Britt Robertson was cast.[29] In 2007, as part of the Year of a Million Dreams, the Submarine Voyage reopened as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, with the submarines fully refurbished and repowered with batteries rather than diesel engines and a theme based around the 2003 film Finding Nemo[citation needed]

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Official Aftermovie - Tomorrowland 2005 - Tomorrowland Media Collectio Tomorrowland is a Belgian electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium.Tomorrowland was first held in 2005. It now stretches over two weekends and usually sells out in minutes During post-production, a number of scenes featuring actress Judy Greer as Jenny Newton, Casey's (Robertson) late mother were cut in order to improve the film's runtime. Greer's role was reduced to minor cameo, while actor Lochlyn Munro, who portrayed Casey's live-in uncle Anthony, had his scenes removed completely.[49]


2005 . Before aftermovies became a recognised tradition amongst big festivals, Tomorrowland was pushing forward and making themselves know. It's strange to think that this short 3 minute video would be the beginning of a legacy which would stretch from a couple hundred (some with free tickets) to thousands of electronic fans passing through Many of the attractions remained fundamentally the same, but Circle-Vision, Captain EO, and Mission to Mars were all removed. The space formerly occupied by Circle-Vision was partly used for the queue of the Rocket Rods, while Captain EO was replaced by Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and Mission To Mars was replaced by a restaurant called Redd Rockett's Pizza Port. The Rocket Jets attraction was redressed as a moving sculpture called the Observatron, while a similar attraction called the Astro Orbiter was placed at ground level in the entrance of Tomorrowland where the World Clock once stood. The former America Sings theater became Innoventions, a technology showcase based on the Walt Disney World: EPCOT original. The famous Tomorrowland attraction Space Mountain, which had been a gleaming white color for more than twenty years, was re-painted a copperish-brown color to go along with the redesign of Tomorrowland.[5] Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland was designed as a loose copy of Disney World's original Tomorrowland, particularly the main entryway which features nearly identical waterfalls and blue spires flanking the walkway. As is the case with other areas of Tokyo Disneyland, Tomorrowland has fewer attractions and more open spaces than its American counterparts, a move designed to facilitate a larger number of park guests. Notably missing is a PeopleMover-type attraction, whose tracks and ride vehicles have been conspicuous features of other Tomorrowland landscapes.

Tomorrowland 2016 took place on 22, 23, and 24 July. The theme for the year was "The Elixir of Life" and saw 180,000 visitors. The 2016 edition of Tomorrowland saw a surprise set from Tiësto on the Thursday prior to the weekend and was sponsored by Budweiser.[20] Other performers included Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and number one DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.[21] Tomorrowland 2013 brought €70 million to the Belgian economy, €19 million of which was spent by people living outside of Belgium. In 2016 the festival brought €100 million and employed 700 people full-time before and during the festival.[73] 2017 reported a similar value, again bringing €100 million to the local economy but this year employing a reported 12,000 people during the festival.[81] A crew of 12,000 was also employed for the 2018 edition.[82] Shop the Latest Collection at Lyst. Find More of the Fashion You Love Tomorrowland grossed $93.4 million in North America and $115.7 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $209.2 million, against a budget of $190 million.[4] A frustrated circus magician from Kansas is transported to a magical land called Oz, where he will have to fulfill a prophecy to become the king, and release the land from the Wicked Witches using his great (but fake) powers.

Like the newer generations of the American Tomorrowlands, Hong Kong's version features an emphasis on metallic trim, with lots of blue and purple hues. In August 2014, UFO Zone was suspended in preparation for "Tomorrowland Party Zone", a stage as part of "Disney's Haunted Halloween". Interesting to note is that the spaceship atop the Cool Scanner misting station is actually a prop from the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator.[10] Debby Wilmsen is a press agent for the festival, and she told me that although Tomorrowland started in 2005 with only 9,000 people attending, the festival's popularity continued to grow until they. Onscreen, Key's character introduces himself as Hugo Gernsback, a tribute to the influence of the man renowned as one of the "Fathers of Science Fiction" and the namesake of the Hugo Awards.[11] To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the festival, and to meet the high demand for tickets, the 2014 edition of Tomorrowland would be held over two weekends; 18–20 July and 25–27 July. The line-up for both weekends would be more or less the same. In April 2014, MTV announced that it would produce two hour-long MTV World Stage specials featuring performances from the festival (to be aired in August 2014), and that it would produce a documentary surrounding the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland.[15] On April 16, composer Hans Zimmer and Tomorrowland announced that they combined forces for the creation of a classical hymn that would premiere during the 10th anniversary edition of Tomorrowland. Veteran DJ Dave Clark, who hosted the second largest stage, believes that “a more diverse lineup that covered a wider range of underground music” was Tomorrowland 2014's top selling point.[16] Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike again were responsible for the Tomorrowland anthem, this year working with W & W for the song "Waves".[6] 360,000 people attended Tomorrowland 2014 which won the International Dance Music Award for Best Global Festival during the ceremony in March 2015.[17]

In October 2015, Bird commented on some of the film's criticisms: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}After the architectural homage of the previous year, The Elixir of Life reunited Tomorrowland with the natural world. The canopy of a hidden forest world loomed over artists and crowd.Space Mountain was completely refurbished in 2005 for the Happiest Celebration on Earth, with a new soundtrack and special effects. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast opened April 8, 2006, in the former building of Le Visionarium, which closed in September 2004.

Tomorrowland Belgium. 17 - 19 & 24 - 26 July 2020. Ticket info Enter website This Tomorrowland somewhat resembled Disneyland's Tomorrowland at the time, with large white buildings and clean geometric shapes. The triangular buildings at Disneyland were fully realized, and the opening of the Tomorrowland here had two enormous pylons which cascaded water down into the castle moat. Complementing the Pylons were two large blue triangular walls which also released water into the moat. These waterfalls were often shut off as the slightest change of wind could spray water all over guests. In the early 80's the Waterfalls were turned off for good, and a large mosaic was painted on the blue walls, and some blue stripes were painted on the two pylons.

Tomorrowland was released in conventional and IMAX formats on May 22, 2015,[12][13] and was the first theatrical film to be released in Dolby Vision and Dolby Cinema.[13][14] Upon its release, the film received mixed reviews from critics, earning praise for its original premise, acting, musical score, action, visuals, and themes, but criticism in regards to the screenplay's uneven writing and tone and the lack of focus on the titular city.[15][16] The film grossed $209 million worldwide against a total production and marketing cost of $330 million, losing Disney $120–140 million, though these figures do not take into account revenue from home media, merchandising and syndication.[17][18][19] The reclusive, cynical Frank declines Casey’s request to take her to Tomorrowland, having been banished from it years ago. Inside Frank’s house, Casey finds a probability counter marking the end of the world. Frank warns her that the future is doomed, but she disagrees, thus lowering the counter’s probability. Animatronic assassins arrive to kill Casey, but she and Frank escape, meeting Athena in the woods outside Frank's house. Frank resents Athena for lying to him about her true nature, but reluctantly agrees to help them get to Tomorrowland. Bueno chicos, espero les halla gustado el vídeo si les gusto, no se olviden de suscribirse y dejar su gran like para mucho mas contenido. También me pueden s.. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that while you’re getting goosebumps at the MainStage in Belgium, literally millions of people around the world are watching my performance, even organizing home parties and having an amazing time as well.” - Armin van Buuren“Not only has the growth of the event itself been amazing but also the content that they produce, like the live registration and after-movie. It just gets better and better each year. I think it’s great that people at home can watch the live stream and experience the festival as if they were there themselves.” - David Guetta

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  1. At Tomorrowland music festival, luxury can be a main event. Tomorrowland's popularity has exploded since it launched in 2005 with attendance topping 400,000 this year. The event is among a.
  2. Frank passes the narration to the optimistic teenager Casey Newton. In the present, Casey repeatedly sabotages the planned demolition of a NASA launch site in Florida. Her father, Eddie, is a NASA engineer, but faces losing his job. Casey is eventually caught and arrested. At the police station, she finds a pin in her belongings (which appears similar to the pin young Frank was given by Athena, but colored oppositely). While touching it, the pin transports her to Tomorrowland. Her adventure is cut short when the pin's battery runs out, frustrating her.
  3. g the main stage into an underwater melange of coral, shells and the centrepiece: a giant seahorse.
  4. Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, an insectoid alien race who had previously tried to invade Earth and had inflicted heavy losses on humankind.
  5. The face evolved again in 2011, as The Tree of Life sunk its roots and watched over an enchanted forest of lollipops and mushrooms.

This was a resurrection of the famed 2012 theme, which upped the ante on festival stage production forever and challenged the rest of the festival world to try and keep up.Colin Covert of the Star Tribune gave the film two out of four stars, saying "A well-oiled machine of visuals, and yet a wobbling rattletrap of storytelling, the sci-fi fantasy Tomorrowland is an unwieldy clunker driven into the ditch at full speed."[83] James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying "For a while, it doesn't matter that the plot meanders. The story seems like a jigsaw puzzle inviting us to solve it. That's the fun part. However, when the resolution is presented, it underwhelms."[84] In 1957, the Monsanto House of the Future, a plastic house with four wings cantilevered from a central plinth, was built. This was similar to precursors at previous World's Fairs, though those were simply homes furnished with modern conveniences and aimed at housewives. Disneyland's attraction displayed conveniences such as picture phones and television remote controls, and it introduced many people to their first microwave oven. The Viewliner also opened where guests could ride in "the fastest miniature train in the world." It closed the next year making it the shortest lived Disney attraction ever. The first Tomorrowland opened at Disneyland on July 17, 1955, with only several of its planned attractions open, due to budget cuts. The construction of the park was rushed, so Tomorrowland was the last land to be finished. It became something of a corporate showcase, despite Walt Disney's reluctance. Monsanto Company, American Motors, Richfield Oil, and Dutch Boy Paint were some of the many companies to open showcases in Tomorrowland in the first few years.[citation needed] Upon its first week of release on home media in the U.S., the film debuted at number 3 at the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, and number 4 at the Blu-ray Disc sales chart with 47% of unit sales coming from Blu-ray.[59]

Using a teleportation device, the trio travel to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Frank explains that Gustave Eiffel, Jules Verne, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison co-founded Plus Ultra, a secret society of futurists, creating Tomorrowland in another dimension, free to make scientific breakthroughs without obstruction. The trio use an antique rocket hidden beneath the Eiffel Tower – called the Spectacle – to travel to Tomorrowland. On March 21, 2015 Innoventions closed to become transformed into the Tomorrowland Expo Center. The building was closed and converted which reopened to guests on November 16, 2015. The first floor of the building hosts the "Star Wars Launch Bay", a new Star Wars exhibit with character meet and greets, displays featuring movie props and various sneak peeks behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the two other future Star Wars films. The second floor formerly hosted the "Super Hero HQ", featuring meet and greets with Marvel characters Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man with several displays from Innoventions remaining, but redressed to display Marvel's various television series and comic strips. In 1959, three major attractions, the park's first billed E-ticket attractions, opened at Tomorrowland. These were the Disneyland Monorail, Submarine Voyage, and the Matterhorn (which later became part of Fantasyland). These additions were collectively so large in scope that they were televised as the second opening of Disneyland. New attractions came and some went as Walt Disney focused his efforts on the 1964–65 New York World's Fair. After the Fair closed, he turned his attention to a new Tomorrowland and the Florida Project, which would later become Walt Disney World. In January 2010, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience closed to make way for a revived Captain EO, which "re-opened" due the large public backing the 3D film had received upon Michael Jackson's death in June 2009. It was a limited engagement (albeit with no set closing date), and eventually closed in July 2014 to use the theatre to present a preview of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy. Later, starting on 26 September 2014, the Magic Eye theatre was used to present a preview of Walt Disney Animation Studios' Big Hero 6, set to have ended on 21 November 2014.[citation needed]

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On the 29th of July 2017, the Unite event in Parc de Can Zam, Barcelona, Spain was cut short after the stage caught fire due to a "technical malfunction" causing over 22,000 people to be evacuated. Firefighters on the scene hypothesised that the fire was caused by a failed pyrotechnics display however this was never officially confirmed. Twenty five percent of the stage was destroyed and twenty people were treated for minor injuries or anxiety.[66][67][68][69][70] In 1984, Circle-Vision 360 received a brand new travelogue of the United States, to replace the aging "America The Beautiful" film – American Journeys.[citation needed] On 13 August 2019, Tomorrowland announced that Tomorrowland Winter would return to the Alpe d'Huez for the 2020 edition which will be on the 3rd week of March with ticket sales opening in September.[62] On 5 March 2020, the French Government decided to cancel this year's edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[63] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 50%, based on 292 reviews, with an average rating of 5.92/10.[citation needed] The website's critical consensus reads, "Ambitious and visually stunning, Tomorrowland is unfortunately weighted down by uneven storytelling."[78] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 60 out of 100, based on 47 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews."[79] In CinemaScore polls conducted during the opening weekend, cinema audiences gave the film an average grade of "B" on an A+ to F scale.[64]

The first Tomorrowland Winter took place between 9 and 16 March 2019 and used the theme "The Hymn of the Frozen Lotus". It featured Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, DJ Snake, Steve Aoki and others.[60] For the participants, the choice of 4 or 7 day passes were available for packages including accommodation and skiing.[61] Wir haben gerade eine große Anzahl von Anfragen aus deinem Netzwerk erhalten und mussten deinen Zugriff auf YouTube deshalb unterbrechen. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Tomorrowland Mainstage Evolution 2005 - 2017 YouTube Tomorrowland Mainstage Evolution (2005 - 2019) - Duration: 4:53. CARD 50 12,455 view

The third and final edition of TomorrowWorld was held on the weekend of September 25, 2015. The event descended into chaos after being marred by inclement weather.[55] Rain showers resulted in muddy terrain at the festival grounds, and entrance roadways to the grounds becoming unusable. On Saturday, due to the road conditions, organizers restricted shuttle service for attendees traveling back to Atlanta; those who were not stranded without shelter at the grounds overnight were required to hike miles towards areas where taxi cab and Uber drivers offered rides back to Atlanta at high prices. The following morning, festival organizers announced that the remainder of the festival would only be open to those who had camped on-site, and that refunds would be issued to those who were affected by the transport issues or had bought tickets for day 3. Disneyland Park in Paris has a Tomorrowland with an entirely different concept, Discoveryland. European culture was used distinctively in the park and Discoveryland uses the ideas of famed European thinkers and explorers such as Leonardo da Vinci or H. G. Wells, with Jules Verne featured most prominently. This land was heavily inspired by the abandoned Disneyland concept Discovery Bay, which would have sat at the north end of the park's Rivers of America. An example of an attraction is Space Mountain Mission 2, an enclosed outer space themed roller coaster with a tongue, which is a 2 inversion element, a corkscrew and objects made to look like planets and asteroids. Get the IMDb AppView Full SiteHelpSite IndexIMDbProBox Office MojoIMDb DeveloperPress RoomAdvertisingJobsConditions of UsePrivacy PolicyInterest-Based Ads© 1990-2020 by IMDb.com, Inc. In the near future, robot boxing is a top sport. A struggling ex-boxer feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot.

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2005 Back in 2005, Tomorrowland introduced itself to the world with a main stage that was pretty decent for a first attempt, but not exactly spectacular. Even with some impressive headliners on the lineup - Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Sven Väth - it was impossible to know what the festival would grow into Reviving the fan favourite 2012 theme The Book Of Wisdom for this year's 15th anniversary festival, here's a look back over the evolution of the craziest music stage anywhere in the world.On January 23, 2013, nearly a week before the title change, Bird tweeted a picture related to the project. The image showed a frayed cardboard box labeled 1952, supposedly uncovered from the Walt Disney Imagineering developmental unit,[30] and containing items like archival photographs of Walt Disney, Technicolor film, envelopes, a vinyl record, space technology literature, a 1928 copy of an Amazing Stories magazine (which introduced Philip Francis Nowlan's Buck Rogers character), and an unidentified metal object.[31] On August 10, 2013, Bird and Lindelof gave a presentation at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, where they opened the "1952" box and revealed many of its contents.[32] Later that day a pavilion was unveiled on the D23 Expo show floor which presented the items for close inspection by guests. There was also an accompanying iPhone app[33] which took viewers through the exhibit much like one would experience at a museum. Michael Giacchino was hired to compose the film music.[34]

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On March 20, 2013, ID&T Belgium and SFX Entertainment announced that it would begin organizing an American spin-off of Tomorrowland, known as TomorrowWorld.[53] The festival is held at the Bouckaert Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, located 48 kilometers (30 miles) southwest of Atlanta.[54] The site was specifically chosen due to its resemblance to the Boom location in which Tomorrowland is traditionally held. The Key to Happiness is another of Tomorrowland's most iconic symbols, as the benign face reclaimed the focal point of the main stage.In the present, Casey and Frank lead Tomorrowland, recruit Eddie and Nate, and create a new group of recruitment animatronics like Athena, whom they were addressing at the beginning of the film. Given pins, the animatronic children set out to recruit new dreamers and thinkers for Tomorrowland.

The stage was designed to reflect that year's Masker (Mask) theme, but there's something undeniably sinister about a maniacal laugh on a giant face with an octopus-like moustache and bright red lipstick. Right?FestivalsArtistsLivestreamsFestival FinderMagazineFestivalsArtistsLivestreamsFestival FinderMagazineLog InFacebookTwitterLinkedInAllfeaturesTomorrowland MainStage: 2005 to Now, a History in PicturesFesticket Writers12 May 2020First Published 2 Jul 2019Tomorrowland 2021Boom, Belgium

As part of "Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover" event since June 2016, the first three expansion attractions were all closed.[12] In April 5, UFO Zone has been closed in preparation for Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple that premiered in June 25.[13] In May 2, Stitch Encounter was closed and re-themed to "Star Wars: Command Post". In June 11, when the event started, Autopia was closed. For most of its history, Tomorrowland's color scheme was predominantly white with soft blues, creating a retro-modernist landscape. Huge monolithic towers, spires, and clean lines completed the futuristic look. In 1994, using inspiration from Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris, Tomorrowland was completely re-built and altered to resemble a galactic spaceport as it would have been envisioned by the science-fiction comic strips of the early 20th century, like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Tomorrowland has since been given a much more metallic look, along with new darker blues and purples, especially along its main concourse leading from the central hub.

The second festival, on 30 July 2006, hosted Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Marco Bailey, Fred Baker, David Guetta, Ruthless and DJ Zany. The DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold was also announced on the poster, but canceled at the last moment, as he was on tour with Madonna at the time. Emjay, the producer of 'Stimulate', the anthem of 2006, performed on the main stage with The Atari Babies. The evolution of the Tomorrowland main stage goes hand in hand with the meteoric rise of the festival itself. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. 2005. Sunday August 14, 2005 - a magical date in the history of Tomorrowland. A brand new festival popped up, transforming the town of Boom into a fairy tale dominion, where enchanting electronic music was to be heard from behind every tree and out of every rabbit hole Outside North America, it earned $32.1 million in its opening weekend from 65 countries, finishing in first place among newly released film and in third place overall behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road.[73] The film's top highest openings occurred in China ($14.1 million), Russia and the CIS ($4.3 million), the UK, Ireland and Malta ($3.2 million) Mexico ($2.8 million), France ($2.5 million) and Japan ($2.1 million).[73][74][75][76] In total earnings, its top three countries are China ($18.8 million), Russia and the UK ($7.6 million respectively).[77]

The mainstage again reused the "Book of Wisdom" theme. All 180,000 tickets sold out one day after being announced. Two young brothers are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when their house is hurled through the depths of space by the magical board game they are playing.

A Las Vegas cabbie enlists the help of a UFO expert to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans. People will argue about whether we told the proper story or not. People ask, 'Why did you spend so much time in a car when you could have been in Tomorrowland?' But the movie was always intended to be a road movie and its title seemed to suggest, to some people, that the whole movie was going to take place in Tomorrowland. We had a lot of ideas for Tomorrowland but just running around Tomorrowland is not a movie. There has to be a conflict. It has to be somewhat interesting. We set out to make a fable or a fairy tale about what happened to the positive view of the future and how can we get it back and pursue that idea. For better or worse, we did.[100]By 1966, Tomorrowland was becoming quickly outdated. Most of its attractions were only there as advertisements for various sponsors, such as Monsanto, despite the 1959 Tomorrowland expansion. In 1967, the area was completely rebuilt with new attractions and scenery. The original layout was demolished, with a few exceptions, and a new set of buildings were erected. The addition of the Carousel of Progress, Adventure Thru Inner Space, an improved and larger Circle-Vision auditorium, Flight to the Moon, and the PeopleMover helped give Tomorrowland its "World on the Move" theme.[citation needed] Linda Barnard of the Toronto Star gave the film three out of four stars, saying "Brad Bird presents a gorgeously wrought, hopeful future vision in Tomorrowland, infusing the family film with enough entertaining action and retro-themed whiz bang to forgive an awkward opening and third-act weakness."[93] Joe Neumaier of the New York Daily News gave the film three out of four stars, saying "Tomorrowland wears its big movie heart on its sleeve, which is to its advantage."[94] A.A. Dowd of The A.V. Club gave the film a B-, saying "Bird stages the PG mayhem with his usual grasp of dimension and space, his gift for action that's timed like physical comedy. He keeps the whole thing moving, even when it begins to feel bogged down by preachiness and sci-fi exposition."[95]

In October 2014 the Oriental Land Company announced a Beauty and the Beast-themed area to be located on the site of the now-closed Grand Circuit Raceway, making Tomorrowland's size significantly smaller. Casey realizes the tachyon machine is telling humanity that the world will end, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. They confront Nix, who admits he tried to prevent the future by projecting such images to humanity as a warning. Instead, they embraced the apocalypse in fiction, refusing to act to make a better future for their world. Believing that humanity simply gave up, Nix has also given up and intends to allow the apocalypse to happen. Casey, Frank, and Athena attempt to use a bomb to destroy the machine, leading to a fight with Nix. The bomb is accidentally thrown through a portal to an uninhabited island on Earth, the explosion pinning Nix’s leg. Athena sees a vision of the future where Frank is shot by Nix, and she jumps in the way of his attack, mortally wounding herself. Making peace with Frank, Athena activates her self-destruct sequence, destroying the machine which falls on Nix, killing him. 2011 marked the festival's expansion to three days occurring on 22, 23, 24 July. Tomorrowland 2011 had the theme "The Tree of Life" and the anthem "The Way We See The World" by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike featuring Afrojack and Nervo.[6] Only a few days after the official pre-sale of tickets kicked off Tomorrowland was completely sold out and had over 180,000 visitors. David Guetta, Nervo, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Tiësto, Hardwell, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Raven Tensnake, Laidback Luke, Brodinski, Juanma Tudon, Basto, Mike Matthews, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, and dozens of others performed. It was voted the Best Music Event by the International Dance Music Awards for the first time in 2012.[8]

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This edition arrived with a full-blown circus atmosphere, across two weekends for only the second time. Amicorum Spectaculum put up a big-top main stage, covered in carnival details and performers on high-wires.Tomorrowland 2015 took place on 24, 25, and 26 July 2015 and saw 180,000 visitors. The theme for the year was "The Secret Kingdom of Melodia". Performers included Avicii, Hardwell, David Guetta, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, and Carl Cox. The 2016 edition of the International Dance Music Awards awarded the Tomorrowland 2015 the Best Global Festival for the fifth consecutive year,[18] and the readers of DJ Magazine voted Tomorrowland 2015 the World's Best Festival.[19] You are here: setlist.fm > Festivals > T > Tomorrowland > Tomorrowland 2005. Tomorrowland 2005 Setlists. Aug 14 2005. Date Sunday, August 14, 2005 Venue. De Schorre, Boom, Belgium; So far there are setlists of 27 gigs. Sunday, August 14, 2005. Armin van Buuren. Chuckie. Cor Fijneman Tomorrowland's showpiece was the TWA Moonliner, derived from Disney's "Man In Space" television episodes developed in the 1950s. The Moonliner was the tallest structure in the park at the time, even taller than the park icon Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Moonliner hosted Rocket To The Moon which was a ride to the moon. The entrance showpiece was the clock of the world showing the time anywhere on earth. The north show building hosted Circarama U.S.A. which showed movies on nine screens, and space station X-1 which showed a satellite view of America. The south show building showed the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry, which was a walk-through tour about chemistry. Autopia, an opening-day attraction, gave visitors a view of the National Interstate System that was to be built in the future. The attraction still remains open today, though it has been modified and rebuilt several times. This is the only attraction in Tomorrowland that has been open since opening day.

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A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R. L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware. In 1986, two new attractions found homes in Tomorrowland: Star Tours and Captain EO. Captain EO replaced the Space Stage in September 1986, and Star Tours replaced Adventure Thru Inner Space in January 1987. Aside from the Skyway closing in 1994,[2] Tomorrowland remained largely unchanged for much of the following decade until it was redesigned in 1998.[citation needed]

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In February 2005, Walt Disney Imagineering approved a repaint of Tomorrowland for the "Happiest Homecoming on Earth" 50th anniversary celebration. This new paint scheme resembled the 1967 Tomorrowland with predominantly white, blue, and silver, although some of the former gold and bronze colors were kept. The largest remainder from the 1998 color scheme was the Astro Orbitor until mid-2009, when it was repainted to match the rest of the land, and mechanisms that once caused its top to rotate properly were repaired.[citation needed] Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland is the newest, opening with the resort on June 16, 2016. Unlike the other 5 Tomorrowlands around the world, this one is on the left side of the park instead of being on the right side. Also this Tomorrowland does not feature Space Mountain, and instead features the TRON Lightcycle Power Run. Instead of a classic spinning rockets attraction, Shanghai's park includes a spinning Jet Packs ride. There is a new version of Disney's popular Buzz Lightyear dark ride called Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, utilizing new technology different from that of the versions of the ride located at other Disney parks.[16] TRON Realm opened on September 20, 2016 to make it the first expansion for the park. Tomorrowland has also become known for selling out tickets in rapid time. Back in 2013, the festival was sold out ONE second after general admission tickets went on sale. For Tomorrowland, this was a major success, as back in 2005, they had to give away free tickets to people just to fill out the stages & arenas more And life also arose in the USA a year later, with the stage and theme appearing at TomorrowWorld 2014. Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world which is held in Boom, Belgium. It was first held in 2005 and ever since, it has been one of the most awaited events every year. We are less than a week away from the first weekend of the festival and here are some fun Tomorrowland facts you should be aware of

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“Saturday night July 29th 2017, the UNITE Barcelona stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction. Thanks to the professional intervention of the authorities all 22.000 visitors were evacuated safely and without reports of injuries. Local authorities will follow up and continue the investigation together with the Spanish organisation of UNITE."[71] Despite owning the trademark to the word "Tomorrowland" in the United States since 1970, Disney released the film in the United Kingdom as Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, and as Project T in several European markets, including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, because ID&T had previously registered the trademark in 2005, for their electronic musical festival of the same name.[54][55] In compliance to Disney's ownership of the trademark in the United States, ID&T renamed the American version of their music festival as TomorrowWorld.[56] In 1956, Tomorrowland Boats were renamed Phantom Boats, and were closed later in the year. Dutch Boy Color Gallery opened in 1956, and sponsored Dutch Boy Paint. Two major attractions opened in 1956: the Astro Jets, where guests were able to fly their own rockets, and Skyway to Fantasyland, where guests rode "Buckets" over to Fantasyland.


This influx of teenagers did cause some negative consequences to the park. Disneyland had to employ more security because many of the teenagers were not respectful to the families visiting the park. To combat the issue of mischievous locals, Disneyland made minor changes, including an increase to both one-day and annual passes. Tomorrowland officially began its renovation in 1995. The three-year makeover started only two years after the park's last major project: the construction of Mickey's Toontown. The land was not completely closed off the entire time, but major sections were blocked off to guests, and the entrance was finally walled up in 1997. As construction waged on, rumors about possible new attractions went rampant. Guests wondered if Tomorrowland would start to phase out transportation and space travel (its second main focus after home technologies in the 50s) in favor of a brand new theme. By the first months of 1998, New Tomorrowland was at the forefront of every Disneyland fan's mind, and the springtime opening drew major crowds. When Tomorrowland re-opened Disneyland had raised prices and many of the locals either moved on or aged out of using Tomorrowland as a "hang out." Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as "Tomorrowland." Written by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Starting in 2017, with the opening of Stark Expo and the Iron Man Experience,[14] the first Disney attraction to be based on a Marvel property, part of Tomorrowland will transform in phases to become Stark Expo Hong Kong, as part of Hong Kong Disneyland's huge expansion plan (2017-2023). The second phase will see the opening of Ant-Man and the Wasp : Nano Battle! in March 2019,[15] taking over the former Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters building which will be transformed into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Science and Technology Pavilion. The third and last phase will be unveiled in 2023 with the completion of the Marvel area and the opening of the planned E-Ticket Avengers attraction, taking over the spot of the former Autopia circuit. In 2008, the festival took place on 26 and 27 July. For the first time, more than 100 DJs participated. The number of visitors exceeded 50,000 for the first time. Since the park was on a strict budget, one cost-cutting idea was to reuse the sets of the Nautilus from Disney's 1954 movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as a walkthrough attraction. This remained open until 1966. For the first four years, most of Tomorrowland was generally open space and considered to be very corporate-fueled. However, the area gained more attractions as time passed, many of which have since been removed.

The third year, the festival lasted two days for the first time in its history, taking place on 28 and 29 July 2007. Tomorrowland Media Collection. Video CMS powered by ViMP (Ultimate) © 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 ViMP (Ultimate) © 2020, 2019. The next year, Space Mountain and The Carousel of Progress opened on January 15. This was the first Space Mountain to open. It was the first totally indoor roller coaster in Florida and was the first roller coaster to have computer aided designs and use zoning to have 8 trains on the track at a time. Another Railroad station was planned to be built next to the entrance and exit to Space Mountain, but due to crowds in this area, it was never built. Carousel of Progress opened on the same day, and was similar to Disneyland's version except it rotated in the opposite direction. It also had a different song: Instead of "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", the song was "The Best Time of Your Life." In June, the second version of the WEDWay Peoplemover opened. This Peoplemover bore resemblance to Disneyland's, but was different, in that it used linear induction motors. This means that guests could not get stuck to the tracks as they could at Disneyland if they happened to fall out of the vehicle. The only moving parts of the vehicles were the wheels and the sliding doors. The track was similar but instead of it being open air and the vehicles having roofs, the opposite is true here. Unlike Disneyland's, the Peoplemover here never changed height. I can't believe the bad reviews. I also can't believe that nobody understood what they accomplished with this film. It's Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged! They managed to take that book and bring it up to date while making it accessible to all ages. That is a fantastic feat in and of itself. To also make it really entertaining is extraordinary. Cerebral and action packed, it holds the attention of the young right to the end. And the end? The film was the pin that showed the audience what could be if only we don't give up and just make things better. Atlas Shrugged and then asked for help. Everybody should see this film. Now. Oh, ignore the comments about continuity. Does it really matter? Artistic licence anyone? Right my review is over but I have to keep writing because it won't post unless I fill the minimum line count.

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Directed by Brad Bird. With George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy. Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory Tomorrowland is one of the many themed lands featured at all of the Magic Kingdom styled Disney theme parks around the world owned or licensed by The Walt Disney Company. Each version of the land is different and features numerous attractions that depict views of the future. Disneyland Park in Paris includes a similar area called Discoveryland, which shares some elements with other Tomorrowlands but emphasizes visions of the future inspired by Jules Verne. For its fifteenth anniversary, Tomorrowland returned to The Book of Wisdom as its mainstage theme, previously used in 2012. The festival took place on the 19 to 21 and 26 to 28 July and saw regular performers like The Chainsmokers, Armin van Buuren and David Guetta return. Non-EDM artists like Bebe Rexha and ASAP Rocky were also on the lineup however the latter had to cancel following his arrest in Sweden.[36] The mainstage design featured a tribute to the late DJ Avicii who died in April 2018. Tribute to whom were also paid the previous year.[37] Supergroup Swedish House Mafia were rumoured to close the event following Steve Angello's claim in the autumn of the previous year that the group would play at the festival "by any means necessary".[38][39] Rumours became even stronger when the group's signature "three dots" appeared on the Tomorrowland lineup.[40][41] However, the "three dots" were announced last minute to be 3 Are Legend, leading many to believe that the group pulled out last minute. Axwell and Steve Angello claimed that the group were never booked for the festival.[42][43]

In February 2005, Walt Disney Imagineering approved a repaint of Tomorrowland for the Happiest Homecoming on Earth 50th anniversary celebration. This new paint scheme resembled the 1967 Tomorrowland with predominantly white, blue, and silver, although some of the former gold and bronze colors were kept Tomorrowland 2013 took place on 26 27 28 July and reached 180,000 attendees at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium. Full madness passes sold out in 35 minutes, and the remainder of tickets sold out in a reported one second.[14] Tomorrowland again offered its Global Journey packages with Brussels Airlines which had 140 additional flights from 67 different cities around the world transporting festival goers with 92 different nationalities to Boom, Belgium.[9] The anthem for Tomorrowland 2013 was "Chattahoochee" by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike featuring Maarten Vorwerk.[6] This year's edition with the theme "The Arising of Life" saw performances from Axwell, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Afrojack, David Guetta, and Sebastian Ingrosso. The second edition's design included the same original logo, along with a watchful eye that actually feels like it would be more at home at a heavy metal festival. But in hindsight, you can see the first steps towards the kind of epic artwork we expect today.For the fifth event, ID&T led to even more venues, one ski, and much more. Sun[who?] has included an "I Love the 90's" stage, where musicians such as Push, Natural Born Deejays and SASH from the dance scene were present. La Rocca performed live at the event for the first time. The special act on the main stage was Moby. Tomorrowland 2009 took place on 25 and 26 July and attracted 90,000 people. The festival saw the use of a theme for the first time - Masker (Mask). Inventor Frank Walker addresses an unseen audience about the future. When he was a young boy, Frank attended the 1964 New York World’s Fair, to sell his prototype jetpack. It is rejected by judge David Nix on the basis that it doesn't work. Frank is approached by a young girl, Athena, who hands him a blue lapel pin with an orange “T” embossed on it, telling him to follow her onto Walt Disney's “It's a Small World” attraction at the Fair's Pepsi-Cola Pavilion. Frank obeys and sneaks onto the ride, where the pin is scanned by a laser, and he is transported to Tomorrowland, a futuristic cityscape, where advanced robots fix his jetpack, allowing him to fly and join the secretive world.

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The 2018 edition of Tomorrowland saw an attendance of 400,000 people for the second year running across the two weekends. The festival took place on Friday 20 to Sunday 22 July and Friday 27 to Sunday 29 July with tickets for the two weekends selling out in an hour.[30] Mainstage performers included Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix.This edition also marked the return of Hardwell who headlined the festival three years after his previous set in 2015. The theme for the 2018 edition of the festival was "The Story of Planaxis". Tomorrowland 2018 also saw a lot of Avicii tributes to commemorate the death of the Swedish DJ three months prior to the festival.[31][32] Avicii's songs "Levels" and "Wake Me Up" came second and eighth respectively in Tomorrowland 2018's most played songs.[33][34] Tributes to the DJ came from Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Digital Spy described the event as "the most elaborate festival on earth" with the only downside being the price.[35] Countless others have since copied this idea, but as the festival narrator told tales of DJs from all over the world in 2012, the crowd below had never seen anything on this scale before.

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Also in 2007, the Disneyland Monorail began phasing out its Mark V fleet of monorails in order to reverse engineer[clarification needed] and upgrade the Mark V's to the new Mark VII models. The new Mark VII's were phased in one at a time, beginning with Red and Blue in 2008 and Orange in 2009; Purple was confirmed not to undergo an upgrade and was scrapped. These new monorails were to pay homage to the original Mark I, II, and III monorails while retaining a modern, futuristic look. The previous Mark V monorail class of trains bore more of a resemblance to the Mark IV and Mark VI monorail classes of trains used on the Walt Disney World Monorail System.[citation needed] Tomorrowland is a Belgian electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland was first held in 2005. It now stretches over two weekends and usually sells out in minutes.[4] On March 2, 2016, the official TomorrowWorld Facebook page announced that the festival will not be held in 2016. This is the line-up that was originally planned for Tomorrowland 2020. In the coming weeks and months all artists will be contacted regarding their availability in 2021. This page will be updated on a regular basis


The 2014 edition of TomorrowWorld was held on 26-27–28 September 2014. The theme was "The Arising of Life," and used the volcano main stage which debuted at Tomorrowland in 2013. The festival hosted a pre-festival concert called "The Gathering" on Thursday 25 September 2014 for attendees staying in Dreamville, the camp grounds of TomorrowWorld. Over 40,000 people camped at Dreamville, selling out the basic camping option. More than 160,000 people attended TomorrowWorld 2014. Originally, the film included overt references to Walt Disney's involvement with Plus Ultra, the fictional organization founded by Gustave Eiffel, Jules Verne, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison — including the idea that Disneyland's Tomorrowland was intended to be a cover-up for the real one developed by the group — however, the scenes and dialogue were omitted from the final cut of the film.[35] Pixar Animation Studios created an animated short film, narrated by Maurice LaMarche, that explained the backstory of Plus Ultra, which was planned to be incorporated into an excised scene where a young Frank Walker is transported beneath the "It's a Small World" attraction, and through an informative series of displays, reminiscent of Disney dark rides.[36] Tomorrowland opened in the U.S. and Canada on Friday, May 22, 2015 across 3,970 theaters, earning $9.7 million on its opening day, which was on par with Pitch Perfect 2 (which was in its second week).[64] The film's Friday gross included a $725,000 during its early Thursday night showings from a limited run of 701 theaters.[65] On its first three-day weekend, it earned $33 million, coming in at first place after a close race with Pitch Perfect 2 which grossed $30.8 million.[66][67] During the four-day Memorial Day weekend, it earned $42.7 million — the lowest opening for a big-budget tentpole since Disney's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which opened to $37.8 million in 2010.[68][69] Considering the film's $190 million budget ($280–330 million, including marketing costs),[62][70] many media outlets considered the film's opening in the U.S. and Canada a box office disappointment.[70][71][72] Although Walt Disney originally intended Tomorrowland to be a "living blueprint" of the future, Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland never directly showcased future technology, instead opting for a science fiction fantasy theme. Prominent attractions supporting this theme include Space Mountain as well as the Pan Galactic Pizza Port, a restaurant that features a large audio-animatronic pizza-making machine operated by a whimsical alien creature named Tony Solaroni. In recent years, older attractions have been replaced with newer ones that feature movie tie-ins: Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek are two examples.

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Tomorrowland (also known as Project T in some regions and subtitled A World Beyond in some other regions) is a 2015 American science-fiction mystery adventure film[5] directed and co-written by Brad Bird. Bird co-wrote the film's screenplay with Damon Lindelof, from an original story treatment by Bird, Lindelof and Jeff Jensen.[6][7] The film stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, and Keegan-Michael Key.[5] In the film, a disillusioned genius inventor (Clooney) and a teenage science enthusiast (Robertson) embark to an intriguing alternate dimension known as "Tomorrowland," where their actions directly affect their own world. 2017 saw Tomorrowland expand to a two weekend event for the first time since their tenth anniversary in 2014. The theme, "Amicorum Spectaculum", and dates were announced in January 2017, and was scheduled for the final two weekends of July 2017, the 21-23 and 28-30 July. This year, a record number of tickets was sold - 400,000 spanning the two weekends. The festival saw a massive increase in the number of performers to span the 16 stages,[22] including regulars and a lot of artists making their festival debut. Regular headliner Martin Garrix premiered his song "Pizza" as the closing song of his set. The song was originally intended to be a Tomorrowland exclusive however it was released as a single a month later.[23][24][25][26] In 2017, the festival was nominated by the European Festivals Awards and the Electronic Music Awards for World's Best Festival.[27] The festival was also visited by King Philippe and Queen consort Matilda.[28] Towards the end of August Tomorrowland 2017 became the biggest social media music events in the world at the time reviving over 1.2 billion views from over 200 million people. Regular headliners Armin van Buuren and David Guetta released statement regarding the festival's achievement:[29] In 1973, "The World On The Move" began to change. General Electric decided to close Carousel of Progress, which later reopened at a new home in Walt Disney World in 1975 as part of its expansion. In 1974, with the American Bicentennial approaching, Disney designers seized the opportunity of the vacant carousel theater to present a large musical extravaganza called America Sings, which featured 114 Audio Animatronics. The following year, Flight to the Moon was updated into Mission to Mars, as actual flights to the moon had become a reality since the former's construction.[citation needed] The Hollywood Reporter estimated that the film cost $330 million to produce and market, and noted that the financial losses by Disney finished anywhere between $120 and $140 million.[19] According to them, Tomorrowland was the third original tent-pole film of 2015 to flop, following Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son.[62] Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distribution chief, Dave Hollis, commented on the film's debut performance, saying, "Tomorrowland is an original movie and that's more of a challenge in this marketplace. We feel it's incredibly important for us as a company and as an industry to keep telling original stories."[63] 2005 Historical Tomorrowland Line-Up Database. This database can be used to search for any tomorrowland set from 2005. Filter sets based on artist name, host name, stage location, day and weekend. The database might take a few seconds to load. If you are prompted for a log-in, disable all adblockers and refresh the page

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In 1975, construction began on Walt Disney's proposed 1965 "Space Port". In May 1977, this project opened to the public as Space Mountain. The same year, the Super Speed Tunnel was added as part of the Peoplemover experience, as the Epcot model that was formerly in the building moved to Florida.[citation needed] Tomorrowland 2005

Tomorrowland went through a drastic change in 1994. It now resembles Tomorrowland from Disneyland in California slightly, but with more color. Many of the attractions changed. Some classic Tomorrowland attractions that have closed in Disneyland still live on at the Magic Kingdom, including the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and the Carousel of Progress, which was moved from Disneyland to Walt Disney World in 1975. A portion of Walt Disney's model display of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, the first incarnation of what would become Epcot, is also used as a display visible only from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. At the 2015 D23 Expo, Disney announced that on November 16, 2015, Tomorrowland would launch a Star Wars-themed "Season of the Force", in celebration of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Among the changes launched as part of the event were the new attraction Star Wars Launch Bay—an exhibition showcasing artwork and other materials related to the franchise, a Star Wars Rebels-themed update of Jedi Training Academy known as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, the addition of The Force Awakens-related content to Star Tours–The Adventures Continue, and a The Force Awakens-themed Space Mountain overlay known as Hyperspace Mountain.[6][7] Autopia also closed for a short period of time, but reopened in early 2016, with a new blue and silver color scheme to better fit current day Tomorrowland and a new sponsorship with Honda. In 2019, Disneyland began to remove the 1998-era Tomorrowland sign and rockwork popularly known as the "French fry rocks" in order to widen walkways and improve crowd flow as part of its ongoing Project Stardust beautification and improvement project.[8] Tomorrowland became so synonymous with Southern California teenagers at that time, popular bands began to reference the local scene in their music. New Wave/Ska group No Doubt, named their 1995 break through album “Tragic Kingdom”, in which the titled track opens with the "remain seated" warning from Matterhorn Mountain. Ska band Jeffries Fan Club (1997) wrote a song called "12," about a high school boy who meets a 12-year-old girl at Disneyland, and Pop-Punk band the Ataris (1998) "San Dimas High School Football Rules," was about the lead singer going to Disneyland with a girl he met and getting on all the rides.

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